What is a protein and as it is correct to accept it

What is a protein and as it is correct to accept it

About such sports additive as a protein, did not hear only lazy. Its useful properties are known to many people, and versions allow to choose a proteinaceous product on the taste. In this article we will tell all truth about proteins: for what they are necessary to an organism what benefit can be brought, than their use as it is correct to choose a product is harmful and to distinguish a fake and also we will present a selection of the best representatives of protein mixes.

What is a protein

The protein is the most ordinary protein which is a part of meat and dairy products, many grain, vegetables, fruit, nuts and bean cultures. This substance is a peculiar construction material for a body, in particular for muscles, and it is necessary in order that nails, hair and skin remained healthy.

The difference between protein habitual to us and a protein in the form of nutritional supplement is only that the protein is a proteinaceous concentrate while food besides the protein contain also a large amount of fats and carbohydrates.

Whether you know? Proteinaceous powder not only is used by athletes or vegetarians, but also quite often used in the treatment-and-prophylactic purposes as it promotes growth of muscles and harmonious work of all organism.

The protein in the form of the powder similar to flour is issued, and is on sale in shops with sports food or in shops of vegetarian food. To athletes the protein is vital that occupations in gym yielded the results in the form of strong muscles.

Proteinaceous mix is also recommended for the use by that who wants to lose extra kilos and at the same time not to build the mountain muscles. And to vegetarians such product replaces proteins of animal origin and helps to maintain the state of health at the high level.

Learn, than protein cocktails are useful and dangerous.

Structure of a product

will consider that protein mix for 100% consists of one protein. At it, of course, there is a big share of a protein, however and other elements found the place.

The main criterion by which it is necessary to be guided when choosing a protein — its biological value. This point is specified as a percentage and shows what amount of protein is acquired by an organism after the use of the product. Biological value in 100% is ideal.

One more point also shows quantity of a protein which contains in one portion of proteinaceous powder. In banks with a product, as a rule, there is a measured spoon defining one portion which weight is usually equal to 30 g. A protein part in that case has to make about 22 g if it is about casein or its concentrate. If you bought the products which underwent processing by hydrolysis or chose isolate, then a part of protein has to be not less than 24-25 g on a measured spoon. The special attention should be paid to origin of proteins if as a part of additive there is a multicomponent protein. Some producers can add to mix a vegetable protein like wheat gluten that the cost of products was smaller. Minus of such product is that it does not contain necessary amount of irreplaceable amino acids and its biological value is many times lower.

It is also possible to find sweeteners as in pure form the protein is quite distasteful in additive. Here it is important that in structure there was no aspartame, or E951. It is connected with the fact that this component contains methanol and phenylalanine which at hit in an organism can break hormonal balance, affect work of a brain and break process of exchange of amino acids.

In addition there are two more ingredients which are undesirable as a part of a protein. The first of them — to potassium atsesulfa, it is E950. It is sweetener which appeared as a part of mixes not so long ago and did not find an unambiguous response. On the one hand, its use was approved in the late nineties, and with another — this component is studied insufficiently well, in particular its side effects. The second ingredient — tsiklamat sodium, or E952. Its feature is that it is forbidden for use in the USA, and in the European countries, on the contrary, it is resolved. The ban is connected with potential negative impact of a component on an organism. In particular, it can have negative effect on work of kidneys, a cardiovascular system and also break a metabolism.

Both fats, and carbohydrates, however their share in comparison with a proteinaceous component scanty are a part of a protein. Also manufacturers include in it special mineral connections by means of which proteinaceous powder is better acquired by an organism. Add to mix and biologically active agents — they serve as antioxidants thanks to which the organism gets rid of toxins quicker.

Expiration date

As well as on any food product, on packing with a protein it is possible to find the column of a period of storage. Protein powder can be stored 2 years if it is made in Europe, or 3 years if a producer is America. However at the appointed time the protein keeps the properties only if it is hermetically packed, that is you did not open packing.

Important! Regardless of in what country the protein is made, it is necessary to meet storage conditions, otherwise the product will lose the useful properties much earlier.

And here the product in open form has shorter period of storage: 1 month for the American and 2 weeks for the European. Such information is given by the companies which are engaged in production of protein powders, however at the same time the expiration date after opening is quite seldom specified on the packing.

After the specified term, proteinaceous powder becomes less useful, and in certain cases can cause disorder of digestive tract. Therefore producers do not recommend to use a protein after the specified expiration date.

