Meat (turkeys, ducks, guinea fowls, rabbit, pork, beef): advantage and harm in food of the person

Meat (turkeys, ducks, guinea fowls, rabbit, pork, beef): advantage and harm in food of the person

Meat is an important component of food of the person, first of all, as a source of animal protein and other vital elements.

In article we will consider useful and harmful properties of meat of different animals and birds.

Advantage and harm of meat for a human body

In spite of the fact that the person eats meat since ancient times, still disputes on its advantage and harm do not cease. But judging by increase in production, the mankind also does not think to refuse meat products. Only the small percent of people becomes adherents of vegetarianism.

Meat products have both useful properties, and harmful, and are a considerable component in food of the person. Of course, it is slightly more advantage: this saturation of an organism proteins, irreplaceable amino acids, vitamins and minerals. Harm can be avoided at the moderate use of a product.

Meat of different types of animals differs in the structure, structure and properties. We suggest to consider in details each of types which is used today by the person.

Whether you know? In antiquity in Greece meat of hares and thrushes was considered as delicious. In those days were already able to do meat sausages and to smoke meat products. And in Ancient Rome even made sausages.


Duck meat is distinguished from other types with the increased rigidity, fat content (except a wild bird). At the same time it tasty, nourishing is easier acquired, than pork or beef.

Advantage of duck's flesh:

  1. Saturation of a human body necessary vitamin and mineral complex, proteins and irreplaceable amino acids.
  2. Strengthening of the immune system.
  3. Prevention of nervous and physical exhaustion, atherosclerosis.
  4. Maintenance of health of integuments, hair, nails, muscle tissue.
  5. Beneficial influence on activity and condition of organs of vision.
  6. Intake of iron, maintenance of normal level of hemoglobin in blood, saturation of cages oxygen.
  7. Influence on stable work of nervous system.
  8. Positive impact on metabolism and metabolism.
  9. Antioxidant action — clarification from radicals and other hazardous substances.
  10. Beneficial influence on work of heart, vessels.
  11. Development of mental capacities, memories, reactions.


  1. The main harm from any meat is a cholesterol. In 100 g of duck meat of its 84 mg. For the person it is recommended to eat cholesterol no more than 300 mg a day.
  2. The increased content of fats. In 100 g of duck's flesh of their from 3 to 18.8 g. While the person can use about 70 g a day or 0.7-2 g on 1 kg of weight. The wild duck contains least of all fat.
  3. The increased caloric content. The domestic duck, depending on breed, contains from 135 to 248 kcal / 100, in a wild bird — 120 kcal / 100.

Whether you know? In production of meat in the world first place is won by pork, 39.1%, the second place — bird's meat from 29.3% are the share of it, then follow beef — 25.0%, mutton — 4.8%, other types of meat — 1.8%.


Goose meat is less popular as a daily product, in comparison with chicken meat, beef and pork. To its thicket use as a festive dish for Christmas or receiving a liver for preparation of foie gras. Advantage of goose meat:

  1. Positive influence on nervous system.
  2. Digestion improvement.

For digestion improvement also recommend to use squids, Kuril tea, yogurt, a tangerine peel, beet juice.

  1. Rendering bile-expelling action.
  2. Prevention of oncological and cardiovascular diseases.
  3. Strengthening of immunity.
  4. Increase in hemoglobin in blood, prevention of anemia.
  5. Normalization of a metabolism.
  6. Replenishment of an organism proteins — in goose meat of their 22.75 g / 100.


  1. Fat content. And meat, how many skin of a bird is fat not so much. The carcass without skin contains 7.13 g of fats / 100 therefore goose meat can provoke a set of excess weight and development of obesity.
  2. Caloric content. Without skin goose meat contains 161 kcal, with skin — 400 kcal. The boiled goose contains 447 kcal / 100, fried — 620 kcal / 100.
  3. Bad comprehensibility in comparison, for example, with chicken meat.
  4. The ban on the use to people with diagnoses atherosclerosis, diabetes.


Chicken meat — one of dietary, low-calorie and gentle. Perhaps, because of these characteristics it is so popular. Advantage of chicken meat:

  1. High content of animal protein, amino acids, vitamins and minerals.
  2. High comprehensibility and small caloric content — 239 kcal / 100.
  3. Low content of fats (1.9 g) and cholesterol (10 mg). Chicken meat is shown to people who keep a figure, are on a diet, have problems with vessels, the increased arterial blood pressure.
  4. Improvement of work of nervous system.
  5. Good saturation of an organism.
  6. Prevention of atherosclerosis, diseases of a cardiovascular system, hypertension, stroke.
  7. Improvement of exchange processes.
  8. Blood formation process improvement.
  9. Maintenance of beauty of nails, hair, skin.


