Grain diet for weight loss: pluses and minuses"

Grain diet for weight loss: pluses and minuses"

Despite popularity of the majority of diets, some of them are ineffective. The poor menu becomes the reason of emergence of apathy, a syndrome of constant fatigue, general weakness and fast fatigue. The review article will tell about a revolutionary method of weight loss from the nutritionist from Israel Olga Raz when it is possible to eat enough bread and to grow thin with guarantee, without being afraid for the state of health.

Essence and basic principles

Excess fat collects from excess consumption of carbohydrates. This statement is perceived as an axiom, and even comes to nobody to mind it to disprove. Therefore, any diet has to be based on the principle of the greatest possible decrease in contents in food of carbohydrates.

Olga Raz-Kestner rather long time carefully investigated this question and came to an unexpected conclusion: any diets with the minimum use of carbohydrates lead to synthesis falling by a serotonin organism — happiness hormone.

This circumstance leads something to irritability, sharp changes of mood, increase in appetite and emergence of permanent desire to eat. You will use carbohydrates in enough, the mentality will not suffer from any categorical bans, and weight will surely fall — these are "three whales" on whom the grain diet offered by Olga Raz keeps.

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In order that it was effective, it is necessary to follow simple rules:

  1. You pass to fractional food (5 times a day), eat food in at one time.
  2. The recommended period of time of one meal to another — 3.5-4 hours.
  3. If you are full, and on time to you meal is put, is it is necessary, even "through I cannot".
  4. The minimum daily amount of water which should be drunk — not less than 2 l (besides, additional liquid has to arrive from soups, fruit, vegetables).
  5. If for any reason there is no opportunity to eat dietary bread, eat rye (1/2 masses from dietary).

Merits and demerits

Whatever miracle was any diet, it differently affects the state of health. It means that some call its positive sides, others — bad points.

Whether you know? Unlike the majority of other complexes, in a grain diet it is possible to use moderate amount of salt, and here from wheat flour of the premium it is necessary to forget about bread in general (if after an exit from a diet you want to remain slender and to have good health).

It is necessary to distinguish such from advantages of a grain diet:

  • helps to lose extra kilos even with very big weight;
  • it is possible to apply at diabetes and diseases of vessels;
  • helps to get rid of toxins, promotes removal of excessive moisture;
  • there is no constant feeling of hunger;
  • it is at the same time possible to play sports;
  • does not demand big financial expenses;
  • there are no strict restrictions on terms (in such mode it is possible to stay rather long time);
  • at observance of some simple rules which are not demanding superefforts or cardinal change of a way of life, former weight will not return;
  • thanks to gradual loss of kilograms, skin will not droop, and muscles will not become flabby;
  • even sweet teeth begin to react to favourite delicacies much more quietly over time.

Now several words about negative sides of this complex:

  • low content of proteins in a diet is capable to be reflected in a condition of muscles negatively;
  • the shortage of fatty acids has negative effect on metabolism;
  • insufficient receipt in an organism of vitamins and minerals (the shortage of calcium is especially felt).

Important! Women can eat within a day 8-12 small slices of bread, men — 12-16.

Duration of a diet and presumable loss in weight

There are no restrictions on duration of a diet. If in 15 days there are no deviations in health, can continue to adhere to such diet a week more. When you are satisfied with result (it has to occur already during this time), pass to the second stage. An exit from a diet (II stage), is, in fact, healthy food. It is possible to live in such mode constantly. And adhering to recommendations concerning the products resolved in this phase and finding some time for physical activities, the question of excess weight will be removed. Besides such mode promotes the general improvement of an organism and strengthens immunity.

If strictly to conform to the rules of a grain diet, approximate loss of weight in the first two weeks will be 400-450 g a day.

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What bread it is better to eat

The bread with low caloric content made of whole-wheat flour with bran, rye and also dietary small loafs is suitable for this diet. As a part of such product there are vitamins of groups E, B, necessary minerals. The piece of bread has to be such size that its average caloric content was 40 ± 5 kcal. When you eat the bread having the high content of rough fibers in structure, the level of insulin and glucose in blood does not increase in steps. It is connected with the fact that in such bread there are much lower than contents of plain carbohydrates (sugars and starch) which by metabolism very quickly turn into energy (but this energy is also quickly spent).

Whether you know? It is simple to calculate the size of a piece of bread of the necessary caloric content. Learn the caloric content of 100 g of a product, then mass of loaf on the label. If loaf weighs, for example, 650 g, and the caloric content of 100 g — 240 kcal, then the full caloric content of loaf will be 1560 kcal. Having divided the general caloric content into 40 kcal (1 piece), about 40 pieces will turn out. It was necessary only to cut loaf on 2 parts, and then everyone on 20 approximately equal parts. If you have kitchen scales, it is still simpler: if in 100 g 240 kcal contain, then the piece of 16-17 g will have power consumption about 40 kcal.

When you eat dietary, rye, otrubny or bread of a rough grinding, monosaccharides and hormones come to blood small doses, gradually. Respectively, formation of energy happens not so intensively, so it is spent more slowly. For this reason the excess fat layer is not formed.

What it is possible to add a diet with

Whatever sparing was the diet, all this a stress for an organism. In order that you transferred it easier and with the maximum advantage, conform to two simple rules:

  • during all duration of a diet use vitamin complexes and calcium (it is necessary for digestion of protein, especially when intake of carbohydrates decreases);
  • drink more water: women — 2-2.5 l a day (apart from tea, coffee, soups and fruit), men need not less than 2.5 l.

The resolved products

This diet differs in rather liberal approach: it is possible to use some products which are forbidden in other diets. The diet consists of two stages; the products resolved at both stages are various.

