Borodino bread: structure and caloric content, advantage or harm for health

Borodino bread: structure and caloric content, advantage or harm for health

Bread to all the head — this popular proverb says more than 100 years that any feast or daily meal do not do without the main product — bread. This nourishing product perfectly supplements any hot dish, cold appetizers, a garnish or salads. Bread is baked of white and rye flour, add to it nuts, sunflower seeds, raisin and dried fruits — the quantity of various grades reaches more than 30 types today. The most popular of dark grades of bread is Borodino: about its structure, advantage and harm and also for whom it is possible and it is impossible to use this product, we will speak in article.

Structure and caloric content

The traditional recipe of Borodino includes 2 main ingredients: rye flour (thanks to custard paste in a product, characteristic emptiness) and malt (because of it a product are formed and gets the dark color).

Study useful properties of bread with bran and also grain, white and black loaf.

In addition, there are such components of the Borodino bread:

  • wheat flour of the second grade;
  • red malt;
  • glucose and fructose;
  • yeast;
  • water;
  • treacle;
  • salt;
  • spices (coriander, caraway seeds, anise);
  • proteins;
  • cellulose;
  • protein enzymes;
  • minerals and minerals (magnesium, iodine, phosphorus, iron, sodium, potassium and calcium);
  • antioxidants;
  • fatty acids;
  • A, PP vitamins, groups B.

It is remarkable that the amount of protein in 1 piece of bread (25 g) is on average 10% more, than in the same sizes a piece of meat, and group B vitamins in such rye product 10 times more, than in a similar product from white flour.

Important! For extension of freshness of the Borodino bread the producers often deviate standard of state standard specification and add some preservatives to a product. To have confidence in respect for the correct structure at production of this product, it is better to make it in house conditions or to get only from the checked producers which have the certified quality mark.

Caloric content of a product is 207 kcal on 100 grams of a product. A ratio I WATCH 6,9:1,4:40,8.

According to state standard specification, correctly made Borodino bread has to correspond to such indicators:

  • taste: sweetish;
  • appearance: a uniform brick with the smooth brilliant surface powdered with seasonings (coriander, caraway seeds or an anise);
  • additional impurity: is not present;
  • smell: saturated, slightly sourish;
  • dough: soft, uniform, not sticky;
  • color: dark brown, uniform.

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Properties of a product

As well as any other product, the Borodino bread has both the positive, and negative effect rendered on the person. Generally the nature of such influence is defined by the used quantity of this product which can bring both advantage, and harm.

Whether you know? According to one of versions, the famous chemist and the composer Alexander Borodin thought up the Borodino bread during the travel across Italy. According to other version, for the first time the flour product was baked of dark flour in the Spaso-Borodinsky monastery and intended for funeral ceremonies. The Borodino bread found the official name only in 1933 when the Moscow trust of bread baking for the first time established a uniform compounding of production of this product.


Certainly, on a question: whether such product is useful, it is possible to answer unambiguously — yes, its most part is made by rye flour which is famous for the useful properties. And here its daily use in unlimited number will result in boomerang effect. Than such rye product is useful, we will consider below:

  1. Clarification from toxins: the rough fibers and cellulose which are a part of this product softly clean stomach walls from the food remains, without allowing it to stand in a stomach and to allocate toxic waste. Bran, in turn, considerably facilitates process of digestion write.

Consumption of oranges, sesame, root of a dogrose, wheat bran, pear juice, pearl barley and celery also promotes removal of toxins from an organism.

  1. Saturation of an organism vitamin complex: thanks to unique structure, consumption of the Borodino bread can improve sight, prevent appearance of heart diseases (including cardiac atherosclerosis), to considerably increase quality of hair (eliminates fragility and reduces loss), to improve complexion, to strengthen nails and even to reduce risk of appearance of oncological diseases.
  2. Stimulation of proteinaceous exchange: a set of irreplaceable amino acids is responsible for this process — getting to an organism, they are synthesized with replaceable amino acids which are present at each person, and soaked up in blood, carrying protein on all organism.
  3. Strengthening of all digestive processes: it is possible thanks to glucose, fructose and polyunsaturated fatty acids which improve activity of digestive tract.
  4. Removal of uric acid: spices — caraway seeds, a coriander and an anise are responsible for this process.

