The best complexes of vitamins and minerals in sports food

The best complexes of vitamins and minerals in sports food

Vitamins and minerals — those components which provide to an organism normal activity, exchange processes strengthen immunity and increase working capacity. We can receive them as from food which, by the way, can not always supply us with these substances, and from special sports additives. To facilitate life to athletes and to improve their exchange processes which suffer because of constant physical activities a huge number of multivitamin complexes was developed. From this article you learn about types of vitamins, their role in sports food, Regulations of Admission and also about the rating of the best vitamins and minerals both for growth of muscles, and at weight loss.

Role of vitamins and minerals in sports food

It is especially important to athletes to monitor receipt in their organism of useful materials, at their absence there is no set of muscle bulk and the activity decreases during the trainings.

Functions which are performed by these components:

  • accelerate metabolism which at athletes proceeds much quicker, than at ordinary people;
  • improve efficiency power and cardiotrainings, reduce recovery time after physical activities;
  • allow to derive additional benefit from usual food;
  • participate in creation of a protein which provides gain of muscle bulk;
  • activate the enzymes promoting carrying out important chemical changes in an organism;
  • promote the fastest updating and cell regeneration after their damage.

Whether you know? The human body contains in the cages more than 70 chemical components from Mendeleyev's table.

Types of vitamins

Despite all advantage and importance of vitamins and minerals, athletes often neglect inclusion in the food of the products rich with these components.

It is caused by primary need of athletes for high-calorific food which has to be consumed in small amounts therefore for sources of vitamins and minerals just there is no place left. Let's dwell upon vitamins which are two types — water-soluble and fat-soluble, and we will characterize them.


Water-soluble vitamins differ in the ability to be dissolved completely in liquid and to be absorbed by intestines. In an organism they do not collect and are very quickly spent, entering active chemical reaction therefore it is necessary to refill their balance daily.

Let's give the main types of such vitamins and also their functions:

Name of vitamin

Its function

Standard daily rate and sources

With (ascorbic acid)

The major component without which oxidizing reaction and intake of oxygen in bodies and fabrics is impossible. Stimulates synthesis of collagen which serves for development and health of bones, and hormones, promotes the fastest tightening of wounds and strengthening of immunity.

100–200 mg; is present at a citrus, potatoes, tomatoes, strawberry, spinach, a dogrose and broccoli.

B1 (thiamine)

Influences exchange and assimilation of carbohydrates, improvement of work of cardiovascular and nervous system, helps muscle growth. Normalizes work of digestive tract and enhances brain activity.

1-2.5 mg; it is possible to receive from yeast and grain cereals, pork, bean and dairy products.

B2 (Riboflavinum)

It is necessary for growth and normalization of exchange processes, participates in creation of erythrocytes and hemoglobin. Promotes removal of muscular tension and prevention of avitaminosis.

2–3 mg; sources are milk, eggs, fish, some bean, a liver and kidneys.

B3 (niatsin)

Provides health of vessels and nervous system, actively participates in process of metabolism and promotes removal of fatigue and muscular pain.

10–20 mg; it is possible to find in a tuna, mushrooms, nuts, milk, rye bread and yeast and also in a liver.

B4 (is well-cared)

Normalizes work of intestines, makes regeneration of cells of a brain and strengthens a metabolism.

200–300 mg; contains mainly in vegetables: carrots, tomatoes, cabbage, spinach, etc. and also in an egg yolk, cottage cheese, cheese and peanut

B5 (pantothenic acid)

It is intended for creation of hormones, fats and antibodies, strengthens process of oxidizing reactions, helps to cope with various skin diseases.

10–20 mg; the best sources are kidneys and a liver and also eggs, whole cereals, a cauliflower and tomatoes.

B6 (pyridoxine)

Participates in the proteolysis and development of erythrocytes, positively influences work of nervous system and intestinal microflora, promotes growth and strengthening of fabrics. At heavy physical activities, stresses and other negative factors the need for it especially increases.

3–5 mg; contains in a bird, bean, eggs, bananas, fish, avocado.

B7 (biotin)

Takes active part in metabolism of fats, proteins, carbohydrates and synthesis of hormones, supports the necessary level of glucose, increases transport of carbon dioxide to other substances.

50–80 mg; it is possible to receive from vegetables and fruit and also peanut, chicken, milk, cheese and a liver.

