Protein of plant origin: advantage and harm

Protein of plant origin: advantage and harm

In the modern world interest in vegetarianism, including in proteins of plant origin considerably grew. About them the speech in this article will also go. We will understand in what their advantage and when they are capable to do much harm to an organism consists, we will talk about types of vegetable protein and in what products these substances contain.

Already long time disputes between employees of medicine and science concerning need of the use of vegetable protein are conducted. In particular, about whether it can become full replacement to protein of animal origin. One can be told precisely: protein, whatever origin it was, is the important element necessary for maintenance of health at the high level. Protein — that organic matter which is responsible for construction of new cages and also for a condition of nails, skin and a hair.

It is quite often possible to hear negative responses towards vegetable proteins, however to refuse them there is no need. Such proteins though differ from animals on structure, but at the same time contain a number of important minerals and unique connections which are necessary to an organism. Besides, it is important to be able to eat vegetable proteins correctly and at the same time not to forget to include animal protein in the diet.

Whether you know? The vegetable protein is not processed by an organism up to the end as in such products often there is a high content of cellulose. However, such feature is useful to an organism — in particular, it positively affects work of intestines.

Very many people consider that healthy food and the use of vegetable protein — incompatible things. So occurs because as a part of various sausages, sausages and other products where meat or milk has to contain, vegetable substitutes like soy often meet. It is really difficult to call such food healthy, but not because they contain protein of plant origin. One of the reasons that soy and other similar components often are gene-modified. Influence of such products on an organism is still poorly studied therefore they can be potentially harmful.

However in our case it is about natural products. Also believe, vegetable protein — that element which it is impossible to refuse at all.

Let's consider more in details what useful properties this organic matter has and also what harm can do.

The first that needs to be remembered, is what does not exist harmful or unnecessary protein. Meat products it is not more useful vegetable, they just have various structure and differently influence an organism. As for protein of plant origin, it has such positive properties:

  • contains various amino-acid connections which lack will negatively affect the state of health;
  • it is quickly and easily acquired by an organism, gives long-term feeling of saturation;
  • supports intestinal microflora at the good level;
  • promotes activization of production of useful cholesterol;
  • protects vessels from adjournment in them bad cholesterol and development of atherosclerosis;
  • strengthens walls of vessels and a cardiac muscle;
  • intensifies synthesis of blood cells and protects an organism from an opportunity to ache with anemia and chronic fatigue;
  • lowers load of an organism which is created because of the use of a meat protein;

Important! The loading which is created due to consumption of meat and animal products for maintenance of health is also necessary therefore you should not refuse meat products. They promote active development of blood bodies, and the meat exception of a diet considerably will slow down this process.

  • prevents development of many inflammatory and infectious diseases;
  • reduces risk of development of oncological diseases;
  • promotes maintenance of a figure in a tone and to active burning of fat masses;
  • interferes with development of diabetes and diseases of an urinogenital system;
  • normalizes metabolism;
  • actively participates in process of creation of new muscle fibers on condition of existence of trainings;
  • can become an excellent alternative for the people having intolerance or an allergy to proteins of animal origin.

It was already told above that harmful the vegetable protein is called because of existence of such element as a part of various sausages and preservatives. It is possible to refuse similar food safely — in such vegetable proteins there is practically no advantage. However, and natural vegetable proteins have not only positive influence on an organism. So, proteins of plant origin can do much harm to an organism thus:

  • to cause an allergy in the person sensitive to food;
  • to cause organism intoxication if to use vegetable protein in large quantities;
  • to break work of kidneys, a liver and a zhyolchny bubble due to the same overeating;
  • to cause intoxication if to refuse heat treatment of a product or insufficiently carefully to process it;
  • to provoke diseases of a reproductive system if not to limit the use of a vegetable protein;
  • to cause food poisoning if to violate rules of storage of products.

Important! Attentively read structure of sausages as the excessive contents in them harmful additives harms an organism. For example, availability of soy protein in food is fraught with development of cancer tumors and some other diseases.

