Than sun-dried fish is useful?"

Than sun-dried fish is useful?"

The dried small fish is loved by many people, but especially the men esteeming beer.

It really perfectly supplements this drink, but even at the separate use differs in good taste and renders a certain advantage for an organism.

Features of process

The dried small fish is often called by a taranka, but actually this name will suit a dried look more. The difference between these options mostly consists in a way of preparation of snack though it should be noted also a difference in grades of the used small fish on which features the advantage and harm of the final product directly depends.

Better to understand all available differences between a dried and salty product, it is rather simple to look at the following characteristics of process of their preparation and direct preparation:



Fat grades of fishes approach

Low-fat, "lean" grades are more often used

Only salty, after stay in a strong brine within 2–5 days (at insufficient amount of salt quickly spoils and becomes unsuitable in food)

It can both prosalivatsya (2–4 weeks), and to dry in a "fresh" look

Preparation with use of natural influence of the sun and wind (prepares on the street suspended on chalka and attached to poles)

Can prepare "cold" (it is just suspended on the street in windy weather or even in a frost) and a "hot" way (the furnace is used, or fish is just taken out on open air in hot day)

All process of drying takes 2–4 weeks (everything depends on the size of a small fish)

Receiving a ready-made product is possible in 1.5-2 months at a "cold" pickles, and 5–6 hours — at "hot"

After the specified time the small fish is ready to the use without additional processing

When drying without salt the additional processing is required

Meat moderately soft and elastic, slightly pink on a back

Meat dense and dry, yellowy-brown or dark red on a back

Whether you know? Fish and fish products are digested a stomach much quicker, than their meat analogs. It remains in it within 2–3 hours while meat — 3–4 hours.

For drying it is better to use large copies as in them there is more meat, and here the tyulka can and be dried up then to process and use as additive to soup. Anyway, but both options differ in good tastes therefore at an opportunity it is worth preparing both, having found out at the same time, than they are useful on the experience.

Than sun-dried fish is useful

Any sea or freshwater fish contains the whole set of minerals, useful to the person: for example, zinc, fluorine, phosphorus and iron which are so necessary for strengthening of skeletal system, improvement of appearance of hair, teeth and nails.

For improvement of a type of hair, teeth and nails also recommend to use goat milk, a Brussels sprout, bran rye, dates, a celery.

At the same time, the high content of iodine does fish by an irreplaceable product for people with violations in work of a thyroid gland and also provides stable activity of the vascular system and high efficiency of a brain. However, it is yet not the complete list of all positive properties of a dried small fish, also the following properties are inherent in her:

  1. Possibility of destruction of cancer cells, at the expense of the content of polyunsaturated fatty acids an omega-3 (in particular, sun-dried fish helps to prevent development of breast cancer in women, prostates at men, the oncological states connected with damage of lungs and a thick gut).
  2. Prevention of a heart attack and stroke, diseases of a cardiovascular system due to decrease in cholesterol.
  3. Increase in hormone of happiness (serotonin) in an organism, and together with it and the general tone.
  4. Prevention of development of depressions in pregnant women.
  5. Prevention of development of so-called senile diseases, including Alzheimer's disease.
  6. Increase in synthesis of protein for 30% due to influence of the mentioned polyunsaturated fatty acids an omega-3.
  7. Effective elimination of wrinkles, due to replenishment of protein stocks of an organism.
  8. Possibility of use at various diets as its caloric content is much lower, than at meat products.

Whether you know? Some species of sea fish (for example, an eel) can be used in the raw as in their meat there are no parasites.

All these positive properties of sun-dried fish do it by very attractive product for the use by various categories of the population, but at all the advantage, in some cases it is capable to have an adverse effect on health what also you should not forget about.

Harm of sun-dried (dried) fish

To consumption of sun-dried fish first of all It is necessary to distinguish from the main contraindications:

  • presence of a hypertension;
  • the increased puffiness;
  • problems with kidneys;
  • the slowed-down metabolism or excess body weight.

It is possible to explain possible harm in each of these cases with the high content of salt in such fish who promotes a delay of liquid and only aggravates already available problems.

Besides, it should be taken into account also a possibility of development of the intestinal illnesses connected with damage of a small fish and emergence in her meat of products of oxidation, ketones and aldehydes. To be reinsured and to buy already spoiled product, it is worth giving preference only to the checked outlets.

It is possible to dry such fish as a haddock, a pangasius, a cod, Dori.

Rules of storage

How useful will be a dried small fish and whether in general there will be she that, depends on many factors, but observance of suitable storage conditions is always high on the list. Therefore before placing the prepared catch on storage, be convinced that the chosen place:

  • dry;
  • cool;
  • it is well aired;
  • keeps temperature within +10 °C, and the humidity of air — is no more than 75%.

In such conditions sun-dried fish can lie up to four months, but if you need to increase this term, then it is necessary to use special refrigerators, with a temperature about -5 °C inside. Thus it is possible to store the specified products till 1 year.

Important! The storage period of sun-dried or salty fish in many respects depends on its fat content: than it is higher, those can keep a catch in the freezer less.

At the room temperature (not higher than +20 … +25 °C) sun-dried fish will lie about two months, but even in this case it is impossible to guarantee her good condition at the end of this term. You should not consume thoughtlessly described product, even at all its useful properties a lot of things will depend on correctness of drying and storage. The best option — independent cooking of fish with observance of all conditions.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team