  1. A lot of cholesterol contains in a skin of a bird.
  2. The birds who are grown up on poultry farms, as a rule, are fed up by antibiotics, hormones and other synthetic sterns which bear harm to a human body, in particular, provoke hormonal failures, negative impact on a reproductive system.
  3. It is necessary to use a fried and smoked product very seldom as it badly affects digestion and bodies of a digestive tract and also leads to accumulation in a cholesterol organism.
  4. Causes allergic reactions therefore is not suitable as the first meat feeding up for children.

Important! Nutritionists advise to use meat in limited quantities — no more than 25-30% of total number of food at low and average physical activities. Fat grades of meat are strictly limited. And here bird's meat products are not subject to restrictions.


Meat of a quail differs in juiciness, tenderness and aroma. It is considered more tasty, than chicken and a rabbit. Treats dietary products, contains 134 kcal / 100, 21.8 g of proteins and 4.5 g of fats. Advantage:

  1. Saturation by the proteins, vitamin and mineral complex and amino acids necessary for normal activity of the person.
  2. Contribution to growth and improvement of a condition of muscular and bone fabrics. It is recommended as one of ingredients as a part of a diet of athletes, children, elderly people.
  3. Beneficial influence on a metabolism.
  4. Improvement of work of nervous system.

For stabilization of work of nervous system recommend to use persimmon, fish, eggs of a turkey and a guinea fowl, chicken hearts.

  1. The help at restoration after operations, diseases.
  2. Improvement of composition of blood, positive influence on blood formation process, prevention of anemia.
  3. Prevention of developing of gout, atherosclerosis.
  4. Improvement of work of a brain.
  5. Small content of cholesterol.

Harm at quail meat is practically absent. It can arise if the person too much it uses or has individual intolerance.

It is worth carrying to shortcomings that, unlike other types, this product sates an organism less, contains smaller amount of fat amino acids, so, has no significant effect on activity of nervous system.

Meat of a turkey

One more type of a valuable dietary meat product — turkey. It is widespread in cookery of many people. At some in the baked look it is a traditional Christmas dish. Useful and harmful properties of turkey are studied well. Advantage of turkey:

  1. Content of not too large number of calories — 276 kcal (with skin), 153 kcal (without skin), cholesterol — 70–96 g / 100. This product is advised to enter into the kids menu, a diet of pregnant women and the feeding mothers, people experiencing heavy physical activities.
  2. High content of sodium which raises plasma in blood participates in exchange processes.
  3. High content of iron that does turkey by a useful product for prevention of anemia.
  4. High content of phosphorus which is irreplaceable for growth of bones, teeth, muscle tissue.
  5. Thanks to the tryptophane which is a part the production of serotonin and melatonin which promote improvement of mood is carried out.
  6. Beneficial influence on work of a thyroid gland thanks to selenium.
  7. Prevention of cancer diseases.
  8. Good assimilation even children's organism.


  1. Will put to people who have diseases of kidneys, gout, individual intolerance.
  2. The excessive use attracts obesity, diseases of a cardiovascular system, increase in arterial blood pressure, jump of level of cholesterol in blood.


Unlike chicken, the pheasant has dark red meat. On structure and properties it is close to a hazel grouse and a black grouse. It is characterized by juiciness, excellent taste, small content of fats, thin leather. In it 254 kcal / 100, 20 g of fats, 18 g of proteins and 0.5 g of carbohydrates. Advantage:

  1. High content of vitamins of group B, iron, zinc, copper.
  2. Contribution to synthesis of hemoglobin and formation of red blood cells.
  3. Improvement of work of digestive organs, nervous system.
  4. Influence on health of integuments.
  5. Improvement of activity of organs of vision.
  6. Absence as a part of cholesterol.
  7. It is recommended for introduction to the menu of the children, elderly people, persons having nervous breakdowns and also having problems with sexual desire.

Harm is done only in the presence at the person of individual intolerance.

Guinea fowls

Rare and valuable meat, gentle and tasty. Reminds taste of a wild bird. Advantage:

  1. High content of protein — 21 g / 100, the low content of fat — 20.6 g, low caloric content — 110 kcal.
  2. Strengthening of protective forces of an organism. The guinea fowl is recommended as ingredient in the menu in the period of mass respiratory epidemics, during the postoperative period, when recovering from the postponed disease.
  3. Establishing exchange processes.
  4. Prevention of cardiovascular diseases, anemias.
  5. Positive impact on activity of nervous system.

Harmful properties of meat of a guinea fowl can be shown only in two cases: if the person has his individual intolerance and at the excessive use. Development of diarrhea, discomfortable feelings in a stomach, a pancreas and intestines is possible.

