Healthy nutrition after the training for a set of muscle bulk"

Healthy nutrition after the training for a set of muscle bulk"

It is no secret that it is possible to reach relief and beautiful forms only by means of diligent trainings, observance of a day regimen and healthy nutrition. However most of athletes places emphasis on physical activity, forgetting that rationally picked up and balanced food is a half of success. Why meal after the training what products can be eaten for a set of weight is so important, the speech in this review will go. The classical example of the tasty and useful menu to the beginning athlete will be too by the way.

Value of meal after the training

The training is finished. The period when the organism especially needs enough proteins, carbohydrates and other "construction materials" which promote restoration of an organism after long and destructive process of a training begins. In bodybuilding it is called "carbohydrate", or "an anabolic window". This period lasts usually from 20 to 45 minutes.

It is considered that during this time the organism of the athlete is capable to acquire most favorably the useful elements coming to it. It is especially important to be saturated with proteins and carbohydrates as protein is a basis of a diet for a set of weight, and carbohydrates — an energy well for compensation of forces spent at a training and excellent "construction" material for new muscle tissues and fibers.

Important! For one or two hours prior to a training it is not recommended to eat as digestive system becomes more active, and blood which is necessary to muscles will flow to a stomach.

Meals upon termination of occupation has to be a little because in the first hour the organism will be ready to acquire nutrients only in a small amount, and already 2–3 hours when it returns to normal after wearisome physical activities later, more high-calorie can load it, but low-fat food. If at this time not to fill up a reserve of proteins and carbohydrates, then instead of increase in muscles it is possible to receive their easing.

Proper correlation I WATCH

At a set of muscle bulk the athletes need to count not only the daily menu (products which will be eaten), but also a proper correlation of calories. For men and women it various, and it is caused by the fact that at each floor the physiological features. It is also necessary to consider also other factors (for example, individual opportunities of an organism, intensity and frequency of trainings). The average need for calories looks so.

For women:

  • proteins — 20%;
  • carbohydrates — 60%;
  • fats — 20%.

Learn whether it is possible to drink during the training whether it is useful to eat bananas after the training and whether milk after the training is useful.

For men a ratio I WATCH a bit different:

  • proteins — 20%;
  • carbohydrates — 70%;
  • fats — 10%.

Nutrients — vitamins and minerals, water are not less important for the athlete's organism. Long ago it is known that it is necessary for 1.5-2 l of liquid a day for maintenance of normal activity. Time of sports activities — not an exception: it is necessary to drink about 400-500 ml small drinks each 15–20 minutes. As for vitamins and minerals, in the course of growth of muscles they do not play a special role, but without them the organism will acquire much worse the consumed food that will negatively affect subsequently the general state of health.

What can be eaten after the training for a set of weight

The first that needs to be made after the end of a training, is to drink waters (it is desirable mineral) to restore water balance in an organism, and then to be accepted to food. Ideal time for consumption of food — the first half an hour. The food which was so eaten by you will not turn into fat, will easily be acquired, and the organism will be restored and will accept all necessary substances. Below the list of products which will promote good comprehensibility of useful elements is provided and will help with achievement of sports results.

Whether you know? The number of the calories spent by you directly depends on your activity. At a sedentary life in day about 1700 kcal (it is very low indicator) if to do fitness 2600 kcal are spent. The heavy physical activities inherent in athletes are capable to take away 5000 kcal and more.

List of products

It is considered to be that proteins with carbohydrates are best of all acquired after heavy physical activities. In some products they contain in a large number. Proteins as one of the most important "construction" elements contain such products:

  • meat low-fat (it will be ideal to eat chicken breast, but also beef, veal and a turkey will approach);
  • not fried fish (give preference to a pike perch, a cod, a flounder, a hake and a tuna);
  • eggs — it is desirable only protein, and it is exclusive in a boiled look;
  • cottage cheese — an obligatory product in a diet which strengthens bones and immunity;
  • asparagus — from vegetables the richest with protein a product. Promotes improvement of digestion and work of a blood system at the expense of the potassium which is contained in it;
  • nuts and sunflower seeds of a sunflower — contain substances, necessary for synthesis of protein.

Are rich with carbohydrates:

  • grain — oat, buckwheat, corn, millet and rice (all this an excellent source of power and digestion of protein);
  • pasta — from firm grades of wheat (not on a constant basis);
  • juice — any, but it is better to give preference to cherry;
  • bitter chocolate, zephyr, honey and other noncaloric delicacies (these fast carbohydrates are allowed at a set of muscle bulk in a small amount as energy which they give is perfectly spent during the training);
  • bread — only otrubny;
  • bananas, apples, grapefruit, pineapple and orange as contain cellulose and a set of vitamins.

