Program of food for an endomorph

Program of food for an endomorph

Among visitors of athletic halls it is quite often possible to meet endomorphs — the people inclined by nature to a set of excess weight. Such people in the people are often called shirokokostny as they differ in a specific constitution: round face, powerful rather short neck, large bones. Specially developed food for people with such type of a constitution will help to lose extra kilos on average to 75%. About in what an endomorph diet essence how to eat for weight loss properly — further in article.


Feature of endomorphs (giperstenik) is the slowed-down metabolism for this reason, the main diet of athletes has to consist of products which action is directed to activization and acceleration of exchange processes, good start for a zhiroszhiganiye.

Usually, fat deposits accumulate at such people in a stomach, a waist, hips and shoulders. It is quite difficult to get rid of deposits in these places if not to think over the correct diet and the schedule of reception of products.

Important! The balanced food for a giperstenik is the basis for dumping of weight and a set of muscle tissue. The person has chances to be pumped up without observance of a certain diet, but most likely, a relief of a body it will not be visible, because of a thick fat layer.

Calculation of need for calories

By drawing up a diet for an endomorph, it is necessary to consider practically all factors: calories, a ratio I WATCH in products, the liquid use. And the first point, it is recommended to calculate the daily need for calories. Apply special formula X to implementation of calculations. Benedikta.

The similar indicator will give the chance to consume less calories, than they are spent in reality. It, in turn, will lead to the fact that the organism will begin to scoop scarce calories from fat layers. The necessary number of daily calories is as follows:

40 calories x the athlete's weight (desirable) x degree of activity (from 1 (low activity) up to 1.5 (high)) = number of daily calories

It should be noted that 40 calories are an optimum indicator for endomorphs. To define number of the calories demanded for drying it is necessary to calculate from the turned-out value 100-150 kcal weekly.

If a main objective of an endomorph is weight loss and creation of the beautiful, tightened body, then it is very important to it not to ignore process of calculation of caloric content of food, otherwise, it is shone by only superheavy weight category.

Whether you know? For the first time about division of people into somatotipa started talking in 1940. Professor William Sheldon expressed the theory of the fact that all people are divided into groups with certain characteristics of a constitution. And such groups is three: ektomorfa, endomorphs and mesomorphs. However, thoroughbred somatotip in the nature are not enough, mixes — thin giperstenik or thick mesomorphs generally meet.

Calculation of level of activity

At a formula of calculation of calories there is such indicator as activity level. It is defined by values from 1 to 1.5 where:

  • level 1 is the office workers, people leading an inactive inactive life;
  • level 1.5 — the athletes who are regularly engaged in gym and also people at whom activity is connected with heavy physical activities.

Certainly, the physical loadings are higher, the more nutrients demand an organism for recovery of muscles and their intensive growth.

Read how to learn the type of a constitution.

The recommended and forbidden products

Gipersteniki, if to compare to mesomorphs and ektomorfa, have quite limited set of the resolved products. Among the recommended product line it is possible to note:

  • meat: beef, veal, chicken, turkey, rabbit;
  • fish of average and small fat content;
  • cod-liver oil;
  • egg white;
  • bean: haricot, peas, chick-pea;
  • any vegetables, greens;
  • fruit and berries, in a small amount;
  • cereals, in particular, rice and buckwheat;
  • cottage cheese of low and average fat content;
  • hard cheese with the low content of fat;
  • whole-grain bread;
  • nuts.

Important! Without fail endomorphs are recommended to consume the products rich with Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids which allow to reduce the level of cholesterol and help to fight against excess weight.

It is strictly forbidden to eat:

  • fast food;
  • any smoked, salty and fried dishes;
  • pastries, farinaceous food;
  • sweet;
  • carbonated drinks.

At the same time, the diet of enfdomorf includes three main meals — a breakfast, a lunch and a dinner and also two-four enough lungs, simple having a snack. The last dense reception of food has to be not later than 2.5 hours before night rest. Ideally, after a dinner, it is recommended to make 30-40-minute walk in the fresh air.

Sports food for an endomorph

To achieve visible visual effect of weight loss and to receive a fine relief body, to endomorphs not to do without sport food. The fact that all exchange processes take place much more slowly is considered unique property of an organism of a giperstenik, and the protein arriving from food is acquired worse, than carbohydrates or fats. For this reason, at a stage of occupations on a set of muscles, athletes need to fill a proteinaceous stock in addition. In it the traditional protein, will help with a dosage on 0.5 l of mix three times a day, between intake of the main food. After acquisition of muscle bulk at a stage of improvement of power characteristics, experts advise to use arginine and glutamine, in the doses specified in instructions to medicine. Argininovy cocktails are drunk in the morning and before going to bed, glyutaminovy — directly on the end of physical occupations and before night rest.