Important! Any meat after heat treatment loses the most part of vitamins and minerals. So, boiled meat loses about 45-60% of valuable elements, fried — from 10 to 15%, and preserved — 10–55%.


One of the most popular types of meat, but at the same time the most harmful. It is most often used in a fried look. Its caloric content depends on a part of a carcass. Most kaloriyna brisket: 550 kcal, the smallest number of calories in brisket: 180 kcal.

Advantage of pork:

  1. Maintenance of almost full range of the vitamins of group B necessary for normal activity of the person.
  2. Content of important amino acids and proteins.
  3. Influence on growth, resumption, maintenance of a tone of muscle tissue, nervous cages.
  4. Strengthening of immunity.
  5. Positive influence on blood formation, brain activity.
  6. Adjustment of a metabolism.
  7. Strengthening of bones.
  8. Stabilization of arterial blood pressure.
  9. Increase in physical endurance.
  10. Improvement of work of a brain.
  11. Is powerful antidepressant.


  1. Development of cardiological problems (at the excessive use).
  2. Increase in risk of oncological diseases, allergies.
  3. It is forbidden to the use to people with the lowered acidity of gastric juice, the excess weight increased by cholesterol content in blood, atherosclerosis.
  4. To people with diseases of kidneys, bilious, to allergic persons it is necessary to use pork with care.
  5. Entering in an organism of parasites (at the wrong preparation).

Important! In day it is possible to use no more than 200 g of pork.


Advantage of beef:

  1. Good assimilation and replenishment of an organism amino acids, A, C, PP, E, B6, B12 vitamins.
  2. Important source of iron.
  3. Beneficial effect on a cardiovascular system, walls of vessels, hemoglobin level.
  4. Reduction of risk of developing of a heart attack.
  5. Normalization of activity of a GIT.
  6. Contribution to strengthening of bone and muscular fabrics.
  7. Memory improvement, positive influence on nervous system.


  1. It is forbidden to the use to the people having diagnoses gout, arthritis.
  2. The increased content of cholesterol, fatty acids, the purinovy bases.
  3. Decrease in immunity, risk of development of heart troubles, vessels, a liver, kidneys at the excessive use.

Learn more about advantage and harm of beef for a human body.


In the people mutton is considered the product promoting good health and long longevity. Not for nothing it is so popular with the Caucasian people which are famous for the longevity. Advantage:

  1. Content is 1.5 times of smaller amount of fat, than in pork, and twice less cholesterol, than in beef.
  2. In structure gland, than in pork is 10-30% more.
  3. Prevention of diabetes, cardiovascular diseases.
  4. Normalization of work of a pancreas, nervous system.
  5. Replenishment of an organism folic acid that is especially important for women during pregnancy.
  6. Improvement of dental health.
  7. Increase in level of hemoglobin.


  1. Contraindicated to the use to the people having problems with a GIT, including an ulcer and gastritis, diseases of kidneys, a liver, bilious, gout, arthritis, obesity.
  2. With care children, aged people should use.

Goat meat

Goat's meat is characterized by high content of water, than fat, good comprehensibility, insignificant level of cholesterol, in comparison with beef and pork.

Tilapia, the beef lung, pistachios, porridge, ginger is possible to lower cholesterol level by means of such products as fish.

At the wrong manufacture can exude not too pleasant smell. Contains 216 kcal / 100, 39.1 g of proteins, 28.6 g of fats. Is not surprised parasites and does not catch tuberculosis and a brucellosis.

Advantage of goat's meat:

  1. Recommended as an important source of fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, proteins to elderly people with weak immunity, atherosclerosis, heart diseases.
  2. Regulation by means of potassium of acid-base balance of blood, water-salt exchange.
  3. Positive influence on process of formation of blood cells.
  4. Hypoallergenicity: can join in the kids and dietary menu.
  5. Strengthening of brain blood circulation.
  6. Reduction of hypostases.
  7. Metabolism improvement.
  8. Strengthening of connecting and bone fabrics, teeth, nails, hair.
  9. Increase in elasticity of skin.
  10. Restoration of functions of a prostate.

Goat's meat is contraindicated to the people having individual intolerance.


Horse meat digestible, dietary, original to taste. It is most often used by us in sausages. Advantage of horse-flesh:

  1. Content of a large amount of protein — up to 25% of the general structure.
  2. Small fat content — 2–5% of the general structure and small caloric content — 119–185 kcal / 100 that allows to recommend this meat to people with an excess weight.
  3. High content of organic acids that allocates horse-flesh with ability positively to influence a metabolism, digestion, intestinal microflora.
  4. Absence as a part of cholesterol.
  5. Bile-expelling action.
  6. Antioxidant action: the elements which are a part are capable to clean an organism from radionuclides.
  7. Prevention of anemia, establishing processes of blood formation.
  8. Recovery of a liver.

