What do protein powder of

What do protein powder of

Each athlete knows about need of a protein during the intensive trainings. But not always we can choose one suitable goods from a wide variety. It is necessary to consider availability of all amino acids, speed of absorption and even the price.

Therefore let's understand the main types of protein powders.

Value of protein in an organism

Protein, and in a different way a protein (sometimes polypeptides), is a basis of functioning of our organism. Without it growth of fabrics, digestion of other substances, formation of cages is impossible. To any person of a squirrel are vital. The organism does not make them from own stocks or other materials.

Protein arrives to us with food, as a result of digestion breaking up to components, some of them — amino acid. They are processed further by an organism into own special protein.

What do a protein of

At shops of sports food there is a large amount of various nutritional supplements with proteins and other minerals. They are suitable for different types of loadings. Even the quantity and regularity of occupations influences. Selection of protein powder has to be taking into account your physiological features. It is important to consult on the qualified trainers who know how it is correct to pick up sports food.

Important! Locks, an abdominal distension and a meteorizm can be side effect of the use of polipeptitod.


Casein is the hydrolyzed protein. Getting into a stomach, it is turned, and there is a slowed-down protein disintegration. However in casein there are main irreplaceable amino acids. Such type of organic matter is considered one of the most expensive. Casein is effective, but only on condition of the correct application. Casein is used even in children's mixes, helps to be sated for long time. This type of protein is slowly soaked up by stomach walls. It is not recommended to use to people with GIT problems. At misuse casein can cause the slowed-down or complicated defecation.

Important! Adding protein powder to the diet of sports food, it is important to add it with vitamins because the excess quantity in an organism leads it to deterioration in digestion of vitamins. Not to suffer from avitaminosis, it is worth increasing their consumption.

In shops of sports food it is possible to meet the wide range of a protein on the basis of casein. Each of them is recommended to be used before going to bed as casein is slowly acquired by an organism. However it is also its main plus. Amino acids are present at blood longer. It is necessary to consider also time of digestion of such polypeptides. Of course, everything depends on its quantity and even on the producer. On average time of digestion of casein — 5–6 hours. It is important to pay attention that pure casein has unpleasant taste. But now it is easily compensated by various flavoring additives.


This type of protein is most popular thanks to the advantages. For example, the serumal protein inexpensive, is quickly acquired and contains all necessary amino acids. It can be three types:

  1. Serumal isolate (does not contain lactose and also there is a minimum quantity of carbohydrates, fats and cholesterol).
  2. Serumal concentrate (may contain less organic matter, than serumal isolate, low prime cost).
  3. Hydrolyzate (most expensive look of a serumal protein as has the highest speed of assimilation).

Such form is not recommended to take for the night or through a long time after the training. The maximum effect will be at the use before and after the training. There are different types of a serumal protein which can be used during the day. The only condition — addition of other types of proteins. The serumal protein allows to improve growth of muscle bulk and increases digestion of vitamins. Protein of this origin suppresses catabolism.

Learn what serumal protein it is better to choose.


Despite popularity of the previous types of a protein, vegetable everything also continues to be on sale on shelves of sports shops. Vegetable protein is divided into two views:

  • hempy;
  • soy.

Whether you know? Different types of polypeptides are applied at treatment of a depression.

It is necessary to understand in what distinctions, especially reading structure of various proteins. In many it is possible to meet soy protein in addition to the main casein or serumal. Among vegetable types hempy has more advantages. B8 vitamin and phytin are its part. The last well influences a liver. You should not worry about the stupefying effect of means. Hempy is got on special technology therefore narcotic influence zero. Soy, in turn — the cheapest protein also has a number of shortcomings in comparison with a hempy protein:

  • the low cost of the raw materials indicates its availability and bad quality;
  • soy proteins are heavier acquired by a human body;
  • soy protein can have negative impact on kidneys and a liver;
  • incomplete amino-acid structure.

Therefore if you cannot eat proteins of animal origin, choose hempy protein powder which will help you to achieve good results.

We advise to learn whether the protein has an expiration date.


It is possible to call this look universal. It includes different types of proteins. For example, in 2014 at the University of Texas the research on identification of differences between a serumal and multicomponent protein was conducted. It showed that at examinees who accepted serumal protein powder the intake of amino acids in muscles was one hour less on duration, than at those who accepted multicomponent. In a research multicomponent consisted from: serumal isolate (25%), soy isolate (25%) and casein (50%).

Important! Attentively read composition of multicomponent protein powder. It is not recommended to take it if a lot of soy protein is a part.

This type of nutritional supplement will suit any types of athletes. However it is worth remembering about the main intake of proteins. In case you use nutritional supplements right after the training, then will approach multicomponent with the most part of serum. If the main intake of proteins happens for the night — to the most part of casein. In multicomponent it is often possible to meet wheat protein.

As do a protein: production

Regularly using protein powder as nutritional supplement, athletes often do not think what it consists of and as it is made. It is important information which allows to define quality of a protein and to save health.

Whether you know? Milk + a protein — favourite and popular drink of athletes.

There are different technologies of production of proteins depending on the purpose — receiving casein or serumal protein:

  1. Everything begins with souring of milk.
  2. After that cottage cheese and serum separates. In cottage cheese there is a casein which during production separates and turns into dry weight.

However with a serumal protein not all so quickly and easily. In spite of the fact that its cost is lower, receiving process longer. After receiving serum allocate a concentrate of serumal protein. Then use membranes for various types of filtration. At the end receive powder.

Video: As do a protein Select a protein, proceeding from the physiological features. You should not buy cheap goods or medicine of unknown brands which do not cause in you trust. Do not forget that the protein is a nutritional supplement, but not good nutrition.

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