At a stage of intensive dumping of excess weight it is necessary to use food with fat-burning components. It is possible to apply a carnitine or to enter into the diet amino acids, in particular BCAA.

Important! You should not be fond of medicines with effect of a zhiroszhiganiye as they incorporate special substances — psychostimulators which actively influence mentality and excite nervous system.

Rules of food

In the course of weight loss to endomorphs important not only to watch quality of the consumed products, but also to follow the basic rules of food:

  • the diet has to be formed so that as much as possible to lower or in general to remove products as a part of which there are plain carbohydrates from a diet;
  • proteins have to form the basis of the menu of an endomorph;
  • to carefully control the daily caloric content of products, it has to be much lower, than for a mezomofr;
  • for achievement of the maximum effect, except traditional food it is necessary to include sport pitas with fat-burning effect in a diet;
  • to systematically practice a diet for drying of a body.

Approximate menu

The most important task for people with data somatotipy is disposal of fat deposits. That process of control of the eaten calories was easier and simpler, experts advise to create the special diary, where to write down food caloric content. It is recommended to eat often, about 7 times a day, fractional portions. It will allow to accelerate exchange processes and, thereby, to lose extra kilos quicker. Besides, professionals advise to develop for themselves the approximate menu for a week.

Whether you know? The endomorphs, most known in the world, among actors are Channing Tatum, Gerard Butler, Russell Crowe and Danny de Vito. But if first three women's men manage to behave in peak form, then the last — Danny de Vito does not seek for changes as his audience fell in love it, in an image of the little fatty.

For weight loss

The fact that practically all carbohydrates which arrive with food will be transformed to fat is considered the main problem of all endorphins, at the same time, protein is acquired quite badly. Therefore, it is recommended to use carbohydrates till a lunch, and protein — later. The approximate menu of a giperstenik for weight loss has the following appearance:




Oat-flakes porridge — 300 g

Egg white without yolks — 4-5 pieces

Fresh juice of grapefruit — 1 glass

Having a snack

Cottage cheese with the low level of fat content — 200 g

Banana or apple — 1-2 pieces


Brown rice — 250 g

Boiled chicken breast

The broccoli salad filled with olive oil — 200-250 g

Green or herbal tea — 1 glass

Having a snack

Cocktail from a protein

Apple — 1-2 pieces


The vegetable salad filled with olive oil — 250-300 g

Fillet of a salmon — 250 g

Beans — a handful

Having a snack

Low-fat kefir — 1 glass or

Casein cocktail

Also it is worth to remember about the drinking mode and to daily consume not less than 3-4 liters of water, at the rate of 30 mg of liquid on 1 kg of weight.

For a set of muscle bulk

The menu of an endomorph directed to a set of muscle bulk has to include proteins of the lowered fat content, at the same time, the frequency of consumption of products has to be each 3-4 hours. The approximate menu per day on weight looks so:




Rice boiled is a handful

Egg whites — 5-6 pieces

Whole-grain bread

Green or grass tea

Having a snack

Veal boiled — 150-200 g

Buckwheat — 200 g

Low-fat cottage cheese — 150 g

Apple — 1 piece

Tomato juice — 1 glass


Borsch or vegetable low-fat meat soup — 1 plate

The vegetable salad seasoned with olive oil

Beef/chicken boiled — 250 g

Fresh juice from vegetables

Having a snack

Boiled chicken fillet — 250 g

Pasta from rough grades of wheat — 200 g

Egg whites — 3-4 pieces

Apples — 1-2 pieces


Fish on couple — 250 g

Rice brown — 150-200 g

Vegetables boiled — 150 g

Having a snack before going to bed

Cocktail protein — 1 glass

Low-fat cottage cheese — 150 g

Kefir of average fat content — 1 glass

This daily menu needs to be corrected taking into account the necessary day admissible caloric content.

Important! Carbohydrate food needs to be consumed in the first half of days. It is necessary to give preference to proteinaceous food in the evening. Also it is recommended to exclude completely from the menu sweet, flour, salty and smoked.

Unfortunately, there is no magic product or medicine which would allow an endomorph quickly, without efforts to lose excess weight and to build up muscle bulk. Only passionate desire of the person, his daily efforts and work on itself will help to create beautiful, tightened and a relief body which is capable to become a dream for others.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team