Whether you know? The person thinks of food about 100 times a day. By councils of nutritionists if 90 times you chose useful products, then in remained 10 it is possible to indulge himself with any harmful goodies.


The list of the resolved products is also very various. It is necessary to consider however that fats are still not present at large numbers as this component only slows down process of assimilation and proteins, and carbohydrates. It is possible to add to the diet for the purpose of increase in muscles such products:

  • the kiwi — promotes recovery of muscles and filling by their all necessary nutrients;
  • ginger — has property to anesthetize that is so necessary for muscles after heavy physical activities; improves digestion;
  • the crude cucumber — the peel of vegetable contains substances, necessary for connecting fabrics;
  • pepper sweet — is rich with vitamin C without which process of set of weight is simply impossible. It is necessary to choose pepper more saturated red color as contains in it the bigger amount of vitamin, than, for example, in green is considerable;
  • lentil and haricot — the irreplaceable products in the athlete's diet containing protein, such necessary for muscle growth.

The forbidden products

Along with products, nutritious and necessary for the athlete, are available also such which should be excluded from the diet. Their main objective is not to feed an organism and not to bring it any benefit, and to be postponed in a fat layer that cannot be allowed in any way. In the list of products which it is necessary to avoid and even are under the most strict ban, enter:

  • with the high content of sugar cakes, candies, ice cream, rolls and other sweets;
  • those. that contain in a large number the dyes, preservatives, amplifiers of taste and other nutritional supplements extremely hazardous to health (at their excessive use are a source of various diseases of digestive tract and the reason of excess weight);
  • the frozen products — in the course of freezing even useful products (for example vegetables), lose the vivifying properties therefore it is worth replacing these products fresh;
  • fried, salty, smoked, marinated food — food has to be exclusively in the boiled / baked look;
  • fat meat, sausages are absolutely useless products which clog a stomach, and nothing, except heavy feeling, will give;
  • fast food which is included into the list of the people forbidden for any category, including also athletes and also undesirable carbonated drinks, canned food.

Sports food

Experts and athletes "with an experience" advise to pay attention to special sports additives (dietary supplements). They are created for the purpose of the early recovery of muscles after the training and easy replenishment by all nutrients, necessary for an organism. However, you should not include them in the constant diet.

Important! Meal is before going to bed not less important, than the fact that upon termination of trainings. Muscles are restored and filled with energy during rest. Athletes have to have a dinner in 2-3 hours before going to bed. It is desirable that it were slow proteins which will be acquired all night long by an organism.

From the main nutritious mixes it is possible to allocate:

  • creatine — one of the best sports additives which raises power indicators of the athlete the level of testosterone and promotes development of necessary amount of ATP why the energy spent in the course of the training directly depends;
  • glutamine — not less important amino acid necessary for growth of muscles thanks to which there is a restoration and improvement of work of the immune system, removal of muscular fatigue and providing an organism with necessary "construction" material;
  • protein — sports additive which cornerstone are protein and other useful elements: fats, vitamins, carbohydrates. It is necessary for maintenance of the necessary level of valuable components, increase in endurance, synthesis of hormones; directly influences increase in muscle bulk;
  • the geyner — this dietary supplement provides growth and recovery of muscles, fills with energy, serves for increase in total amount of necessary amino acids in an organism.

Example of the menu

By drawing up the correct and rational menu it should be taken into account various factors (for example, a metabolism, presence of an allergy to certain products or banal dislike for them). Remember that there is always a useful alternative to any given product so it is possible to diversify the diet always. Below the example of the useful menu for a set of muscle bulk of the athlete is given:




Having a snack

glass of fresh fruit or vegetable juice (also protein cocktail will approach)

200 g of the baked beef

200 g of a boiled turkey

cottage cheese

porridge with pieces of fruit and nuts

300 g of boiled rice

300 g of the baked potatoes

milk with honey

several boiled eggs

150 g of fresh vegetables (or on couple)

2 slices of bread from bran

several pieces of bitter chocolate

Throughout the day the organism has to be most saturated nutritious components. It is especially important to monitor their receipt when the training is ended as then the athlete gains weight, especially muscular.

Read in more detail as it is correct to accept sports food.

Thorough selection of products which will not do harm for health and also observance of a day regimen will allow to achieve desirable results quickly and qualitatively.

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