B8 (inositol)

Is responsible for regulation of level of cholesterol in blood and exchange processes, well influences work of a brain, normalizes arterial blood pressure and also synthesis of protein and growth of muscle tissue.

300–500 mg; the best sources are fish calves, kidneys and a liver and also nuts, sesame and bread.

B9 (folic acid)

Is an important component in DNA creation, promotes effective work of digestive tract and liver and also strengthens a cardiovascular system and immunity.

300–500 mg; the best sources are the liver, greens and beer yeast.

B12 (cyanocobalamine)

Synthesizes protein and amino acids, provides regeneration of fabrics and muscle growth.

2–5 mg; sources are the liver and kidneys, fish, milk and eggs, but also can independently be synthesized by intestinal microflora.

R (citrine)

The most powerful antioxidant, strengthens capillaries and reduces permeability of vascular walls, supports a muscular tone and synthesis of testosterone.

30–50 mg; contains in a large number in a citrus and berries.

Whether you know? Millions years ago the human body could produce independently vitamin C, however after time lost this ability, and now we should receive it only together with products in which it contains.


Proceeding from the name, it is possible to draw a conclusion that this type of vitamins is dissolved in fats. Unlike water-soluble, representatives of this category have property to collect in an organism and thus to support the necessary level of all elements. The shortage of oil-soluble vitamins happens seldom as they are removed from an organism slowly, but here gipervitaminoz can cause extremely unpleasant consequences therefore it is necessary to watch a dosage of these substances carefully.

Learn how to choose qualitative sports food and as to accept it.

Main oil-soluble vitamins, their appointment and sources:

Name of vitamin

Its function

Standard daily rate and sources

And (Retinolum)

Natural antioxidant, the elasticity of joints, strengthening of immunity and also health of an integument and bones is responsible for normalization of exchange processes in an organism, provides cellular growth and slows down aging process.

1000 mg; contains in eggs, milk, bean, spinach, carrots and sweet pepper and also vegetables and fruit of red or orange color.


Increases endurance and the general condition of an organism, improves blood circulation and proteinaceous exchange.

10–15 mg; the best natural sources are vegetable also butter, greens, a liver, dairy products and nuts.


Creates favorable conditions for growth of bones and fabrics, normalizes work of the immune system, promotes digestion of calcium and phosphorus, prevents emergence of tumor cells.

10–15 mg; sources are dairy products, cod-liver oil, mushrooms, parsley and sunlight.


The main participant of process of fibrillation and also is responsible for the correct work of kidneys and strengthening of the immune system, makes soothing impact on muscles after physical activities therefore in bodybuilding it is irreplaceable.

100–150 mg; contains in cereals, a liver, cabbage, apples, tomatoes and lettuce leaves.


It is necessary for normal blood circulation and elimination of various inflammatory processes, strengthens regeneration and metabolism.

1000 mg; it is possible to find in nuts, corn, flax oil, peanut and avocado.

Characteristics of minerals

It is difficult to call the most important role of minerals and their useful impact on a human body in question. Thanks to them digestive process improves and functioning of bodies is normalized, and we feel it through emergence of energy, inflow of forces and cheerfulness. They get to us only with food as our organism per se does not make them.

Let's consider in more detail the most useful minerals, their influence and sources:

Name of mineral

Its function



The irreplaceable component in development of growth of a bone tissue, also influences fibrillation and strengthening of teeth and bones, has antioxidant effect.

Milk, cottage cheese, cheese, green vegetables, bean, peanut and fish


Reduces blood pressure, controls cholesterol level in an organism, promotes fast exchange of carbohydrates, produces protein.

Meat, fish, bananas, nuts, grain, haricot and green vegetables


Perfectly fills with energy, actively participates in construction of cages and synthesis of hormones, positively affects brain activity.

Seafood, milk, red meat, nuts, peas


Transports oxygen in bodies, the main producer of hemoglobin in an organism takes part in oxidizing processes. Also normalizes blood circulation and functions of nervous system.

Meat, bean, eggs, potatoes, nuts and broccoli


Responsible for water balance in an organism also regulates blood pressure, affects physical endurance and a metabolism.

Fruit, milk, meat, seeds of sunflower, oyster and shrimp


Prevents risk of skin diseases and strengthens immunity, is the catalyst of many hormones and metabolism, produces insulin and strengthens reproductive function.

Meat, seafood, mushrooms, bread, bean, milk

Regulations of Admission

Vitamin and mineral complexes are absolutely safe and have no side effects, exclusively natural components are their part.