Important! With vegetables it is necessary to use mineral water, and in meat day — dairy drinks.

On the first it is possible to eat such products and dishes:

  • sandwich with cottage cheese (with fat content to 5%), fish, low-fat meat;
  • vegetables as a part of which there is no starch, sheet salads;
  • every other day eggs (in what look to use them, does not matter);
  • 1 glass of dairy drinks a day;
  • every other day meat or fish with a vegetable garnish (in such day the standard daily rate of bread should be reduced on a third);
  • every day fruit;
  • for preparation of salads from vegetables to use a little oil, it is desirable (but it is not obligatory) olive;
  • juice from vegetables, green tea, 2-3 times in a week of coffee.

At the second stage (an exit from a diet), the menu even more extensive:

  • the grain processed on a minimum (brown rice, a green buckwheat) and tverdosortny pasta;
  • baked potato (1-2 pieces a day);
  • bean;
  • three times a day fruit;
  • daily dairy drinks of low fat content.

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Though the grain diet also differs in the liberalism, there is a number of products which cannot be used in general. And it is necessary to adhere to this ban strictly. It is impossible to use:

  • sweet of all types;
  • smoked, salty, marinated;
  • sauces, mayonnaise;
  • alcohol-containing drinks and products;
  • honey, jam, confitures (all products as a part of which there is a sugar);
  • sparkling water;
  • confectionery, fancy bread;
  • any fat products and dishes, including meat, dairy and sour-milk.

As it is correct to leave Olga Raz's diet

The second stage of a diet (an exit from it) allows to return gradually to the former menu in the mode, most favorable for an organism, having kept at the same time the results achieved by you.

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Thin slices of bread can be replaced with products now:

  • macaroni products of firm grades;
  • cereal porridges;
  • potato (baked or boiled);
  • bean;
  • corn;
  • 30-50 g of the oat flakes made on milk (1.5% of fat content).

How to set effect

In order that at return to a former way of life and food the extra kilos did not disturb again, this way of life needs to be changed a little.

It is known that the best way of a zhiroszhiganiye are physical activities, especially aerobic (the long loadings including monotonous actions). However most of adherents of other systems of weight loss reason impossibility to work out in the period of a diet the shortage of energy, constant fatigue. This diet is not drying, besides it rather sparing: you will receive necessary amount of carbohydrates to work out in the facilitated mode.

It is necessary to begin from the first days of a diet. Fitness classes, jogs, cyclings or the exercise bike, water aerobics and even simple walking will approach (it is necessary to move with a frequency of step about 120 a minute).

Whether you know? From rye flour and bran the people knew about advantage of bread already about 2500 years ago. Hippocrates, for example, advised to use bran for cleaning of digestive tract.

After you cease to adhere to a diet to remain in good shape, strictly follow several simple rules:

  • do not give up physical activities, be engaged regularly, at least 30-45 minutes;
  • exclude from a diet bread from wheat flour of the superior quality;
  • reduce the use of the products rich with starch to a minimum;
  • eat as little as possible products, containing sugar (replace with honey);
  • do not lean on confectionery and fancy bread.

Approximate menu

It is expedient to paint the week menu at once. So you will be able correctly to carry out accounting of calories, besides necessary products will be acquired in advance.

At this stage days of the consumption of vegetables (four times a week) and meat serially change (three times a week). Approximate menu of day of vegetables:

  • 8.00 - 10:00 — a glass of mineral water, vitamins and calcium;
  • 10.00 - 12.00 — four sandwiches (piece of bread of 40-45 kcal) with any of the resolved products, grated carrots with lemon juice, tea or coffee;
  • 13.00 - 15.00 — apple or a glass of dairy drink;
  • 16.00 - 18.00 — soft-boiled egg, 200 ml of juice from vegetables, stewed cabbage, 4 sandwiches;
  • 17.00 - 19.00 — 250 ml of water;
  • 18.00 - 20.00 — 4 sandwiches, vegetables soup (without fried vegetables), vegetable salad with a small amount of oil and tea;
  • 19.00 - 21.00 — 250 ml of juice from vegetables;
  • 20.00 - 23.00 — stewed vegetables, 250 ml of mineral water;
  • 22.00 - 00.00 — 220 ml of dairy drink.

Day of meat or fish:

  • 8.00 - 10.00 — 220 ml of fermented milk products, complex vitamin and calcium;
  • 10.00 - 12.00 — 3 sandwiches, sauerkraut with greens, tea (coffee);
  • 13.00 - 15.00 — 220 ml of dairy drink or orange;
  • 16.00 - 18.00 — 250 ml of juice from vegetables, the vegetables stewed with meat or fish;
  • 17.00 - 19.00 — 250 ml of water;
  • 18.00 - 20.00 — 3 sandwiches, soup (vegetable), broccoli (to boil or on couple), tea.
  • 19 - 21.00 — 250 ml of juice from vegetables or as much mineral water;
  • 20.00 - 23.00 — vegetables stewed, 250 ml of mineral water;
  • 22.00 - 00 hours — 250 ml of water (tea without sugar).

Important! In the above menu "sandwich" is meant as a piece of bread of the specified caloric content (35-45 kcal) with any product from the allowed list. With bread it is more expedient to use vegetables or products as a part of which there is a protein (cottage cheese, fish, eggs). Fermented milk and dairy products have to be the minimum fat content.

Summing up the aforesaid, the grain diet of Olga Raz is rather simple and does not demand superefforts. She does not promise lightning results which "guarantee" some "miracle techniques", but at observance of recommendations you smoothly and surely change the figure. This complex already has the mass of adherents worldwide so it is worth trying it.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team