Horse-flesh can do harm in case of presence at the person of individual intolerance. It cannot be stored long. It is subject to infection with a salmonella, trikhinozy.

Rabbit meat

Meat of a rabbit is recommended as the first feeding up for children from 9 months. So, it dietary, low-calorie and hypoallergenic. It also contains the minimum quantity of salts of sodium. Advantage of rabbit flesh:

  1. Good comprehensibility, low content of cholesterol that gives the grounds to recommend rabbit meat for food of children, the pregnant women feeding mothers, elderly people, cancer patients, those who have gastrointestinal diseases.
  2. Normalization of proteinaceous and fat exchange.
  3. Prevention of atherosclerosis.
  4. Antioxidant action.
  5. Good comprehensibility.
  6. Positive influence on work of a head and spinal cord.
  7. Maintenance of integuments and mucous membranes in a healthy state.
  8. Regulation of level of glucose in blood.


  1. It is contraindicated to use at dyskinesia of biliary tract as meat products can provoke formation of excessive amount of uric acid.
  2. It is forbidden to the people having arthritis.

Nutria meat

Is delicious at Europeans and rare at residents of the CIS countries. Differs in delicate aroma and interesting flavoring characteristics. On color it is similar to beef, and to taste — to chicken or veal. Advantage:

  1. Contribution to good digestion.
  2. Improvement of appetite.
  3. Saturation of an organism a large amount of protein — up to 20% in structure.
  4. Contains low amount of sodium salts.
  5. It is recommended for the use to people with the weak immune system, digestive diseases, atherosclerosis, at diabetes.
  6. Decrease in high level of cholesterol.
  7. Prevention of cardiovascular problems.

Learn more about useful properties and harm of meat of a nutria.

Can do harm in case of presence at the person of individual intolerance.

Soy meat

This type of meat is useful, but is deprived of taste. It is used as an alternative to other types as a protein source. Advantage:

  1. High content of protein — 40 g / 100.
  2. High content of the hormone similar in action to estrogen.
  3. Decrease in level of sugar in blood.
  4. Prevention of problems with vessels and heart, atherosclerosis.
  5. Low-caloric content and lack of fats.
  6. Beneficial influence on growth and development of bones.
  7. Improvement of processes of memory and thinking.
  8. Prevention of breast cancer.


  1. Protein in structure is worse acquired, than that which enters beef and turkey.
  2. The ban on the use at pregnancy — at excessive eating can provoke premature birth or development in the child of anomalies.
  3. Delay of growth at children.
  4. Negative impact on a men's reproductive system and hormonal background.
  5. Violation of iodic exchange.

Important! Soy meat can do harm in case it completely replaces other types of meat products or at the use over 100 g a day.

What meat can be eaten

There are categories of people who by the provision or the available medical problem have to watch accurately the diet not to do harm to an organism. Pregnant women and the feeding women, diabetics, a kidney-vetch, the people having gastrointestinal diseases, oncology, obesity, in particular, belong to such categories. That is why it is very important to them to know full information on advantage and harm of food and drink which they use.

At weight loss

By consideration of a question of nutrition value of different types of meat it becomes clear whether it is possible to recover at its eating. The fat meat products prepared by frying on a grill, smoking, too salty are especially dangerous to a figure.

To least of all figure dietary grades of meat, for example, rabbit flesh, turkey, chicken meat can do much harm. It is better to give preference to white grades. Desirable ways of preparation — cooking, on couple, roasting in an oven in a sleeve. Also include beef and veal in dietary food.

There is a number of the diets based only on proteinaceous food. Among them and meat. At such diet the organism deprived of intake of carbohydrates begins to scoop energy from fats, intensively burning them. Such food allowance not for all safe.

Duration of a diet has to be no more than 10 days. It is not necessary to grow thin to the persons given in the way which did not reach 18 years.

At pregnancy

Each pregnant woman is interested in a question what meat it is better to eat at incubation of the kid not to do much harm to his health. Doctors note that meat at pregnancy should be included in a diet. Norm — 150–200 g a day.

It is better to use it together with vegetables which will help digestion process. Preferable grades for pregnant women — turkey and duck's flesh. It is good to use also beef, veal, chicken meat. All meat products have to be in the boiled, stewed or baked look. Fried it is better for pregnant women not to eat.

When breastfeeding

At GV it is more preferable to use beef, chicken meat, rabbit flesh and a turkey. These types allow the woman to be restored quicker after the delivery and to fill up milk with necessary elements for growth are small

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