It is important that mix was stored in the place closed from direct sunshine with low humidity, and air temperature should not be higher than room. However, according to some laboratory researches, the expiration date of a protein is much more long, than producers say. For example, the high-quality protein can keep all useful properties from 0.5 to 1 years even after opening. Of course, such period of storage is possible only provided that the product contained in the correct conditions.

Important! Using mix after so long storage, pay attention to its state. It should not get at all new shades, bitter smack, an unpleasant smell and the more so should not comprise a mold. It is also important that the protein as well as got divorced before. In case of changes use of mix is unsafe for health.

In spite of the fact that use of powder after so many months will not do special harm, the advantage of the mix use in that case will appear many times lower. Muscles will be recovered and raise more slowly, than at the use of a protein within the first 2 weeks after opening banks.

It is worth noticing that in case of long storage of a product there is a risk to get indigestion as over time in a product the bacteria having negative effect on intestinal microflora begin to appear. Therefore nevertheless you should not store protein powder too long.

Principle of work

If with structure and an expiration date of proteinaceous powder everything is clear, then the principle of its action in an organism raises questions. So, we tell why the protein enjoys such popularity among athletes, in particular bodybuilders and for what it is, actually, necessary.

The protein contains a large amount of protein and includes 9 irreplaceable amino acids, such as leucine, isoleucine and valine. When the protein product is digested, it breaks up to these amino acids. Amino acids, in turn, are an important element thanks to which there is a synthesis of proteinaceous molecules of an organism that promotes strengthening of muscle tissue. Thus, muscles at big loading do not collapse as could, and on the contrary, actively grow and are much quicker recovered after physical exercises.

Impact on an organism

Before getting a protein, many consumers are interested in its influence on body weight. We tell whether it is possible to lose weight considerably or, on the contrary, to grow stout due to consumption of protein cocktails. The first that needs to be understood, is that the diet always has to include carbohydrates and fats. However the surplus of these substances can lead to increase in weight and volumes regardless of whether you use a protein. The second — mix in itself does not lead to growth of muscles therefore existence of physical activity is obligatory. Muscle bulk will grow only in that case.

Whether you know? Increase in weight not always influences volumes as weight is fat and muscular. Fat does a figure visually thicker, increases volumes, and at the expense of muscular the body looks slender and tightened. Therefore with the same weight it is possible to look absolutely differently.

Saying about whether it is possible to recover because of a protein, it is necessary to specify that the word recover does not carry a negative shade and means to result a body in the normal, healthy state. Especially it concerns the people suffering from low body mass index. The use of a protein in this case can become the good assistant and will help to normalize indicators due to increase in muscle bulk. Women often want to know whether it is possible to grow stout from a protein. No — the people using a protein do not get fat because the product does not contain a large amount of fats and carbohydrates. Increase in fat weight is possible due to overeating and lack of physical activity.

The protein did not avoid also pregnant women. Undoubtedly, during this period the woman needs bigger amount of protein, than usually as this substance promotes strengthening of all organism.

Whether you know? Often risk not to take out the child and complexity during pregnancy are connected with a lack of protein of an organism.

At the woman the need for protein more — about 75 g a day is in the family way. However it is not an occasion to pass to protein cocktails in a large number. Proteinaceous powder always contains various additives, and some of them can do much harm to health of the kid. In particular, pregnant women need to know that for them under a ban are an anise, ginger, a camomile, a sage, rosemary. Sweeteners, fructose, saccharin and fragrances are also quite harmful. Therefore if to drink a protein at incubation of the child, then only after thorough study of structure and consultation with the attending physician. Also diabetics pay attention to this product, but existence in structure of sugar and other glucosic components guards. Nevertheless this category of patients can drink a protein if attentively to check composition of mix that in it there were no substances contraindicated to diabetics, that is to choose sports additives without sweeteners. It is desirable to consult on this matter with the doctor too to pick up the safest product. It is also important to observe a dosage even if the person plays sports as for diabetics the protein dosage — is less.

At the same time it is the best of all for pregnant women, and diabetics to receive protein from food. It is the safest way which will definitely not do much harm to health.