So, what is a vegetable protein and why it needs to be used, you already know. Now we will understand what its types exist to choose for themselves an optimal variant. Apart from vegetables, fruit, nuts and grain crops, it is possible to meet vegetable protein in the form of sports food. About what types it exist and what they differ with — we tell further.

Soy protein is, perhaps, the most widespread type of a vegetable protein. Soy is considered that product which on protein content is capable to be compared to meat. This product is especially relevant for those who have an allergy to proteins of animal origin or refused meat products at own will.

Whether you know? Soybeans were used in food in Ancient China for 3 thousand years B.C.

Soy as well as meat, takes active part in creation of new muscle fibers because of what it is called an alternative to meat products. Protein content in it is about 40%, besides that soy belongs to bean cultures. It is possible to meet soy in several types. These are beans, including germinated, soy flour, soy milk, soy cheese and so-called soy meat (it is added often to a stuffing at preparation of various semi-finished products). Also there is a soy concentrate in the form of nutritional supplement. In this case the product is hydrolyzed then the protein breaks up to amino acids which are acquired by an organism much better. As a result of such process of composition of soy, fats and carbohydrates disappear. Such additive is called a soy protein.

Important! The pregnant women, children, teenagers and people having problems with work of an endocrine system or urolithic diseases cannot eat a soy protein. The excessive use of a product can also do much harm to an organism.

As well as any other product, soy has the influence on a human body. For example, the advantage of these bean is that they on all indicators are capable to replace natural meat. This option perfectly will suit vegetarians and allergic persons that they could sate the organism with all necessary elements. It is worth noticing that soy — a product hypoallergenic, that is there are practically no cases of allergic reaction to it. The use of soy interferes with development of osteoporosis and formation of malignant tumors, gives support to a female body in the period of a climax.

The use of soybeans at weight loss will give the effect. As this product contains lecithin, fats are split quicker, and fat deposits are burned, including in a liver. Soy and to restoration of healthy metabolism, strengthening of nervous system, improvement of work of a brain promotes.

We recommend to learn, than protein cocktails are useful and dangerous.

This type of vegetable protein is less known. Generally it is used by the vegetarians, people keeping to a diet, allergic persons and athletes, in particular, bodybuilders. The pea protein has no so many forms how many soy, but it does not affect its popularity.

There is this protein in the form of nutritional supplement. Peas of a sowing campaign undergo the following processing: grains crush in flour, then presoak it in water and divide into components. In addition delete excess components which can cause discomfortable feelings in intestines from future dry mix. There are several extents of cleaning of an initial product, and everyone is characterized a spoon with a various protein content at 1. Proceeding from it, peas can pass through processing by hydrolysis and make 87% of protein content, to be isolate and to comprise a small amount of fats and carbohydrates (no more than 2%) and also to be a concentrate and at the same time on a big half to consist of carbohydrates.

Whether you know? Quite often male athletes give preference to pea protein because it, unlike soybeans, contains smaller phytoestrogen — women's hormones.

The pea protein at the expense of the content in mix of a large amount of arginine, a glutamine and a lysine which are necessary for growth of muscles and maintenance of energy is known.

From peas refer high content of carbohydrates and specific taste to not the most pleasant features of nutritional supplement. Producers solved the last problem by addition in dry mix of fruit fillers. Thus proteins with chocolate, vanilla, caramel, berry and other tastes turned out. At preparation of cocktails from a pea protein without additives it is possible to use cocoa to impact to drink more pleasant relish. Possible side effects in the form of an abdominal distension are also solved quite simply: it is necessary to use a protein only competently. For this purpose athletes prefer to drink a pea protein more often, but smaller volumes that allows to avoid unpleasant feeling in a stomach.

This type of a protein can also be found only in quality of nutritional supplement. Hempy protein among vegetarians and athletes enjoys special popularity. For its production hemp seeds which process at low temperatures are used, wring out from them oil then crush and remove excess fibers.

