Cottage cheese for the night: advantage or harm?

Cottage cheese for the night: advantage or harm?

Most useful meal the breakfast is considered that, unfortunately, cannot be told about having a snack after six o'clock in the evening — at this time all processes in an organism begin to slow down. One of the safest products for the last for day of meal is cottage cheese. Let's understand in more detail what advantage and what possible harm its use before going to bed can do.

Whether it is possible to eat cottage cheese for the night

Natural cottage cheese acts as one of the eco-friendly products presented at the markets or at counters of shops. It it is not just possible, but also it is useful to consume before going to bed.

To understand why it is necessary to eat cottage cheese for the night, we will consider useful properties of this delicacy:

  1. Its main value — milk fat and the easily digested protein the casein which is differing in great nutrition value and being good replacement to animal protein. Slowly breaking up, the dairy analog enriches an organism with amino acids during night sleep.
  2. At the expense of useful minerals and organic matter in an organism the metabolism accelerates.
  3. Calcium and phosphorus with which the considered product in pure form is rich are irreplaceable for health of teeth and skeletal system.
  4. Intensifies process of production of somatotropny hormone which, in the turn, burns fats and participates in growth of muscles.
  5. Lowers threat of development of diabetes of the second type. Calcium reduces degree of resistance to insulin, thereby reducing the probability to ache with this illness by 21%.
  6. Adjusts work of a cardiac muscle and vessels in a positive side and also makes salutary impact on nervous system.
  7. Promotes removal from an organism of poisonous elements.
  8. The V-vitamin complex prevents development of atherosclerosis.
  9. Promotes improvement of visual acuity.
  10. Useful amino acids help with prevention of diseases of a liver.
  11. Advantage to men consists in positive impact on the sexual sphere, on development and hardening of muscles and bones.
  12. Value for women consists in strengthening of nails and hair. Due to high concentration of calcium, dairy product is irreplaceable at pregnancy.

Whether you know? In ancient times from cottage cheese made buttons. Our ancestors ate the described delicacy not only fresh, but also in pressed, reserving it for the winter. After pressing the product turns into the solid substance similar to plastic: from here the idea to do of it small hand-made articles, most often buttons arose.

Whether it is possible to give to the child

For a start we will discuss whether it is necessary to feed with cottage cheese of children. Cottage cheese belongs to those products with which it is possible to feed the child before going to bed, but only in small amounts.

Sour-milk food for the first time for the night needs to be given to exclusively healthy child since a small portion (half of a teaspoon). If negative reaction is not noted (night passed quietly), you can continue to feed the child with cottage cheese and even to increase a portion. That before withdrawal for sleeping not to overload the growing organism, before achievement of 9 months by the kid of age the norm of natural delicacy for the night has to be 20–30 grams. From 9 months to 3 years the quantity increases to 40–50 grams. From 10 years the consumption rate for the night increases to 70–80 grams. At the same time the child of any age not later than 1.5-2 hours to a dream has to have supper cottage cheese.

Perhaps it will be interesting to you to learn, about advantage and harm of milk for men, women and children.

Optimum percent of fat content of the cottage cheese consumed by children for the night — from 1.8 to 9%. Higher percent of fat content is reached by use of cheap fats therefore such cottage cheese can do much harm to health.

Besides, fermented milk product with the increased fat content demands bigger production of digestive enzymes. Excessive consumption of such product before going to bed in the childhood can lead to problems with digestive tract in adulthood. Are developed for an unripe digestive tract the special children's cottage cheese having pleasant taste and consistence of dense sour cream. Children usually willingly eat this delicacy. Upon purchase of such product choose packing with the smallest expiration date, the freshest by date of production and without additional additives.

Important! You should not confuse children's cottage cheese with the sweet curd cakes saturated with fragrances and various impurity. The last are strictly forbidden to be given to kids as a feeding up.

As it is correct to use cottage cheese before going to bed

The question whether it is possible to eat this product for the night, is not absolutely appropriate as it is one of the best options for the last meal. But it is important to know what amount of such delicacy needs to be used that it brought only benefit.

