What is chick-pea and than it is useful to an organism

What is chick-pea and than it is useful to an organism

Chick-pea, or the Turkish peas — the bean culture cultivated since antiquity. The porridge called pulse from the crushed Turkish peas was a basis of a food allowance of that time and was an irreplaceable product for achievement of satiety. In the present, chick-pea is a basis of preparation of the snack characteristic of the Middle East — hummus and falafel, and allocates it from others bean pleasant nut taste.

Caloric content, chemical composition and nutrition value

Characteristic of structure of the Turkish peas, as well as any other food product, displays all range of the brought benefit for the person.

Whether you know? In the 18th century the fried and crushed chick-pea was considered coffee substitute, and in the years of World War I it became a fine alternative to the existing coffee substitutes — to a rye and barley.

So, the nutrition value is by substances without which normal functioning of an organism is impossible.

Contain in 100 grams of thermally processed (prepared) product:

  • the squirrels which are the regulator of motive reactions and responsible for a condition of muscles — 20.1%;
  • the fats forming nutrients and being a source of stock of energy — 4.32%;
  • the carbohydrates which are the main thing and a primary power source for an organism — 46.16%;
  • the food fibers (or cellulose) which are responsible for the brought sense of fulness and acting as peculiar broom for the toxins which are brought out of an organism — 9.9%;
  • the water providing biochemical reactions of the above-stated substances — 14%.

Important! The comprehensibility of protein of the Turkish peas is much higher, than at his relatives is peas and haricot therefore its nutritional value and the chemical composition are more valuable to a human body.

The chemical composition of 100 grams of the Turkish peas is presented:

  • the vitamins affecting the general health: And (Retinolum), B1 (thiamine), RR (nicotinic acid), pro-vitamin A (beta carotene);
  • the minerals providing all functions of an organism: K (potassium), Ca (calcium), Mg (magnesium), Na (sodium), Ph (phosphorus), Cl (chlorine), S it (is gray), Si (silicon);
  • macrocells which are basis of cages: I (iodine), Fe (iron), Mn (manganese), Cu (copper), Se (selenium), Zn (zinc), B (pine forest) and others.

Caloric content of 100 grams Turkish peas — 309 kcal it means that you should not abuse this product.

Than chick-pea is useful to an organism

The advantage of the Turkish peas is caused by its high nutritional value and the rich chemical composition bringing all necessary substances for normal activity of all functions of an organism. Its beneficial influence on work of digestive tract will promote settlement of all processes of digestion that as a result will affect full assimilation of the arriving nutrients.

High content of vitamins and minerals will strengthen the immune system and will add energy, and amino acids will adjust work of the body purifying blood from toxins — a liver. Such its action will give to an organism of youth and vigor.

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It is especially important for an organism of Se (selenium) which is contained in chick-pea, and he is valuable the fact that he is capable to warn and stop tumoral process at development of cancer diseases.

But the advantage of its use for a female and male body differs a little.


Chick-pea is a unique product, it rather high-calorie, but, despite this, helps to lose excess weight. It is explained by the content of the food fibers providing satiety from the small amount eaten for long time. Moreover, micro and macrocells in structure accelerate exchange processes that is also positively displayed on decrease in body weight. Food fibers regulate activity of digestive tract that is especially important for women during pregnancy. Iron as a part of the Turkish peas is necessary for pregnant women since it promotes normal blood formation and prevents development of anemia.

Whether you know? Stalks and leaves of the Turkish peas are used for preparation of natural dye of blue color (or indigo).

Calcium, magnesium and phosphorus strengthen a bone tissue and prevent development of osteoporosis as a result of hormonal changes in the period of a menopause.

Content of vitamins and antioxidants regulates cellular exchange of an organism of the woman that prolongs youth and is well displayed on a condition of integuments.


The Turkish peas show the qualities also concerning men, but, in addition, it has some specific influence on a male body. The product is especially useful to athletes. The manganese which is contained in the Turkish peas strengthens cartilaginous tissue and joints, load of which in any kind of sport is maximum. Carbohydrates, loading with energy, guarantee long activity.

By the way, crude chick-pea infusion, wetted and subsequently crushed, raises a libido and increases potential opportunities of the man.

It will be useful for you to learn what vitamins are necessary to men what role of vitamins for athletes and what vitamins for health are necessary to women.

What can be prepared and what it is combined with

On the tastes the Turkish peas are not similar to other types bean, and remind potato nuts puree more. In preparation it is perfectly combined with vegetables and grain. The Turkish peas in a tandem with meat are especially tasty, love greens and spices.

Chick-pea is not bad combined with all types of fats (vegetable oils) and seafood.

From it it is possible to prepare a set of dishes, chick-pea is tasty when giving as snack (traditional hummus, salads), soups on east manners, a garnish (stewed or boiled porridges), a main course (falafel, pilaf, ragout). India mills chick-pea on flour and do of it unleavened cakes on replacement to our traditional bread.

Recipes for dishes from the Turkish peas a set, and many of them are adapted for Europe.

Important! It is recommended to use chick-pea in the first half of day, it is connected with the content of a large amount of carbohydrates in its structure. Consumption of chick-pea will provoke a excess set of weight in the evening.

How to choose and store in house conditions

Upon purchase of chick-pea it is necessary to stop the choice on transparent packing, the probability to buy a low-quality product so will decrease. Choosing, it is important to estimate quality of beans visually: they should not be spoiled, too dark and small.

The quality product will be indicated by the identical size of beans, light color and a smooth surface. To be necessary to consider the fact that beans in packing have to be integral. The middle period of storage, as well as at others grain and bean, makes 1 year.

It is necessary to store the bought product in the dark and well aired room at a temperature of 0...+5 ºС. Such conditions guarantee the maximum period of storage.

Whether you know? Starch of the Turkish peas is used in the textile industry as impregnation for increase in density and elasticity of silk and cotton thread.

Who is not recommended to eat and what can be harm

Nout treats heavy products, and therefore has some contraindications to the use:

  • it is not recommended to use a product to people with weak digestive system, to people aged and to small children;
  • consumption of chick-pea by that for whom gastrointestinal diseases are diagnosed (gastritises, stomach ulcer) is contraindicated;
  • it is not necessary to use at diseases of kidneys and urinary tract;
  • contraindicated at gout and thrombophlebitis;
  • individual intolerance.

In the absence of contraindications, chick-pea does not bring direct harm. Its main feature, as well as at others bean — chick-pea by the wrong preparation and preparation provokes fermentation and gas generation.

Important! It is not recommended to use chick-pea along with cabbage (white) or bakery products. These products separately lead to the increased gas generation therefore joint use will lead more likely to discomfort, than to satisfaction of flavoring receptors.

Chick-pea is the bean plant making the high competition to our peas and haricot. In spite of the fact that this product is highly appreciated in the countries of East Asia, it more and more becomes demanded and in the European countries.

Chick-pea has high nutrition value and contains the maximum quantity, necessary for health, micro and macrocells, but, despite the brought benefit, has also some contraindications which need to be considered. It is also important to understand that it will bring benefit at a right choice of a product and its subsequent storage.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team