Whether you know? Some people treat a hempy protein cautiously as the plant is known the psychotropic properties. However it is worth knowing that such properties leaves and inflorescences of a plant have only. Protein is received from seeds which are absolutely safe for health.

Such nutritional supplement protein content is up to 50%, nonsaturated fats — no more than 10%, celluloses — about 20%. Besides, in structure there are amino acids, including irreplaceable, a chlorophyll which promotes formation of blood cells, and mineral substances, in particular zinc, iron, phosphorus, potassium, manganese, calcium.

Distinctive feature of a hempy protein is the high level of safety of products. It is connected with the fact that gene modifications cannot strike hemp as soy. Also this type of protein is quite easily and quickly acquired, not contains women's hormones, but has a large number useful an omega fats and minkronutriyent. Protein from hemp most often for preparation of protein cocktails is used. However because nutritional supplement has taste specific, quite often add cocoa or fruit to such drinks. Besides, powder can be applied and in cookery — to add to porridges or first courses.

This type of a protein not only fills the need for useful substances and promotes creation of muscles, but also well influences work of digestive, cardiovascular, urinogenital, nervous system and also is useful to work of endocrine glands.

Read in more detail about advantage and directions of use of an egg and casein protein.

Certainly, vegetable protein contains not only in nutritional supplements. It is a part of many well familiar products which are used daily. That you could construct competently the diet and did not get on the excessive use of a vegetable protein, we tell in what food it contains. In brackets after the name the amount of protein is specified 100 g of a product.

To enrich the diet with natural protein of plant origin, it is possible to include in the diet such seeds safely:


14.1 g


18 g

pumpkin sunflower seeds

19 g


21 g

Also not to do without nuts among which such:


28.6 g


26.3 g


25.7 g


20 g


18.6 g


15.2 g


15 g


14.3 g


11.6 g


9.2 g


8.1 g


7.9 g


3.9 g


3.4 g

This section includes the following grain and bean crops:


36 g


20.5 g


19.5 g


13 g


12 g


11 g


11 g


11 g


10 g


10 g


7 g


7 g


5 g

Yes, vegetable cultures comprise a protein too. To support itself in shape even if you do not limit yourself in consumption of meat and dairy products, we recommend to pay attention to such products and to in what look it is better to use them:

  1. Broccoli (2.8 g). It is perfectly combined with a cauliflower.
  2. Kohlrabi cabbage (2.8 g).
  3. Spinach (2.7 g). It is used in preparation of salads, smoothie and baked puddings. It is recommended for consumption to pregnant women and women on breastfeeding.
  4. Asparagus (2.2 g). Best of all approaches as a garnish.
  5. Potatoes (2 g). Keeps all useful properties at heat treatments.
  6. Cauliflower (1.9 g). It is combined with broccoli.
  7. Radish (1.9 g).
  8. White cabbage (1.8 g). Is suitable for preparation of fresh salads.
  9. Turnip (1.5 g).
  10. Beet (1.5 g).
  11. Sweet pepper (1.3 g). It is used for preparation of salads, baked puddings.
  12. Garden radish (1.2 g). Too is suitable for preparation of fresh salads.
  13. Eggplants (1.2 g).
  14. Carrots (0.9 g). Is suitable for preparation of smoothie, soups and salads.
  15. The celery (0.7 g) Is used for preparation of smoothie, salads and first courses.

Important! The asparagus is the most useful fresh as when freezing it loses many useful substances.

Besides, the natural protein contains in such fruit as banana (1.1 g), a papaya (0.5 g), a kiwi (1.1 g), avocado (2 g) and also in dried fruits (1 g). As you can see, proteins of plant origin contain even in those food which you use daily. Regardless of that, the vegetarian you or the meat eater, remember: the basis of a healthy organism is the correctly made diet. Include in the menu products from protein of plant origin and God bless you.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team