"Jam from petals of a tea rose: than it is useful how to weld

"Jam from petals of a tea rose: than it is useful how to weld

Those from you who is a little familiar with east kitchen tried a gyulbesheker — fragrant a tea rose jam, and for certain were enraptured.

Meanwhile, it is simple to prepare this dessert independently in house conditions if to know the recipe. Today we will offer you the best options of recipes which will please you with the simplicity.

Advantage and medicinal properties

In 2012 the scientists from the Ayn-Shams University and Department of science about foodstuff which is in Cairo (Egypt), investigated useful properties of options of jam from the fresh and dried rose-petals on the basis of 40% of sugar or 40% of sorbite.

Whether you know? Inhaling a smell of rose, people become kinder and kinder.

They found out that they, depending on a look, are a part of delicacy:

  • proteins — 11.9-22.4%;
  • fats — 2.7-15.5%;
  • ashes — 0.9-1.5%;
  • food fibers — 6.4-7.4%;
  • carbohydrates — 66.4-68.2%;
  • water — 20.9-24.3%.

Caloric content is 381.7-452.4 kcal.

Studying, than this product is useful, scientists found such minerals (as reduction of quantity):

  • potassium;
  • sodium;
  • magnesium;
  • calcium;
  • hardware;
  • zinc;
  • manganese;
  • phosphorus.

Proceeding from it, the effect of the use will be such:

  1. Arterial blood pressure and warm rhythm are normalized.
  2. The acid-base balance is regulated.
  3. Ammonia is removed from an organism.
  4. Level of carbon dioxide in blood is controlled.
  5. The conductivity of a signal the central nervous system improves.
  6. Opposition to adjournment in bodies of radioactive caesium, heavy metals and other toxins.
  7. The water balance and intercellular exchange is maintained.
  8. Body temperature is regulated.
  9. Functioning of bone and muscular systems is provided.
  10. The metabolism is supported.
  11. The organism is restored after a stress.
  12. Blood clotting is normalized.
  13. Proteins, insulin and thyroxine are synthesized.
  14. The immunity becomes stronger.
  15. Sugar will be transformed to energy.
  16. The appearance improves.

Contraindications and harm

Jam from pink petals is contraindicated at:

  • allergies to roses;
  • obesity;
  • children's age up to 3 years;
  • diabetes;
  • in the period of a lactation.

Important! For people with the diagnosis "diabetes" sugar in pink jam can be replaced with sorbite in calculation 1 glass with 1 kg of petals.

How to make jam from petals of roses

We bring to your attention 2 options of preparation of jam from a tea rose:

  • without cooking;
  • jam five-minute.

Recipe 1

This recipe allows to keep more useful substances and not to destroy them at influence of high temperature.


  • 400 g of rose-petals;
  • 500 g of sugar;
  • juice of 2 lemons.

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Process of preparation includes such stages:

  1. Petals to touch, throw out darkened, to clear of insects.
  2. If roses grow far from the road and were collected right after blossomed, they can be not washed. The washed-up petals need to be poured out in one layer on the outspread paper before full drying.
  3. To fill up petals with sugar, to pour out juice, to mix a wooden spoon or hands, trampling down. After hashing the volume of petals will decrease twice, they will begin to start up juice.
  4. To leave not less, than for 5 hours, one night better.
  5. To crush the blender or to pass via the meat grinder. It is not necessary to try to achieve total homogeneity, let pieces of roses come across.
  6. To bank and a cover to sterilize, lay jam to the very top that there was as little as possible contact with air and the top layer did not darken.
  7. From above to powder 3–4 tsps of sugar in order that the crust was formed, it will help to protect a dessert from damage. It is so necessary to do every time when you take a product from banks.
  8. To store in the fridge.

Important! Do not use a metal spoon for hashing, and try to work with the blender or the meat grinder quicker that there was no long contact with metal as it is oxidized.

From such quantity of products it turns out jam on 1 one-liter jar, and even several spoons will remain to regale on a dessert at once.

Video: preparation of jam from petals of roses

Recipe 2

Varenye-pyatiminutka provides 5-minute cooking allowing to keep a form of petals.


  • 1 kg of rose-petals;
  • 3 kg of sugar;
  • 2 glasses of water;
  • 1 lemon (or 0.5 tsps of citric acid).

Preparation stages:

  1. To keep all useful substances, roses for jam should be collected early in the morning and also in dry weather that there was no excess moisture. If to cook the bought roses jam, it is possible to get poisoned with chemicals which add at their cultivation.
  2. Sort flowers on petals, well touch. It is not necessary to wash them, it is enough to allow them to lie down till the evening to get rid of insects.
  3. Put sugar in a pan which does not burn, fill in with water, slightly mix.
  4. Put a pan on slow fire and you cook, slightly stirring slowly with a wooden shovel. If to stir syrup too intensively, it can harden and caramel will turn out.
  5. Let's syrup begin to boil.
  6. Cut a lemon on 4 parts, then cut segments. Instead of a lemon it is possible to use citric acid.
  7. Weld syrup, throw petals or pour out syrup in a container with petals.
  8. Add a lemon, mix, leave till the morning.
  9. Next morning boil thoroughly jam of 5 minutes, remove from fire, leave for day.
  10. In a day again boil thoroughly a dessert of 5 minutes.
  11. Still in a day repeat the procedure.
  12. Roll up hot jam in the sterilized banks.

Video: preparation of jam from petals of roses Thus, pink jam — not only a tasty, but also useful product. However it is necessary to use it moderately not to do much harm to an organism.

Whether you know? The dogrose is a wild rose, from its petals it is also possible to make jam.

If on your site pink flowers grow, use the offered recipes and please relatives with gentle aroma and remarkable taste of a dessert.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team