Than cottage cheese with honey is useful

Than cottage cheese with honey is useful

If you want to add a tasty and useful dish to the menu of the family, then pay attention to cottage cheese with honey. This surprising combination of simple, at first sight, products is capable to please with the taste and to enrich an organism with a number of vitamins, useful minerals. But, despite obvious advantages of this dish, there is a number of features which need to be considered at its use. As it is correct to use a dessert and in what cases it is better to refuse it — we will talk in more detail.

Caloric content

Among the main characteristics of each dish that concern adherents of healthy food, a special role is played by a caloric content question therefore, let's understand how many calories this dessert contains.

In this plan cottage cheese with honey — an ideal dish. Long time nutritionists carried honey to saccharides, and only recently this product deprived of so unflattering title, having recognized that the advantage of it exceeds harm. But nevertheless in respect of caloric content it is necessary to observe a measure in the use of sweet: 100 grams of its weight contain more than 300 kilocalories.

Whether you know? Cottage cheese from soy is very popular in China. Began to train him 2000 years ago, and today this dish became national property.

Honey is perfectly combined with the cottage cheese having low caloric content. Most of all kilocalories contain in a product of high fat content (9%) — 136. And here in fat-free their no more than 80 on 100 g. Thanks to such low indicators, honey curds can be eaten even for the night.

Than cottage cheese with honey is useful

The advantage of this dish is caused by huge amount of natural minerals and biologically active agents in honey and also availability of calcium, milk proteins and lactobacilli in cottage cheese.

Regular consumption of cottage cheese with honey promotes:

  • to digestion improvement;
  • to splitting of fats and extra kilos;
  • to recovery of immunity and vital forces (especially at patients or the recovering patients);
  • to strengthening of bones and joints thanks to availability of calcium;
  • to fast falling asleep and sound sleep during the whole night;
  • to elimination of uneasiness and stress;
  • to delay of processes of aging;
  • to improvement of work of a cardiovascular system.

Important! Do not forget that cottage cheese — a proteinaceous product therefore it is necessary to respect the rules of the use: you should not eat more than 400 g of a product a day.

Such dessert also the fact that it is possible to use it when necessary is good: in the morning as a breakfast or in the evening as a nourishing, but easy and bystrousvoyaemy dinner.

Whether it is possible to eat on a diet

Nutritionists recommend to the people wishing to lose the excess weight, to add so useful dish to the diet. Bee enzymes provoke splitting of fats that leads to reduction of kilograms.

But, except this useful function, honey and cottage cheese the dessert helps:

  • to be disaccustomed to having a snack which often becomes the reason of set of excess weight. Such breakfast will sate and will save from feeling of hunger before the following full meal;
  • to athletes and actively training people for whom it is important to fill in due time the shortage of proteins and carbohydrates after physical activities;
  • to fill an organism with useful minerals which it is often deprived in the course of a diet.

Learn, than cottage cheese and the fat-free its form is useful.

But if excessively to be fond of cottage cheese with honey, then there is a risk to recover. That it did not occur, you remember norm of the use: it is no more than 3 spoons of some honey in day on 300 g of cottage cheese. It is allowed to exceed these indicators only to athletes within the diet planned by the nutritionist. If decide to eat this dish for the night for weight loss, then it will not do harm if not to use other products.

Contraindications and harm

What useful the dessert would not be, but also it has a number of contraindications.

It is impossible to eat curds with honey:

  • that who has an allergy to dairy products;
  • with intolerance of honey and products of beekeeping;
  • the patient on diabetes;
  • at obesity of the 4th stage;
  • to children up to 3 years (not to provoke an allergy).

Study useful properties of honey: akatsiyevy, lime, pumpkin, flower, white, donnikovy, buckwheat, May, dyagilevy, chestnut, sunflower, meadow, forest, mountain.

Cottage cheese with honey will become fine addition to a breakfast or a full-fledged dinner. Such dessert will help to keep an organism in a tone, will strengthen immunity, and if necessary will even help to lose extra kilos.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team