Cane sugar: advantage and harm

Cane sugar: advantage and harm

Today cane sugar for most of buyers — not a rarity. However many look narrowly at an exotic product cautiously as the dark shade of sweet crystals and strange aftertaste look suspiciously. Others, on the contrary, claim that loose substance, unusual for us, is a clean elite product with a set of valuable qualities. What actually represents sugar from reed that experts to whom and how many it is possible to consume this delicacy — about it you learn further from article speak about it.

Cane sugar and usual: in what a difference and how to distinguish

Differences of cane and beet sugar are obvious not only on appearance, but also on technology of its production, the chemical composition and properties.

To understand what sugar is more useful and in what a difference between brown and white types of a sweet product, we suggest to study the table below.

Analysis of distinctions of cane and beet sugar

Assessment parameters

Beet product

Reed product


Snow-white, sometimes (at low-quality processing) slightly yellowish.

Always saturated-brown, golden (it turns out as a result of the treacle remaining on crystals).


Has no.

Slightly we will catch balm aroma.

Production material

Sugar beet.

Sugar cane.

Production technology

Very long process demanding multi-stage serial processing of raw materials. Initially it is washed, cleaned, weighed, cut on shaving. After that soak in tubs with hot water to extract sweet juice. In the course of oxidation of components the received liquid possesses in saturated brown color. For cleaning it is processed lime, carbonic and sulfuric gases. Then hermetically cork in tanks before emergence of a deposit of harmful impurity. By means of vacuum filters and the rotating drum it is separated in special settlers. The procedure repeats while beet juice does not form white viscous substance. After that it is evaporated, banishing via a number of factory machines. The received dense syrup is processed sulphurous gas, filtered and repeatedly passed via vacuum devices. Gradually enter icing sugar or special crystal medicines into dense beet syrup. Reacting with them, the settled sugar begins to stiffen. For office it from intercrystal treacle the received weight is passed via the centrifuge, and then bleached a strong water jet and dried.

Does not demand special processing, provides use of the crude raw materials. Initially he is brought together in the mechanized way or manually, the stalks after that cut by means of the factory overworking units strongly are crushed for receiving valuable reed juice. The received liquid is warmed up and filtered via evaporators. As a result crystal sweet substance, ready to the use, turns out.

Despite of a set of differences in appearance, the chemical composition and a way of receiving a ready-made product, the caloric content of beet and cane sugar almost identical. In the first option it makes 395 kilocalories, and in the second 378. Both types of a sweet product promote obesity and stimulate intensive emission of insulin.

Whether you know? Statistically, each modern person daily eats about 17 tea spoons of sugar. Thus that for men the admissible norm is limited to 9 spoons, and for women — 6.

Caloric content and chemical composition

Technological nuances of production strongly affected quantity and quality of nutrients, thereby having changed properties of sugar. As a part of reed sweetener the following chemical components are found:

  • carbohydrates — 97.35 g;
  • proteins — 0 g;
  • fats — 0 g;
  • mono - and disaccharides — 96.21 g;
  • sodium — 39.6 mg;
  • phosphorus — 22, 56 mg;
  • calcium — 85.21 mg;
  • potassium — 346, 42 mg;
  • iron — 1.92 mg;
  • magnesium — 28, 95 mg;
  • zinc — 0.18 mg;
  • thiamine — 0.008 mg;
  • Riboflavinum — 0.006 mg;
  • pyridoxine — 0.089 mg;
  • folic acid — 1.001 mkg.

Important! Take in attention that harmless to an organism will be only a moderate portion of not refined cane sugar. If to accept the refined product, even in microscopic doses, instead of the expected increase in working capacity get dehydration of integuments and reduction of production of collagen and elastin.

Advantage and harm for health

To the same extent it is desirable to limit reed and beet types of sugar in the use as this product is not considered useful. Despite of this fact, by scientists it is proved that its small amount can raise vitality and provide inflow of forces, thanks to glucose influence.

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However precisely to establish what it is more from regular consumption of brown sugar, advantage or harm, quite difficult.