Despite of the fact that protein — an element for creation of muscles and their development, you should not think that this its only influence on an organism. It is possible to take protein cocktails not only for a rating of muscles, but also for improvement of health as drink from proteinaceous powder performs a number of useful functions. We learn in what positive influence of protein powder on an organism consists and that it gives. The protein is useful that it:

  • positively influences a condition of all organism as all bodies and systems need protein, and its shortage leads to deterioration in functions and violation of work of an organism;
  • improves composition of blood and its quality;
  • promotes formation of the strong immune system;
  • helps to normalize hemoglobin level;
  • fills necessary reserves of protein at athletes at big physical activities on muscles;
  • can have sedative effect;

Whether you know? If during saturated trainings in an organism there is not enough protein, such disease as muscular dystrophy can develop. One of its consequences is partial loss of mobility of extremities.

  • promotes settlement of a hormonal background;
  • it is useful to people who are engaged in intellectual work as protein improves activity of brain activity;
  • accelerates process of regeneration of fabrics;
  • adjusts process of a metabolism in an organism thanks to which internals work correctly, and weight returns to normal;
  • promotes fast recovery of muscles after heavy physical exercises;
  • normalizes arterial blood pressure;
  • quite nourishing thanks to what one intake of protein cocktail fills power stocks of an organism and the feeling of hunger does not appear some more hours;
  • promotes strengthening of bone tissues;
  • well influences work of nervous system.

Judging by such long list of merits, it is clear why not only athletes, but also doctors speak about advantage of proteinaceous mixes and what good it does with human health. And on a question of whether the protein products help to cope with some diseases — it is possible to tell firm no. Mix is capable to improve work of internals, to activate processes in an organism, but it is not medicine.

Harm and contraindications

However, you should not be under a delusion so about proteins. In spite of the fact that they are really necessary for an organism for the adjusted work, their use time can do much harm.

Important! Preference needs to be given to the certified manufacturers of proteins. In that case the structure of products specified on packing will be true.

So, to what negative consequences can give some mistakes in the use of proteinaceous additives:

  1. The squirrel leads a surplus to development of a renal failure. Kidneys suffer as this body promotes removal of products of disintegration of proteins. As a result big load of kidneys leads to such disease.
  2. At a shortcoming the squirrel is risk to injure muscles at an intensive training. Using a protein at random, it is possible to use smaller amount of mix. Thus at the same load of muscles they should be restored longer as the organism lacks protein for creation of new muscle fibers.
  3. The surplus of protein breaks work of digestive tract. A large number of a protein leads to such symptoms as an abdominal distension, diarrhea, pains in epigastralny area. Often from a large amount of substance feels sick.
  4. Wrong choice of products. If you have an allergy to some food or nutritional supplements, it is necessary to read attentively structure, otherwise it is possible to cause allergic reaction to protein mix.
  5. Choice of a low-quality product. Than the cost of protein mix is lower, it is made by that of less quality and useful raw materials. Vegetable substitutes of protein and harmful sweeteners can be a part of such mixes. The similar product is capable to cause poisoning.
  6. Carelessness to reactions of an organism. In rare instances there can be an intolerance of proteinaceous products therefore if you nausea swells out and develops, we advise to refrain from the further use of mix and to undergo inspection on the fact of shipping of a product.

As you can see, the protein can do harm only in cases of own rashness, and advantage of it much more if to follow all rules. Now it is necessary to learn in what cases and why it is impossible to use protein additive.

Distinguish such from contraindications:

  • all diseases of kidneys or genetic predisposition to them.
  • individual intolerance of a product.
  • liver diseases.
  • the lowered secretion of gastric juice.
  • diseases of a cardiovascular system.

So, diseases of internals or systems can be aggravated after the use of a protein even in a small amount, and because of small amount of gastric juice there is a risk to get food poisoning. As for intolerance of a product, it has similar symptoms with a protein surplus in an organism — nausea, diarrhea, an abdominal distension, appearance of heartburn and rash on skin is also possible.

We recommend to learn whether it is necessary to drink a protein for the night.

It is often interesting to that who knows about sports additives a little to know what will be if to drink a protein just like that. The answer is simple: the organism will receive a high dose of protein which needs to be overworked. Kidneys it will be difficult to cope with so big loading, and subsequently it is possible to get a renal failure. Therefore if the plans are not work on muscles, you should not use sports additives thoughtlessly and in large numbers. The allergy does not belong to contraindications as the range of proteinaceous powders is rather wide that it was possible to choose products without allergen. However if you have an allergy to one of the main components, then it is better to refuse the use of additive.

It is important! Before beginning to accept protein powder, it is necessary to consult to the qualified doctor and if necessary to pass the analysis on shipping of this product.

In case of presence of above-mentioned diseases is strictly forbidden to accept a protein. Consultation at the dietitian who will help to make such menu where the organism will receive enough protein from products will become the best way out.


