How to accept a geyner together with creatine

How to accept a geyner together with creatine

The proteins and carbohydrates necessary for an organism at the raised sports loadings, it is almost impossible to receive in enough from usual food. To compensate this insufficiency, there are such sports additives as a geyner and creatine. Let's understand that is represented by each of them and whether it is possible to accept them in common.

What is it and why it is necessary for the athlete

The athletes giving considerable loading to the body and in particular the powerlifters who are engaged with big scales have deficiency of nutrients as the expense of calories in such mode exceeds a possibility of their completion by usual food.

At power trainings the organism works in the emergency mode — energy (carbohydrates) is necessary for it for commission of high-intensity trainings, and after classes there comes the restoration period when muscles need construction material (proteins) necessary for consolidation of muscle fibers and filling of microgaps with connecting fabric.

If the athlete does not fill shortage of proteins and carbohydrates, in its organism catabolic processes during which muscles begin to use own resources prevail — it is possible to tell that muscles are burned. They considerably are exhausted and decrease in volume, the health worsens, the weakness prevails, there is impossible a performance of habitual trainings with the same scales and with the same number of approaches and repetitions.

Therefore athletes use various sports nutritional supplements. Geyner and creatine belong to the most demanded — at the correct reception they:

  • promote restoration of muscle fibers and an effective set of muscle bulk without increase in a fat layer;
  • help to provide muscles with energy, to fill a carbohydrate window — in case of high intensity and work with big scales of usual cocktail from milk, honey and banana can be insufficiently.

Important! The carbohydrate window is also called metabolic. It is the conditional period after the intensive training which can individually last of half an hour till 4 o'clock. In this period it is necessary to use fast carbohydrates and proteins. Only in this case they will go for construction of dry muscle tissue without increase in percent of fat in an organism.


It is amino acid which accumulates mainly in skeletal muscles. It gives to muscle fibers energy for performance of physical activities. In fact, success of a training in many respects depends on a creatine reserve in muscle tissue. At a lack of this substance of a muscle are quickly exhausted, hurt, in them the burning sensation appears, they become not capable to carry out exercises then the general strong feeling of fatigue appears. Creatine — natural, natural connection which in a large number contains in fish and especially in red meat. Partially amino acid is also synthesized by a human body — a pancreas, a liver and in a small amount kidneys.

However without receipt from food of this substance will be insufficiently even for maintaining a regular life. Whether it be physical activity, or nervous, stressful work, the additional, easily acquired creatine source is necessary for the athletes and people leading an intense life.

Read in more detail about the scheme of intake of creatine.

Creatine is spent by muscles at the time of commission of any physical activity, and makes such impact on an organism:

  • supplies muscles with energy that does trainings up to 25% more effective;
  • stimulates metabolic processes in an organism;
  • allows to maintain maximum loads, increases the general level of endurance and working capacity;
  • promotes faster restoration not only after the trainings, but also during rest between approaches;
  • considerably accelerates and increases gain of dry muscle bulk;
  • increases vitality and activity;
  • is suitable for support of an organism at weight loss without risk to recover.

How to accept

This amino acid is necessary for an organism before a training for implementation of physical activity, and after it — for bigger efficiency of course of anabolic processes.

The effect of creatine becomes noticeable pretty fast after the beginning of reception — substance reaches the maximum concentration in fabrics in one or two weeks then it is necessary only to support its level, taking a small break in the use.

Intake of creatine has to be cyclic: for example, month of the use — month of a break, or according to the individual scheme. Intervals in reception are necessary in order that the body continued to produce this amino acid independently. Otherwise, at too long use of this nutritional supplement, the organism will lose ability to produce this substance.

It is important! That the effect of creatine was more noticeable, it is recommended to be accepted together with amino acids and carbohydrates.

Getting into a stomach, creatine breaks up to creatinine — a molecule useless and garbage which is just brought then out of an organism. Therefore at the beginning when nutritional supplement only appeared, 40% of body builders did not notice special effect of its use. However creatine is produced in two forms — powder and capsules. The bigger effect was observed at the athletes accepting substance in the form of capsules. And all because the gelatin capsule somehow protected amino acid from influence of gastric juice.