It is remarkable that merits of the Borodino bread caused its application not only in cookery, but also in cosmetology — this product enters as the main ingredient into structure of many strengthening masks for growth of hair.

Than can do much harm to an organism

The main harm which can put this rye product, this glut of an organism with carbohydrates owing to what there is a set of body weight and postponement of subcutaneous fat.

Whether you know? Dark rye bread is one of the best folk remedies from an anemia — contents in its structure of a large amount of magnesium allows to increase successfully quantity of red blood cells and to improve their qualitative structure.

Of course, such situation is possible only at considerable excess of standard daily rate which is 500 g for the adult and 250 g for children (age of 6 years).

The high content of acids does dangerous the use of products of rye flour to the people with the increased acidity of a stomach and also having an ulcer and gastritis in a sharp form. Besides, the use of this product should be limited or at all to exclude to people:

  • with allergic intolerance of spices (caraway seeds, a coriander or an anise);
  • with severe visual impairments (astigmatism);
  • the suffering inflammation of a stomach caused by a gluten surplus (enteropatiya);
  • having chronic heartburn, enterokolit also an abdominal distension;
  • to children up to 6 years (it is possible only in very small amounts);
  • to diabetics (a large amount of glucose in this product can be dangerous to people with the high content of sugar in blood).

Whether it is possible to use

Besides a certain circle of the people suffering from some diseases of a gastric system, restriction of the consumption of dark bread sometimes happens a compulsory measure in certain situations.

At weight loss

All know that white loaf is under a ban for those who want to shape up and lose excess weight, however not all know that the use of a large number of rye bread is also capable to add several kilograms.

The fact is that the Borodino bread has the high percentage of carbohydrates to lump: whole 79%! Do not improve a situation and sucrose together with fatty acids therefore for intensive weight loss it is necessary to exclude this product from the diet though, certainly, small portions of this product are not forbidden to be used at all (no more than 100 g a day).

At pregnancy

The Borodino bread on the vitamin structure is a valuable product during pregnancy, however its quantity has to be strictly limited: no more than 200 g a day, and in the last trimester — no more than 80-100 g. Excess of the recommended norm for the pregnant woman practically always causes problems with digestion as rough fibers do not manage to be digested completely in a maternal organism and cause an abdominal distension, heartburn or a lock.

Important! Strict restriction of daily norm of the use of rye bakery products for the pregnant woman is also caused by need to limit quantity of heavy flour products during this period. It is not recommended to eat the Borodino bread and to the women suffering from toxicosis: active acids as a part of this product can aggravate a situation only.

When breastfeeding

The feeding mother also should not abuse dark rye bread: first, spices and a large number of sugar as a part of this product can become the reasons of emergence of allergic reactions in the baby, and secondly, the use by the feeding woman of such heavy flour product can become the cause of indigestions and appearance of severe gripes in the kid.

At diabetes

People with the increased maintenance of level of sugar in blood need to control consumption of the Borodino bread very carefully. Of course, the admissible daily quantity will depend on what else products enter a daily diet and whether there are among them products with a large number of sugar. Anyway, diabetics without fail need to coordinate consumption of dark rye bread with the attending physician — only he can estimate the state of health of the patient and define necessary quantity of this product which will not do harm to health.

Whether you know? By approximate calculations, more than 9 million units of bread, and it apart from various rolls, hamburgers, crackers, lavashes and other bakery products daily are around the world eaten.

The Borodino bread is some their most useful flour products: its rich vitamin structure is capable to revitalize and improve many functions in an organism. However the unlimited use of such product is fraught with emergence of excess weight and problems with a stomach.

Reasonable respect for standard daily rate of consumption of the Borodino bread will allow to benefit at most from this tasty, nourishing and fragrant bakery product.

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