Than apple juice is useful"

Than apple juice is useful"

Apple juice is one of the most available, popular and useful drinks in our country. The main ingredient which is a part — apple grows everywhere, allowing to support numerous and high-quality juice production for many years.

Caloric content and chemical composition

All know that freshly squeezed juice from apples is actively used in various systems of healthy food and also programs for weight reduction. And it is unsurprising, the caloric content of a product is very insignificant (44 kcal on 100 g of juice), and the rich natural structure pleases with surplus of useful vitamin and mineral elements.

Whether you know? Apples which were planted by Johnathan Chapman (the famous Christian missionary of the 18th century who devoted the life to jumping of apple-trees) did not intend for consumption. They were too small and firm. However inedible fruit were ideal for the recipe of Apple Jack cider which before introduction of the Prohibition was loved by alcoholic drink at villagers of America. Unfortunately, with introduction of the antialcoholic law the government destroyed practically all apple-trees planted by Chapman.

The table mineral (macro - micro) elements (mg/mkg on 100 g of a product)


4 mg


120 mg


5 mg


1.5 mg


0.047 mg


2 mkg


9 mkg


7 mg


6 mg


7 mg


0.15 mg


65 mkg


5 mkg


6 mkg


110 mkg


5 mkg


1 mkg


B1, B2

0.01 mg


0.07 mg


0.08 mg


3 mkg


2 mg


0.1 mg


0.3 mkg


0.2 mg

Study properties of fresh, dried, soaked, baked apples, apple cider vinegar.

Besides the listed components, the chemical composition is enriched additional, irreplaceable for development of an organism by substances:

  • starch;
  • essential oils;
  • cellulose;
  • wine acid;
  • food fibers;
  • antioxidants.

Than apple juice is useful

Apple juice in different variations (fresh, tinned) is universal, that is is suitable for the use practically to population all groups, different gender and age.

Get acquainted with recipes: very useful apple drink, mega-vitamin vegetable juice, easy apple desserts, the stuffed apples.

For women

The valuable substances which are contained in drink are ideal both for weakened, and for the blossoming female body.

A certain advantage of juice is expressed in such vital moments:

  • suppresses a depression, reduces stress;
  • thanks to the high content of iron, prevents anemia (raises hemoglobin) and regulates processes of blood formation during critical days;
  • vitamin E feeds and moistens hair, nails and skin;
  • rejuvenates an organism;
  • liquidates atherosclerotic manifestations;
  • increases elasticity of vessels (stops manifestations of a couperosis).

Besides, the daily glass of apple juice perfectly supplements all physical programs for weight loss.

For men

For the men in a useful apple product others remain, but also the important elements which are responsible for good, male health.

Let's understand for what specifically take drink:

  • regular consumption of juice prevents development of cardiovascular diseases which men suffer much more often than women;
  • restoring the level and balance of hormones, drink optimum regulates potency and also improves reproductive ability.

Important! The juice which is on sale in cardboard boxes (tetra paks), as a rule, represents set of pastes, concentrates and harmful preservatives. Multivitamin nectar is at all made of the remains of an extraction of the fruit and vegetables divorced usual water. Proceeding from it, experts strongly recommend to use only fresh or tinned apple juice made in house conditions of own or checked harvest.

For babies and the senior children

To the kids who are on breastfeeding (gv) apple juice is prescribed already from 6-month age. At the same time the feeding mothers cannot refuse tasty drink, however, it is necessary to show consideration for quantity used (optimum norm in the period of a lactation — 2–3 glasses a week). Further, in the absence of individual intolerance or allergic reactions, the useful product can daily fill up a diet of baby and teenage food, strengthening the weak immune system and filling an organism with the iodine which is responsible for intellectual development.

Whether it is possible apple juice

Before inclusion of tasty drink in a daily diet it is desirable for consumer to pay attention to some limiting contraindications.

At pregnancy and breastfeeding

During incubation of the child it is extremely important to supply an organism with healthy food and drinks. Apple juice, in this case, acts as almost irreplaceable product which is capable to satisfy perfectly thirst, to reduce manifestations of toxicosis, and the main thing, to saturate an organism of future mother and a fruit with irreplaceable vitamins and minerals.