The wide range of proteins means that proteinaceous powder is made of different raw materials. In this section you learn what the protein is what its features for what purposes it best of all is suitable consist in and how fast each of them is acquired. If you have features of work of an organism and also narrow flavoring preferences, recommend to get acquainted with all types of the sports additives supporting squirrels that you could take yourself the product which is most suitable under your requirements.

Before taking protein mix, decide on the purpose of use of a product as each of types has differences in influence on an organism.

Among athletes the following types of proteinaceous powders enjoy the greatest popularity.


From the name it is clear that mix is prepared on the basis of ordinary serum. As well as any other type of proteins, serumal protein is necessary for strengthening of muscles, immunity and is suitable both for weight loss, and for accumulation of muscle bulk.

It will be for certain interesting to you to learn what serumal protein it is better to choose.

There are several types of such products, each of which has different structure and properties. The first of them is called a concentrate. It is quite economic and is used, as a rule, by beginners. The concentrate of a low component of protein — no more than 60 g on 100 g of powder differs. Other 40 g are mostly lactose, fats, carbohydrates and other additives. This look is completely acquired in 1.5-2 hours.

The second version is called isolate. The product undergoes additional processing and has higher cost. In 100 g of powder about 90% of protein, respectively, fats and carbohydrates contain in such product less. Isolate quickly is acquired — within half an hour.

Read in more detail about that as well as how many to accept isolate of a serumal protein.

The third version — a hydrolyzate. Its cost is highest as serum undergoes the greatest possible cleaning. Thus in powder of squirrels makes about 99%. One more plus of a hydrolyzate is the fast comprehensibility an organism as the product is split to amino acids. Not the most pleasant taste will become minus.

It is the best of all to use a serumal protein before a training — in 30 minutes or 2 hours, depending on a type of additive. During this time protein will be acquired and muscles will grow. After the training it is possible to drink a protein at once. An individual dosage of powder calculate by a formula 1.5 g on 1 kg of the weight. In days of rest it is possible to lower it up to 1 g on 1 kg of weight.

Important! The serumal protein does not suit people with intolerance of lactose.


This version is also preparing on the basis of dairy products, in particular, casein in a large number contains in cottage cheese. Feature of a casein protein is the long time for which it will be acquired — from 4 to 6 hours. For this reason it is not recommended to drink casein directly on the eve of the training. At the same time this type of proteins will suit the people who both are growing thin, and increasing muscles.

Its main function is not construction of the new muscle fibers, but protection which are already available from destruction. Muscles begin to collapse during sleep, active combustion of fats or if the person has no opportunity to eat of 4 and more o'clock. Casein gives sense of fulness for long time, at the same time without oversaturating a stomach.

Whether you know? Milk habitual to us contains two types of proteins. 82% make casein and only 18% of them — serum.

About 90% of proteins and 2% of fats are a part of a casein protein, and there are no carbohydrates in casein at all. The remained 8% occupy useful additives. As for the casein use, it is recommended to drink 1 time a day before going to bed that protein managed to be acquired. In that case the dose has to make no more than 40 g. This option perfectly will be suitable for those who raise muscles. And growing thin a portion of casein it is better to divide into 2–4 receptions and to drink 25 g between the main meals and before going to bed portions.

The taste of casein reminds taste of cottage cheese, but at preparation of cocktail it is possible to add to it cocoa, syrups or vanilla sugar.

Learn in more detail for what the casein protein is necessary.

Soy protein

The bright representative of proteins of plant origin, disputes on which advantage do not cease to this day. It is connected with the fact that unfair manufacturers use the soy which underwent gene modification. After such processing it is difficult to tell about advantage of a product therefore it is better to get the certified product.

Soy is capable to replace meat on all characteristics. This plant contains the greatest number of protein therefore you should not be afraid of soy proteins. They are divided into three views.

One more representative of vegetable protein is the hempy protein.

The first of them — a concentrate. Protein content in it varies from 35 to 80% and depends first of all on the producer. Respectively, concentrate cost with the high content of a protein will be higher. The concentrate is made in the membrane way.

The second look — isolate. It contains about 90-95% of a protein, and the component of fats is very small. The product turns out by means of long membrane cleaning and ionic exchange.

The cost of isolate is higher, than a concentrate.

The last type of a soy protein — a texturate. This look comprises up to 99% of a protein and is quite capable to replace meat products on all the characteristics. It is necessary to count a portion of a soy protein proceeding

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