Video: How to accept creatine it became clear Later that intake of nutritional supplement in the form of powder, but together with carbohydrates will be even more effective. Drink from the creatine diluted in grape juice is popular.

Harm and contraindications

Creatine is recognized as absolutely harmless, but it is necessary to accept it only if necessary when there is a deficiency of food because of what requirements of an organism at intensive loadings are not filled. Also people should not accept nutritional supplement with liver diseases as amino acid gives big load of this body. For the same reason you should not abuse creatine, the big surplus can provoke a liver failure. Any product, even the safest, becomes hazardous to health if to use it in excessive quantities.

Whether you know? Muscles can be burned. Most actively this process proceeds after achievement of 40 years by the person, and the speed of burning is 2–3% of muscle tissue a year. To slow down this process, people at mature age need to pay special attention to trainings.


Geyner is not an analog of creatine or protein cocktails is the mix containing carbohydrates and proteins. There are several types of this nutritional supplement with their various ratio. The greatest number of proteins contains in the mix intended for mesomorphs where a ratio 50/50. Considerably concede in the majority of a squirrel to amount of carbohydrates:

  • 90/10 (maltose);
  • 80/20 (starched);
  • 70/30 (cheap);
  • 65/35 (complex);
  • 60/40 (balanced).

Learn that it is better to accept for a set of muscle bulk: geyner or protein.

It is necessary to choose a product, proceeding from the requirements, type of a constitution and level of physical activity. Body builders and athletes use a geyner that:

  • to quickly gain muscle bulk;
  • to compensate for the food caloric content deficiency;
  • to increase glikogenovy depot (energy for muscles);
  • to accelerate metabolic processes;
  • to close at once two windows after the training — proteinaceous and carbohydrate.

How to accept

Such carbohydrate and protein cocktail very nutritious and high-calorific. It approaches as addition to a usual food allowance, or can sometimes be used as independent meal if for a number of reasons it is impossible to eat fully.

Besides athletes also thin people, with fast metabolism and not inclined to a set of weight — ektomorfa can use mix. Because of rapid course of metabolic processes such people cannot gain muscle bulk at power trainings. Geyner is able to fill completely shortage of calories and to create their such stock that gain of weight will begin.

Important! Geyner is ideal for people of a thin constitution and first of all was developed for those who have problems with a set of body weight.

The fact that the majority of geyner almost do not contain fats unless polyunsaturated fatty acids is remarkable. And it means that increase in a fat layer is almost impossible. In a zone of risk there are only endomorphs. However at the moderate, minimum use and high-intensity fat-burning trainings, such drink will help to gain mainly dry muscle bulk, practically without affecting a fat layer. As the geyner contains the fair number of calories, it is necessary to control its application carefully. It is necessary to keep account of the calories received in a day from food. And carbohydrate and protein mix to gather additionally them the existing shortcoming.

Harm and contraindications

It is necessary to select carbohydrate and protein mix, proceeding from the pursued purposes. However it is impossible to replace with this nutritional supplement completely the diet as it is fraught not only with risk of uncontrolled increase in weight, but also serious problems with digestion.

There are such restrictions for the use of a geyner:

  1. Slow metabolism. All making mixes are easily split and quickly acquired therefore at people with a reduced speed of metabolic processes growth of fat weight begins.
  2. Tendency to corpulence (type of a constitution of endomorficheskiya). This additive will also provoke at them a set of fat weight.
  3. The maltose geyner with a ratio of carbohydrates and proteins 90/10 is dangerous to the people having a hypertension. He considerably increases pressure.
  4. Diabetes and preddiabetny states. Geynera cause insulin jumps therefore it is necessary to take them with caution, having stopped the choice on those mixes as a part of which more complex carbohydrates — for example, starched.
  5. Bad protein. Cheap geyner suffer from low-quality structure (a ratio 70/30). Bad proteins can cause problems with a GIT. Besides, at girls, in connection with features of women's metabolism, such geyner are immediately postponed in lipidic depot.
  6. Overconsumption of mixes with vitamins. Some producers are released by geyner whose part various vitamins are. It is very good, however at the unlimited use there is a risk of a gipervitaminoz.

