That it is better: BCAA or protein?"

That it is better: BCAA or protein?"

Sports food is intended for acceleration of set of muscle bulk and strengthening of an organism which constantly is in a condition of increased load. To fill the shortage of the necessary substances arriving with food, many athletes and body builders use the concentrated protein and amino-acid mixes. In this article differences between protein and amino-acid additives, the principles of their use and also positive and negative effect from these products will be considered.

Principle of effect of medicines

These medicines exist in various forms of release and are designed for different athletes. Each of them has the shortcomings and advantages.

Important! It is recommended to accept proteinaceous additive in the morning — for an hour prior to a training and in 30 minutes after it. Such mode of the use provides the best comprehensibility of additive.


These are amino acids with branched molecular structure which:

  • stimulate burning of a hypodermic fat layer;
  • become construction material for muscle fibers;
  • normalize a metabolism.

Video: about BCAA amino acids Receive these amino acids by extraction them from casein — milk protein. As a part of their medicine VSAA of everything three: isoleucine, leucine and valine. In the period of intensive loading these substances act as a source of fast energy and participate in oxidation processes.

The advantage of this additive at extension of muscles is that it:

  • prevents disintegration of muscle fibers;
  • promotes extension of dry and strong muscles;
  • reduces a hypodermic fat layer;
  • helps to create the tightened athletic figure.

Whether you know? The culture of bodybuilding is obliged by the emergence to the German athlete of the 19th century Wilhelm Müller. Being weak from the birth, in youth he began to pay considerable attention to own physical development and to adult age became one of the strongest people of the planet. He actively advanced the idea of physical improvement, went on tour with unique circus numbers much and even published several books with descriptions of the training techniques.

In addition, BCAA provides normal assimilation of other proteinaceous products and vitamin complexes, makes immunomodulatory impact on an organism. The negative effect of intake of this medicine completely is absent.

As BCAA is a complex of absolutely natural amino acids, they are acquired by an organism without the rest. Even the excess use of this product does not lead to negative consequences.

It will be for certain interesting to you to learn more about types of proteins in sports food.


It is the concentrated proteinaceous additive which after the use begins to be split to digestible amino acids and to feed an organism.

It preserves muscle tissue against destruction during the stressful period and promotes its active growth as represents structural material for strengthening of muscles.

Depending on raw materials from which get a protein it shares on:

  • soy,
  • egg,
  • serumal,
  • casein,
  • dairy.

Video: about a protein the Advantage of a protein is caused by its full-fledged structure. Besides BCAA, it contains all amino acids, replaceable and irreplaceable which ensure normal functioning of an organism.

The protein for 90–95%, depending on specific features of a GIT is acquired. At the same time it:

  • the feeling of hunger oppresses;
  • gives strength and energy for long intensive loadings;
  • improves endurance;
  • accelerates restoration after the trainings.

Whether you know? The most significant international competition in body building — "Mr. Olympia" who is carried out since 1965. From 1970 to 1975 and also in 1980 Arnold Schwarzenegger possessed the honourable title "Mr. Olympia". Besides, it caused a stir among all winners of a competition for its history as the youngest and the highest.

Harm of protein additives is connected with their excess consumption. The concentrated protein renders considerable load of intestines therefore excess of the recommended dosages provokes swelling, frustration, vomiting, nausea. Perhaps uncontrollable increase in body weight and appearance of rashes on skin. It should be taken into account that the soy protein is contraindicated to men because of high content of phytoestrogen in it — analogs of female sex hormones.

Learn more about sports food of BCAA.

Main differences

Despite the similar principle of action, these sports additives differ from each other:

  1. BCAA are three amino acids which are considered as the most demanded for creation of muscle fibers. The protein is a proteinaceous concentrate which consists of big amount of various amino acids influencing work of all organism.
  2. BCAA have the high speed and extent of assimilation while the dosage and an operating mode of a protein need to be regulated to avoid intestinal frustration.
  3. Amino-acid additive is accepted in number of 5–6 g a day. To fill the shortage of nutrients with a protein, it is necessary to eat it three times a day on 25–30 g.
  4. BCAA increases testosterone level, and the protein influences a hormonal background a little if it is not vegetable.
  5. Protein additive gives feeling of saturation and promotes a set of weight, amino-acid — makes the "drying-up" impact and promotes weight loss.
  6. The effect of reception of BCAA occurs earlier, than from proteinaceous additive. It is connected with the fact that the protein is split and undergoes cleaning in a liver while amino acids are acquired directly.
  7. Caloric content of amino acids insignificant, and proteinaceous additive has nutrition value about 47 kcal on 100 g.

What it is better to accept

To be defined what additive will suit you better, solve, for what purpose you plan to pass to sports food. If you want to lose weight and increase strong dry muscles, you will suit BCAA more.

To increase the volume of muscle bulk, to give to a figure the power and roundish outlines proteinaceous additive will help. The way of life can also influence the choice of additive.

Those people who constantly are in the movement and have no opportunity to monitor the digestion, more often choose BCAA.

It is important! To receive the maximum advantage of VSAA-additive, accept it in several minutes prior to the training or in a break after the first set of exercises. She will begin to act at the time of peak load of muscles and will give fast gain of muscle bulk.

The protein demanding full meals with high content of cellulose more suits those who have an opportunity to cook food independently and to find for it sufficient time.

Video: that the protein or BCAA amino acids is better

How to use VSAA and a protein together

Many athletes wash down amino-acid capsules with ready proteinaceous drink right after the training. Such procedure does not do harm to an organism, but is not really rational.

We recommend to esteem how it is correct to drink a protein and also whether it is possible to use an overdue protein.

The fact is that VSAA has the high speed of assimilation and gives to muscles necessary amount of useful substances at most in 20 minutes after the use, and the protein possesses the long period of assimilation therefore provides forward supply of an organism with amino acids necessary for it.

That the instant effect of the use of BCAA was not lost, it is necessary to accept at first this additive, then to wait for 15-20 minutes and to wash down it with a protein.

VSAA and protein are sports additives which effect is directed to increase in muscle bulk, its strengthening and improvement of an organism. Differences of these products consist in the speed of their assimilation by an organism and in the chemical composition — at a protein it is much more difficult. To gain the maximum effect of the use sport pita, observe the principles of its use and combine it with regular trainings.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team