At pregnancy even usual drinks have the restrictions in the use. Learn how and when to have tea with a bergamot, with raspberry, with a lemon, with a thyme, from a dogrose.

In general, drink favorably influences such vital indicators:

  • raises hemoglobin, warns anemia of pregnant women;
  • regulates work of a vermicular movement of intestines;
  • prevents hypostases, distilling excess liquid from an organism.

In the period of a lactation the apple product can be used only in moderate quantities (no more than 3 times a week). In case of frequent manifestations of intestinal gripes at the baby, juice needs to be excluded from a diet of mother.

Important! During pregnancy and a lactation it is desirable to dilute any fresh juices before the use with clear water (in the ratio 1:1) — it considerably will lower load of a GIT and kidneys which work with additional loading at present.

At gastritis, pancreatitis, cholecystitis

Any fruit juice at diseases of a stomach or pancreas needs to be used with extra care.

For example, the illnesses extended presently — pancreatitis and gastritis are not a full contraindication to consumption of apple drink, however only the house variation of drink which is not containing store preservatives and dyes has to enter a diet of the sick person.

Besides, matter and some signs accompanying these diseases — at the lowered acidity in a stomach — juice it is possible though occasionally, but to enjoy (no more than 1 time a week), at raised — the product should be excluded completely, in order to avoid deterioration in painful symptomatology. At the aggravated and chronic cholecystitis (cystitis) the made fresh apple juice surely is provided in a special medical diet, however before the use it is desirable to dilute drink with warm boiled water (1:1).

Study properties of grape, lopukhovy, pineapple, pumpkin, beet, potato, cherry, carrot, lemon, pear, tomato, cabbage, garnet, birch sap.

At diabetes

For the people sick with diabetes, apple juice is cooked taking into account some features. For preparation only sour products of green color containing a large amount of pectin are selected. Substance, in turn, promotes cholesterol removal, decrease in glucose and also the general purification of plasma of toxic hazardous substances.

When and how to drink apple juice

To receive full-volume advantage from home-made apple juice, it should be used according to the certain simple councils helping to avoid rare by-effects. As well as in what time it is better to use juice for optimum completion of an organism useful components:

  1. It is desirable to drink drink right after preparation as it pretty fast is oxidized, blackens, loses a considerable share of vitamins and becomes distasteful;
  2. It is necessary to prepare juice only from fresh, not perespevshy fruits. Ideal option — fruit from own garden;
  3. Drink cannot be taken on an empty stomach or for the night, in the first case it will promote irritation of mucous and will cause discomfort in a stomach, in the second — will deprive of a full-fledged dream because of the toning properties;
  4. Juice drink through a straw will protect tooth enamel from apple acid and will prevent development of painful feelings in a mouth;
  5. The best time for a glass of freshly squeezed juice — after a full-fledged breakfast. Drink will not allow the calories which came to an organism to be acquired evenly and further to turn into excess weight.

Learn how it is correct to drink juice.

Period of storage of fresh apple juice

To keep, at least for a while, freshly cooked drink from apples, the capacity used under a product should be closed densely a cover and to put in the fridge. At the same time it is necessary to drink up left within 4 hours as after the specified term all useful substances which are contained in juice completely will collapse.

Contraindications and harm

Despite indisputable advantage, popular and tasty juice it is in certain cases capable to do to an organism harm.

Therefore before its use it is important to exclude such states:

  • colitis, enterokolita;
  • ulcer changes in a GIT;
  • the increased acidity, frequent attacks of heartburn;
  • tendency to allergic reactions.

If to ignore the described contraindications, it is possible to be influenced by unpleasant and ill side effects:

  • sharp diarrhea;
  • severe gastric pains;
  • in rare instances — nausea and vomiting.

Whether you know? Apples since ancient times were glorified in numerous mythological records: the Scandinavian legends say that tasty fruits grant eternal youth. Greek that because of Gold apple the Trojan war was launched, and the Celtic symbolism considers a white apple flower a symbol of abundance and fertility.

Apple juice is really very useful, and the main thing, an available product for each modern family. Being guided by the simple, listed rules, it is possible to fill quickly and easily the organism vitamin and mineral substances, at the same time having avoided undesirable by-effects.

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