Than boiled carrots are useful"

Than boiled carrots are useful"

The advantage of carrots is known practically to each of us since the childhood. But the question of in what look it is more useful — boiled or fresh — arises more often. What caloric content of a product, feature of its use and preparation, advantage of crude and boiled vegetable — we will talk about it further.

Caloric content and chemical composition

Caloric content of 100 g is fresher than some carrot — 41 kcal, boiled carrots have 25 kcal on 100 g.

Nutrition value of a crude product:

  • proteins — 1.3 g;
  • fats — 0.9 g;
  • carbohydrates — 6.9 g.

Nutrition value of a boiled product:

  • proteins — 0.8 g;
  • fats — 0.3 g;
  • carbohydrates — 5 g.

Carrots also contain a large amount of beta carotene, vitamins of group B, C and K and also iodine, calcium, sodium, phosphorus, magnesium and iron.

Important! It is important to understand that carrots do not contain vitamin A as many mistakenly consider. In its structure there are karotina which already in a liver of the person are transformed to vitamin A.

After processing practically all vitamins disappear, food fibers turn into starch and carbohydrates. Boiled vegetable differs in high content of antioxidants.

Advantage and harm

Each root crop has useful and harmful properties. The advantage of boiled carrots is in what contains in it many pectins and celluloses stabilizing digestion and stimulating a metabolism. Antioxidants in its structure prevent development and distribution of cancer cells in an organism. Carrots high content of vitamins are useful (in fresh them more, than in boiled). Besides it is a dietary product as in it there are not enough carbohydrates. As for harm, if to use a root crop there is a lot of, it can cause problems with digestion. The people having pancreatitis or gastritis need to use a root crop in limited quantities.

Carrots can also render laxative effect at intestines diseases. The only exception is the allergy at which is it it is not recommended. In other cases to doubt whether it is useful, it is not necessary — it it is possible and it is necessary to eat practically with everything.

Important! The people having diseases of blood and heart are recommended to include surely carrots in a diet it promotes pressure decline and strengthens walls of blood vessels.

What carrots are more useful: crude or boiled

Certainly, in a fresh root crop there are more vitamins and useful substances. But they are acquired in quite small amounts (if it is not fresh juice). If is crude carrots pieces, only 3–4% of karotin are acquired if in the form of puree — about 20%.

And here boiled carrot is acquired much better and quicker. Researches of agricultural institute in Denmark showed that the boiled root crop is more useful — he is capable to reduce risk of developing of cancer in organism cages.

Features of the use

Though carrots — very useful product, are some features of its use in case of different diseases, for example, at pancreatitis. There are also some rules of its inclusion in a diet during weight loss or at diabetes. About similar rules and exceptions — further.

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At a lactation this vegetable is very useful. He solves a problem of a small amount of milk and stimulates its development. Besides, he helps to normalize pressure of the nursing mother, improves work of kidneys and a liver, solves problems with locks. The child with milk receives enough vitamins which strengthen an organism and increase immunity.

Carrots do not cause colic in the kid or any other discomfort in his intestines therefore it can be included in the child's diet on the second month of life.

At weight loss

Boiled carrots are very useful at a diet — it not only is easily acquired, but also contains a small amount of calories. But as the root crop has the high content of slow proteins, it is better to plan its use for the first half of day. In this case it will be an excellent source of forces and energy.

At pancreatitis, gastritis

At pancreatitis and gastritis there is a crude root crop it is forbidden, especially, if it is sharp forms of diseases. It is possible to include in a diet it after week of treatment and removal of all symptoms, and only in the form of puree.

Whether you know? Carrot can change skin color of the person. If is it in large numbers and it is constant, then the skin color will gradually become yellowish or orange. By the way, this effect is often used by employees of zoos include carrots for maintaining color of plumage in a diet of a flamingo.

At diabetes

Though carrot contains carbohydrates that already raises doubts in whether it is possible for people with diabetes it is, actually it can bring a lot of benefit. The root crop promotes delay of absorption of sugar in blood thanks to the content of food fibers. And the glucose which is contained in a fruit is much more useful to the patient, than simple sugar. Besides, very often at diabetics the sight goes down — the fruit helps to deal with this problem. If to speak about that form in which it is the best of all to include carrots in a diet then more thermally processed will approach. Thanks to a large amount of antioxidants it becomes more useful to diabetics. It is regularly recommended to drink juice (from fresh fruits) — it satisfies thirst which often arises at patients, normalizes the glucose level, work as a pancreas. Besides it will be useful addition for increase in immunity and strengthening of nervous system.

Whether you know? Carrots named carotene. For the first time this element was allocated from this fruit, and in Latin the name of carrots sounds as carota.

At a diarrhea

The similar problem demands an integrated approach and maintenance of a special diet. However, it is possible to include in a diet carrot, but in small amounts (it renders laxative effect). Only boiled vegetable is allowed to eat, it is better in the form of puree.

What can be prepared

The root crop can be eaten practically in any kind as separately from other products, and as a part of dishes. Very often it is just added to fresh salads or sent to the double boiler (so it keeps more vitamins). Very often boiled carrot is included popular salads like Russian salad, vinaigrette, a herring under a fur coat. Decorate with vegetable cold appetizers, jellies and jellies. It is also possible to serve boiled carrot as a garnish which perfectly approaches under meat or a bird. Often drink juice from this root crop and also prepare the sweet desserts including carrots.

How many boiled carrots are stored

Ready carrot is stored in a boiled look not longer than 2 months, at the same time it has to be only in the fridge. To prolong the term of its storage, it is necessary to grate vegetable and to send about the freezer. In this case it can keep freshness up to 5 months.

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Carrots — the useful product possessing a set of vitamins and minerals. Its use is obligatory practically for any person as it can increase immunity and help to avoid some diseases.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team