For the rest, as well as creatine, the geyner is a natural product with natural components which in itself does not do harm at the correct use. And if quality carbohydrate and proteinaceous mix can be equated to milk porridge, then cheap — to sweet cake.

Why they are accepted together

To understand whether it is possible to mix these nutritional supplements, it is necessary to understand what effect each of them has and as substances in their structure are combined.

We advise to learn whether the geyner is mean to human health.

As it was already told, creatine is best of all acquired at reception together with amino acids and carbohydrates. And the geyner has in structure both. Therefore to drink in common creatine and a geyner not only it is possible, but also it is necessary. Creatine mainly delivers energy for physical activity, and the geyner stimulates growth of muscle bulk.

Accept additives in common for increase in efficiency of trainings. They are ideally combined and satisfy all requirements of an organism at big loadings. Creatine is better acquired and allows to increase intensity of trainings, and the geyner fills shortage of calories. Both additives accelerate the restoration period, reducing its duration, and increase course of anabolic processes by 300–350%. However be vigilant, creatine causes increase in water supplies in an organism. For girls it can be fraught that the waist for some time will become less expressive.

Whether you know? Muscles grow quicker, than are burned. It is proved in a research in which athletes at first trained 2 months with big scales, and then for 2 months took a break. Results showed that during the trainings they built up 47% of muscle bulk, and during rest lost only 27%.

As it is correct to accept a geyner with creatine

There is a set of schemes of reception of a geyner and creatine, and opinions of athletes differ about what of them is more effective. However it is necessary to select the scheme individually under the constitution and level of loading.

First of all it is necessary to consider the basic rules:

  1. The look and quantity of a geyner choose depending on individual indicators and the purposes. The ratio of carbohydrates and proteins 50/50 will be ideal for mesomorphs for a set of muscle bulk, it is better for endomorphs to stop the choice on starched (80/20), and ektomorfa will suit all others. It is the best of all to choose carbohydrate and proteinaceous mix multicomponent — containing both fast carbohydrates, and slow. The quantity is calculated on the caloric content of the food.
  2. Creatine is accepted cyclically. There are two methods of reception — with a phase of loading and without loading phase. A phase of loading will mark that the first two weeks the increased creatine dose (10–20 g), the next two weeks — a usual dose (5 g) is used. Then month of a break, after which a new course. The phase of loading is effective at a power set of weight. Anyway, substance accumulates in muscle tissue gradually and has an effect not earlier than in 5–7 days.
  3. At power trainings it is the best of all to take cocktail for half an hour prior to a training — it will give to muscles additional energy and will create a reserve of construction materials. And in half an hour-hour after the training — mix will close a proteinaceous and carbohydrate window, will start anabolic processes and will make accumulation of muscle bulk more effective.

Video: Whether it is possible to accept creatine and a geyner together At power trainings with a phase of loading it is possible to use the following scheme:

  1. In days of trainings to accept the geyner with creatine before and after occupations, having divided a creatine dose into two parts on 5 or 10 g for reception within two weeks.
  2. The next two weeks in days of trainings to put smaller amount of creatine — on 2.5-5 g at one time.
  3. In training days the intake of creatine turns out divided into two times.
  4. In days of rest, cocktail needs to be taken in the morning, and in a geyner to put a full dose of creatine — 10–20 g during loading and 5–10 g in the second phase.
  5. After monthly intake of creatine take a break and accept only a geyner according to the same scheme.
  6. If you accept creatine without loading phase, within a month put in drink the same amount of substance — 5–10 g.

To make such cocktail very easily — follow the instruction for preparation of a geyner then just add the necessary amount of creatine to the same mix and stir.

Important! Creatine is capable to detain water in muscle tissues, increasing weight at the expense of liquid and also causes hypostases and spasms. However it is possible only if the recommended reception doses are exceeded.

To avoid negative consequences, fill to use additive in small quantity (5–10 g) and gradually increase a dosage if necessary, however anyway you should not exceed norm in 20 g.

As we see, reception of a geyner and creatine together not only is justified, but also is useful. Components of both nutritional supplements are well combined, and effects supplement each other that promotes achievement of faster result at accumulation of muscle bulk.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team