How much do you know about coffee?

How much do you know about coffee?

coffee — quite popular drink. For certain everyone had to test taste of this invigorating drink at least once. Most of people use coffee every morning, and sometimes even much more often than once a day. But whether you are familiar si all pluses and minuses of mysterious coffee? And whether you know about its history?

Many consider that this drink is extremely useful to male individuals and shows absolutely opposite action on women. But today scientists-physicians conducted a set of researches which will help with all this to understand.

Where there was a coffee and as there passed its way to our table — a question quite difficult. There is an assumption that the homeland of coffee — Ethiopia, namely the small Province of Kaffa. About that, how exactly people paid attention to coffee too there is a set of legends. One of them says that the shepherd on the goats who experienced unknown coffee berries noticed the invigorating action.

From Ethiopians of coffee extended to Arabs. Fed with coffee beans, to be exact coffee balls which part grated fruits of coffee and fat of animal origin were slaves. Such slaves worked much longer and were more brisk and able-bodied.

Coffee as drink appeared somewhere in the XII century. Arabs, trying to make it is more tasty, added various spices and milk there. Interested Europeans in the XV century of coffee. But Arabs were against distribution of this product to Europe therefore the invigorating drink reached our lands only at the end of the XVII century, and that thanks to the fact that it was stolen from Arabian Peninsula.

Whether you thought ever sitting in coffee shop and sipping pleasantly smelling warming drink where the first coffee shop was founded? What it was? Such tradition arose in Mecca. This place became very popular for extremely short terms. All because there it was very cozy and warm, and, above all it was possible to spend time with darling, to discuss affairs or just to retire enjoying refined drink.

Very interesting fact from history: the Turkish woman has the right to get a divorce with the husband if he is not capable will provide with her at least one cup of coffee in day.

So coffee — good drink? And how then all that bad what you had to hear about it? The fact is that coffee contains caffeine. And it is also substance which shows any (bad or good) impact on a human body.

Why coffee kills a headache? The headache is generally caused by expansion of vessels, coffee has the power to narrow vessels in the head. Caffeine has exciting action therefore helps to wake up and cheer up in general. But to children up to 12 years of coffee, it is especially in pure form better not to use.

Strangely enough in large numbers of coffee works in the opposite direction. Therefore sometimes strong coffee is recommended to have before going to bed if you have insomnia.

Coffee stimulates acidity of gastric juice, and it improves digestion. Therefore it is extremely useful to take this drink for a dessert.

Now about a kofemaniye. Yes! It really exists. Scientists proved the dependence caused by caffeine. The fact is that constantly taking coffee of people forces the organism to get used to inflow of cheerfulness from a stakashka of magic drink. As a result without caffeine — the person will be sluggish and it will be very difficult to wake up to all organism.

It is unambiguous to tell coffee it is more useful than harmful it is impossible. Everything depends on your state of health. If you have violations of work of a cardiovascular system, then it is not recommended to have coffee to you. And in general of course everything depends only on quantity of the consumed product. It is necessary just to know when to stop: 1-2 cups of coffee a day are quite enough to support the brain in a tone. Enjoy bewitching drink and take from it only useful!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team