Creatine for girls: advantage and harm, correct application

Creatine for girls: advantage and harm, correct application

About effect of creatine many girls who actively do fitness in gym have heard a lot. However not everyone decides to put it into practice, reasoning refusal of intake of additive with fear to gain excess weight or danger of its application to health. These fears are how proved, or it is available only popular beliefs from a lack of information on influence of creatine for women, let's understand.

As creatine affects the girl's organism

Substance creatine monohydrate (such is the full name of sports additive) is, first of all, a nonsteroid nitrogen-containing medicine which is received in the synthetic way.

Its action is directed to the help to an organism in production of adenosine triphosphate in muscle tissue for the purpose of replenishment of power stocks of the working muscles. In other words, it helps muscles to work longer and more intensively.

Creatine is produced by a human body in the volumes sufficient for household activity, however its stocks are promptly exhausted during the active trainings.

Whether you know? Creatine was discovered in 1832 by the French chemist-organikom Michel Shevryol who emitted substance unknown earlier from skeletal muscles of vertebrata. He also appropriated him this name.

Therefore athletes, and especially women, at power loadings quickly get tired and are forced to train longer to achieve desirable results. Especially it is notable for beginners who only started going to the hall and are very hard restored after the received loadings.

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As this substance was discovered long ago, its impact on activity of an organism is carefully worked and studied. Scientists and physicians found out that use of creatine reveals advantage both for active sports activities, and for the general health of an organism.

Whether you know? The name creatine comes from the Ancient Greek word kreas meaning meat.

For trainings the additional amount of substance allows:

  • at observance of a diet and regularity of trainings — to increase the volume of muscle bulk;
  • at intensive loadings — to increase muscular force, i.e. to use bigger operating weight, to increase training duration;
  • to increase production of anabolic hormones, in particular a somatotropin whose level increases 2 hours later after intake of medicine, i.e. to cope with restoration and muscle pain;
  • to increase relief of muscles and cubes of an abdominal press.

During the conducted researches about effect of creatine for women the scientists established some features. For example, a set of muscle bulk goes less intensively, than at men that is caused by lower level of testosterone.

Therefore to be pumped over, or to receive with reception a figure as at the man, girls will not manage. Power indicators for women at their increase also do not reach level for male athletes.

Perhaps, it will disappoint someone, however with reception monohydrate creatine at active trainings threatens never to become Hulk to girls.

It will be useful for you to learn more about useful and harmful properties of creatine.

Use of creatine positively affects the general health of an organism:

  • intake of medicine promotes decrease in blood of cholesterol, lipoproteins and fatty acids therefore protects a blood system from formation of atherosclerosis and improves work of heart;
  • at the diagnosed heart failure substance allows to carry out physical activities and can be accepted as auxiliary remedy;
  • has anti-inflammatory effect and promotes elimination of pains and hypostases;
  • gives to an organism the additional help in treatment of various muscular frustration — for example, atrophies of muscles;
  • the protective effect for the central nervous system is observed.

Creatine thanks to the properties is quite often appointed to patients with heart troubles as it normalizes force of warm reductions. Especially it is effective after cardiological operations and installation of an artificial heart valve.

Harm and contraindications

Intake of creatine is completely safe, but for its application there are contraindications.

Medicine cannot be applied:

  • if any disease of kidneys is diagnosed for you: pyelonephritis, renal failure, nephrite and other;
  • if you have chronic diseases of a liver and digestive tract;
  • at an allergy in any its manifestations since intake of medicine is incompatible with antihistamines;
  • to asthmatics, as they will have because of intake of medicine short wind, an itch, sometimes skin rashes;
  • at teenage age (up to 18 years) since medicine will influence development of a hormonal system and work of a myocardium and also will strengthen acne rashes.

Important! Intake of creatine does not cause cancer, does not lead to infertility, does not overload heart.

In rare instances the individual intolerance of substance shown in nausea, indigestions, etc. can be observed. In this case it is also recommended to refuse reception.

With the use of creatine side effects of other order which do not bear harm can take place, but generate myths about its existence. Medicine has property to detain water in an organism (hydration) — because of this its feature rumors about harm of the use of creatine are spread. However no hypostases, tumors or other external symptoms at athletes arise, and water will be noticeable on scales: will add 0.5-1.5 kg to usual weight. The similar congestion of liquid is quite safe.

Besides, if to believe that with creatine the organism has water in excess supply, then this risky delusion. Water accumulates only in muscle tissue, and water feed is still necessary for an organism. Standard daily rate — about three liters of water, it is worth adhering to it to avoid dehydration.

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As it is correct to choose medicine

In the medicine choice it is always necessary to be guided by personal needs and convenience. It is possible to accept councils about reliable producers and places of sale of qualitative sports food, but your features have to remain in a priority.

When choosing creatine it is necessary to pay attention on:

  • release form;
  • concentration;
  • availability of auxiliary additives;
  • cost.

Monohydrate is considered the safest of all offered in the market. It consists of pure creatine. Release form: powder, tablets, capsules. The form of release does not affect efficiency absolutely, the only criterion of preference - it is convenience. For example, intake of additive in capsules is more convenient if to do it on the way to the gym.

The price surely has to correspond to the stated quality of a product. It is possible to find the ratings of the leading producers in the Internet and to be guided by them. Also in the choice councils of trainers and colleagues from the hall can be useful.

Often producers complement creatine in different proportions with additives in the form of apple, wine, lemon acids.

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From it medicine enriches the properties a little, and in a case with apple acid, for example, the powder form of medicine receives ability to be dissolved in water whereas monohydrate powder in liquids is not dissolved.

Other set of additives serves for the improved transportation of substance to muscles or its lighter comprehensibility. Here it is necessary to be accurate upon purchase because in structure there can be allergens individually for your organism.