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At weight loss

Cottage cheese is the most valuable dietary food. This product not only warns obesity, but it is also irreplaceable in fight against excess weight. In cottage cheese there is everything that is necessary for the person for weight loss: it is low-calorie food after which for a long time there is a feeling of saturation.

It is important! To buy quality cottage cheese, it is important to remember that its expiration date has to make no more than 3-4 days. More long period of storage speaks about availability of preservatives.

Management of appetite is provided thanks to protein to casein. Having eaten a glass of natural delicacy before going to bed, you receive a quiet dream without feeling of hunger.

If you adhere to a diet, then your dose for the night is 150–180 grams. 200 grams of a product of the increased fat content contain 28 grams of protein, in delicacy with low fat content — 25 g, and with 0% fat content of — 15 g. There are enough about 25-30 grams of protein for satisfaction of feeling of hunger for 5 hours. Combustion of fat and prevention of its accumulation are promoted by calcium. 100 grams of a product of average fat content contain 160 mg of calcium, and in low-fat weight — 125 mg.

At weight loss as the last meal it is desirable to make the choice for a product of low fat content. Completely skim cheese cannot be advised not only at a diet, but also for healthy food in general.

Whether you know? the 37th U.S. President Richard Nixon, according to the statements of his biographers, very much liked to eat cottage cheese in combination with ketchup.

Fats are necessary for a human body for normal functioning. At their shortage a number of violations is observed. Therefore it is better to adhere to golden mean in the range from 1.8 to 5% of fat content. Low fat content does not take away from a product of useful characteristics and does not add to the person of extra kilos.

Fermented milk product is combined with greens, with any fruit and berries and also some vegetables (cucumbers, tomatoes, paprika, a garden radish). These additives allow to diversify a dinner and to prepare low-calorie and tasty desserts. The minimum for an hour to a dream is recommended to use cottage cheese for the night.

For a set of muscle bulk

Thanks to the increased concentration of protein, cottage cheese is useful for the night to growth of muscles. Riboflavinum allowing to alter protein and fats in energy is a part of cottage cheese. Cottage cheese protein has unique ability easily and entirely to be digested, without littering an organism with various harmful dyes and additives.

Learn what role is played by vitamins B of life of the athlete and where to take them.

Thus, sour-milk food interferes with destruction of muscle tissue during sleep. At the same time there is no special increase in level of cholesterol.

It is desirable to use low-fat cottage cheese (to 3%). Is it is possible only a clean product, without addition of fruit, jam, sugar, sour cream or yogurt. At night the organism has to have a rest including digestive system therefore professional athletes or fans should limit consumption of cottage cheese in the portion in 150–200 grams in the evening. It is necessary to eat such portion approximately in 1–2 hours prior to a dream.

Whether we recommend to read skim cheese is useful.

Accepting the specified quantity of a friable product for the night, you will provide muscles with the long food similar to intake of casein: so growth of muscles will continue even in a dream.

In what cases it is impossible to eat cottage cheese for the night: possible harm

Consumption of the considered product as the last meal can have the following harmful consequences:

  1. Deterioration in function of kidneys. The high-protein diet throughout the long period is capable to provoke problems with this body. Presence of any disease of kidneys is a contraindication to consumption of this product.
  2. At intake of delicacy in a diet with the increased concentration of sodium there is a threat of a hypertension, heart attack or stroke.
  3. Emergence of individual intolerance (serious problems with digestion of milk protein). Accumulation of gases, swelling, difficulties with digestion after consumption of cottage cheese demonstrate negative reaction of an organism.
  4. Use of a low-grade or stale product. If the discomfort in a stomach is felt, but at the same time problems with digestion of milk protein did not arise earlier, so you got a product of insufficient freshness or bad quality.

In conclusion once again we will remember why it is so useful to eat cottage cheese before going to bed. The advantage of this delicacy is first of all in its unique structure thanks to which the organism is enriched with valuable minerals and organic matter. Besides, you till the morning will not be disturbed by feeling of hunger so the question of whether cottage cheese delicacy for the night is useful to eat, will disappear by itself. The main thing is not to abuse it: to compensate deficiency of protein, one glass before going to bed suffices.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team