Their choice and frequency of the use directly depend on specific features of the athlete — a sex, age, a physical and mental state, climatic conditions and other, not less considerable factors. It is necessary to treat a medicine dosage with care and before beginning to use it, to consult with the expert better. The basic rules of reception of vitamin and mineral complexes consist in the following:

  • reception of a complex is calculated no more than for 2 months, then it is necessary to take a break approximately for 1 month;
  • it is undesirable to accept on a constant basis, otherwise it will cause loss by an ability organism to independently synthesize useful substances from food;
  • it is recommended to combine reception of a complex with other sports additives, the most popular combinations are the protein, glutamine and amino acids;
  • is strictly forbidden to accept a complex instead of food — it is necessary either in time, or after meal;
  • it is impossible to wash down medicines with carbonated drinks, tea, coffee and milk;
  • the stable drinking and general regime has to be observed.

Important! The best digestion of additives is interfered by the regular use of antibiotics, alcohol, smoking and also somnolent medicines.

Rating of the best vitamin and mineral complexes

Vitamin and mineral complexes comprise standard daily rate of all useful substances necessary for the athlete for maintenance of a muscular tone and the general health. It is especially important to fill a reserve of vitamins and minerals in the period of the weakened immunity when the organism is subject to stresses and diseases. But there are also separately developed multicomplexes for muscle growth of athletes and also at weight loss. Let's consider the most effective of them.

For growth of muscles

Today the range of vitamin and mineral complexes is so various that itself can pick up the most optimum and individually suitable option easily.

However we suggest to be guided by the checked firms from the leading producers, such as Optimum Nutrition, Solgar, Magnum Nutraceuticals, Dynamize Nutrition and Ultimate. The products presented by these companies are on sale in the market in the form of capsules, tablets and powders.

Perfectly athletes will suit such vitamin and mineral complexes:

  1. Animal Omega or Animal Pak is specially developed sports additive for gain of muscle bulk.
  2. Maxler VitaMe is the multi-purpose complex promoting improvement of physical and intellectual indicators.
  3. Ultra-Premium Vitamin — includes all range of necessary nutrients and enzymes.
  4. Multivitamin for men — is designed for professional athletes. Contains more than 10 vitamins and minerals and also an antioxidant complex.
  5. VP Laboratory Ultra Men’s is the universal additive including several biologically active complexes and capable to fill the shortage of all necessary elements.

At weight loss

During a diet the organism is exposed to restrictions because of what the amount of the arriving vitamins and minerals is sharply reduced. Deterioration in work of the immune system, mental and physical state can turn out to be consequence of it.

Learn what sports food is suitable for weight loss to men and what - to women.

To avoid it, it is necessary to accept regularly specially developed vitamin and mineral complexes which will allow process of weight loss to proceed correctly and without complications.

Let's consider the main of them:

  1. Vitrum from the pharmaceutical American company Unipharm — normalizes work of nervous and cardiovascular system. At strict diets is one of the best sources of all useful elements lacking an organism, improves a metabolism.
  2. Centrum — this complex developed in the USA perfectly copes with delivery to an organism of the most necessary components promoting metabolism. Takes off fatigue and nervous tension and also supports muscles in a tone after heavy physical activities.
  3. Megaslim — this medicine directed to a zhiroszhiganiye perfectly keeps weight after an exit from a diet and prevents a repeated set of weight. Stabilizes work of intestines and supplies a mikronutriyenama organism.
  4. Duovit — the universal complex capable to improve functioning of all bodies and to give support to an organism in the form of the vitamins and minerals lacking it.
  5. Solgar — this type of additive perfectly copes with maintenance of stable activity of the immune system, accelerates exchange process, promotes a fast zhiroszhiganiye. Improves external indicators: sates with energy, provides healthy skin, nails, hair. The irreplaceable assistant in fight against extra kilos.

Important! Vitamin and mineral complexes can be chosen specially both for men, and for women — everything depends on their physiological features and need for vitamins at each floor.

Reception of vitamin and mineral complexes demands first of all responsible application and systematicity, it will be difficult to achieve good results without good and harmonious work of all internals and the general state.

Without vitamins and minerals our organism will weaken, and various diseases will shortly have an effect therefore it is so important to monitor intake of specially developed dietary supplements. And full ignoring of useful substances will nullify all efforts and persistence of athletes.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team