As it is correct to accept to girls

To decide on doses and the mode of intake of creatine, it is necessary to focus attention on the nature of the held trainings. Distinguish the different purposes in trainings. For women the main are a set of muscle bulk and combustion of fat or weight loss. Growth of force and endurance will be interesting only to sportswomen.

It is important! If you accept creatine in powder, it should be stirred very well in warmish water and to wash down in addition with liquid (juice, water and so forth). In water of room temperature it is not dissolved.

So far nobody removed exact proportions for the use of kreatinovy sports additive. It is only possible to claim that the dose for women is less, than for men. Usually fitness trainers recommend 3–5 grams of substance a day, having broken reception into equal parts before and after a training.

Prior to a training monohydrate is accepted in 1 hour prior to the beginning of power loadings, after the training the reception is possible 20–30 minutes later. Attentively read an inscription on packing — perhaps, the producer recommends other doses of medicine. The dose in 3–5 g is chosen, proceeding from human physiology. Daily natural creatine of about 2 g is removed from an organism. Additional intake of substance will be able to offset losses and to increase concentration of medicine in muscles.

Also it is recommended to take a break in intake of medicine that the organism did not forget as to develop it. Arrange such pauses in 1–2 months for 2 weeks if there are at this time no power trainings when, for example, according to the program there is a combustion of fat.

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For a set of muscle bulk

Creatine gives the chance to train longer and with higher quality therefore thanks to its reception growth of muscle bulk is stimulated. It is necessary to prepare that the total weight can increase.

There is it thanks to ability of creatine to detain water in muscles and to do thereby trainings easier. However after intake of medicine there occurs process of drying, weight is restored, but the developed tone of muscles remains.

Also for a set of muscle bulk the girls should understand that creatine does not affect selectively any certain group of muscles if you wish to have only a relief of legs or a breast. It is distributed on all volume of a body.

For weight loss

Intake of kreatinovy additives for weight loss is a controversial issue. Undoubtedly only one: if you wish to lose weight, but do not want to train in the hall, then medicine for this purpose does not approach.

It will be simply useless since it is peculiar power engineering specialist for muscles and is effective only when there are sports loadings.

On the other hand, if you adhere to a diet, but wish to receive a good sports figure by trainings, creatine will be able to provide enough energy for full-fledged occupations.

Than the training in the hall will be more qualitative and more long, those to you will manage to get rid of the bigger number of calories. Medicine promotes weight loss only this way.

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Combination with other products

Kreatinovy additives well interact with different zhiroszhigatel. They kind of supplement each other and perfectly work at weight loss. When using similar combinations it is important to remember dehydration probability therefore it is necessary to drink a lot of liquid. That creatine was better acquired by an organism, it can be accepted together with glucose and to wash down with a large amount of water or juice. Juice will approach orange, apple or grape more, it is better a little podslashchyonny.

For capsules it is more expedient to combine the mode of reception with food. The dishes saturated with proteins and digestible fats will be especially useful: low-fat pork, beef, fish, yogurt, cottage cheese, buckwheat or rice porridge, green vegetables.

Important! With meal about 10 g of carbohydrates or fast proteins have to fall on 1 g of kreatinovy additive.

Along with products, favorable for intake of medicine, there is a small list of to what additive is not compatible, i.e. its action considerably decreases:

  • caffeine;
  • alcohol;
  • milk.

What products contain creatine

Products with the content of creatine have to enter a diet of all who are engaged in intensive trainings. Therefore among women there is an opinion that intake of medicine can be replaced successfully with food where it is in a natural look. For a start study the list of products which have the maximum content of creatine (calculations were carried out on 1 kg of a crude product):

  • herring — 6–10 g;
  • pork — 5 g;
  • tuna — 4.5 g;
  • fishes of family of salmon — 4-4.5 g;
  • beef — 4 g;
  • cod — 3 g;
  • milk — 0.1 g;
  • vegetables — 0.1 g;
  • cranberry — 0.02 g;
  • fruit — 0.02 g;
  • berries — 0.02 g;
  • nuts — 0.02 g.

It is necessary to consider that creatine content in the crude and made food are different indicators. At temperature influence when cooking the amount of substance sharply decreases.

For ensuring activity of it it is quite enough, but for athletes will be too little and it is not acceptable at all as for a set of a necessary daily dose it will be required to eat excessive amount of food. This circumstance threatens with obesity and an overload of all systems of an organism which are responsible for digestion. Intake of sports nutritional supplement will become the best exit and for vegetarians. Vegetable food is poor in natural creatine, and for the sake of desirable substance nobody will hesitate to eat every day dozens of kilograms of food.

Products with the enriched content of creatine have to be included in a diet. However it is worth understanding what with food of additional volume of medicine cannot be received without the general harm to health. It is the most rational to accept synthesizable additive of sports food.

Precautionary measures at the use

The creatine use as sports additive has a number of the moments which should be considered:

  • it is obligatory to take the drug cyclically, i.e. it is necessary to take a break in courses;
  • it is impossible to exceed a dosage of medicine and to appoint to itself the maximum doses for the best effect as the organism at very high doses will cease to produce creatine independently;
  • increase in a dosage leads to accustoming that interferes with progress in trainings and power indicators;
  • do not take the drug on a hungry stomach — thus it is possible to ensure disorder of digestion and it is wrong to take it for intolerance of kreatinovy additive;
  • pregnancy is not a strict contraindication to application, but it is necessary to consult with the doctor as well as for the lactation period;
  • intake of medicine at the age of 50+ can cause slight increase of arterial blood pressure therefore women of this age group should watch over health vigilantly.

So, now you know how and when to accept creatine. If you decided that it will be for you useful nutritional supplement at trainings, follow the above recommendations and soon you will see positive results.

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