Than cane sugar is useful

Experts insist that the reed product, in comparison with beet, is more valuable as it in the course of production gives in only to preprocessing. This major nuance affects the chemical composition of raw materials, allowing to keep in it a large amount of vitamins and mineral substances. In interaction these components gain a number of useful properties:

  1. At the expense of the carbohydrates prevailing as a part of sugar the intellectual activity is stimulated in an organism.
  2. The present potassium promotes strengthening of walls of blood arteries that positively affects work of a cardiovascular system. Besides, this microcell promotes assimilation of proteins and fats and also provides cleaning of intestines.
  3. The small dose of calcium among components of cane sugar is enough for strengthening of bone tissues and improvement of blood clotting.
  4. Moderate portions of brown sugar favorably influence work of a liver and spleen.
  5. The zinc which is contained in crystals provides health of hair and well influences a condition of skin and also work of heart.
  6. Useful to nervous system and the general condition of an organism will be also other nutrients in the form of iron and fluorine. They take active part in biological processes, well influencing blood vessels and work of a brain.

Important! Development of oncological diseases is connected with excessive consumption of sugar. Scientific research showed that the excess of glucose promotes formation of cancer tumors on a breast and in bodies of a digestive tract.

What harm

Hobby for brown delicacy is fraught not only the excess weight, but also a number of serious diseases. Among them physicians call:

  • caries;
  • atherosclerosis;
  • cancer;
  • failures in work of a pancreas;
  • allergy;
  • bronchial asthma.

Even small portions of sweet sand are categorically contraindicated to people in whose anamnesis there are already these illnesses. But its biggest danger consists in high caloric content. Staying in illusions about relative advantage of exotic sweetener, many very quickly gather extra kilos and lose control over cholesterol level in blood. For example, specialists of the American Association of Heart strongly recommend to refuse sugar at all or to reduce its consumption to the minimum dose which is not exceeding 24 grams a day for adults.

Do not forget about sense of proportion and you judge whether cane sugar in your specific case and what the addiction to it can turn back is useful.

Whether you know? In the world market the largest producer of brown sugar is Brazil. At the same time this product is in special demand in India which is its historical homeland.

Whether it is possible to eat

Despite of official conclusions of scientists about useful nutrients of reed sweet crystals, physicians advise to enter them into a diet very carefully. Special attention the cases considered below deserve.

At pregnancy and breastfeeding

At so responsible moments the moderate consumption of brown granulated sugar is allowed to future and feeding mothers. This product matters for restoration of an organism after physical and emotional activities, production of happiness hormone and removal of spasms. Also delicacy helps the woman to normalize the mode of a dream during pregnancy and a lactation and to cope with insomnia. According to experts, sweet crystals are important for digestion of vitamins of group B and mineral substances which are required for formation of the child.

Whether you know? Cane sugar is one of the most ancient food ingredients in the world. The weight of evidence suggests that the new Guinean people the first cultivated reed approximately in 8,000 B.C.

However daily quantity of the consumed product it is necessary to limit up to 3 spoons. It is connected with tendency of pregnant women and the feeding women to quickly gather extra kilos. Besides excessive hobby for sweet is fraught with an overload not only for mother's organism, but also for digestive system of the kid.

At diabetes

In cases when the disease is in a stage of compensation and proceeds benign — in diets for diabetics the moderate consumption of cane sugar is allowed. It is better for patient of the first and second types to refrain because it can lead to sharp deterioration in their health and health. It is the best of all before entering cane sugar into the diet, to consult with the attending physician.

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At pancreatitis

In cases of inflammatory processes in bodies of a digestive tract the moderate consumption of brown sugar is allowed. Not to do much harm to the weakened organism in the period of a disease, physicians advise to podslashchat tea 1 spoon of granulated sugar. But it will be better if to accept unsweetened drink.

Important! It is easy to verify authenticity of cane sugar — it is necessary to dissolve crystals in cold water. If at the bottom of capacity there is a white deposit, and liquid will be painted in brown color, you deal with a fake.

Any sugar is not recommended for the use therefore it is better for it to look for natural substitutes.

However, if you do not see in it need, it is more preferable to choose a reed product. It, though is equal by the number of kilocalories to the white fellow, favourably differs in the chemical composition. But do not forget that excessive hobby for this delicacy is fraught with unpleasant consequences.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team