What is the oat flour: the advantage or harm are done to an organism by application of a product?

What is the oat flour: the advantage or harm are done to an organism by application of a product?

If you ask any person that such oat flour, then most often do not receive the intelligible answer. And meanwhile everyone once, somewhere, from someone heard this word or about is mute read. One the well-known Pushkin tolokonny forehead what costs! And oat flour is so remarkable product that it is useful for each person to know about it more literally.

Whole oats flour, or That such oat flour

Oat flour comes from the word pound that explains a way of production of this product. Unlike flour habitual to us which is ground it is pounded, but do it not at once. Previously oats or barley of most of which often make oat flour steam, dry, fry and clean. When crunching grain in flour its most valuable peeled fractions go to waste, and almost whole grains turn into oat flour, keeping all the useful qualities at themselves.

Whether you know? Oats are the only grain culture which yields a good harvest in a frigid and humid climate.

We study structure

It is easy to be convinced that it is especially valuable qualities if to look at product components.


Oat flour first of all saturated vitamin group B in which B1, B2, B3 and B6 vitamins are especially emitted. Are solidly presented in it and rather rare vitamins E and SS.

Amarantovy flour well of vitamins.

Mineral substances

This product mineral substances is even more saturated:

  • calcium;
  • potassium;
  • magnesium;
  • phosphorus;
  • copper;
  • molybdenum;
  • zinc;
  • manganese;
  • aluminum;
  • silicon;
  • sulfur;
  • sodium.

So broad presence of mineral substances and vitamins necessary for an organism leads oat flour in useful food.

Nutrition value and caloric content of a product

Containing carbohydrates, food fibers, fats and proteins, this product very syten, though not really kaloriyen — only 363 kilocalories on 100 g. And the thing is that oat flour has remarkable property, bulking up, to repeatedly increase the volume. It also creates feeling of satiety. That is the product remarkably performs functions of the suppressor of the increased appetite.

Whether you know? The oats which got to the sphere of cultural agriculture after wheat and barley were originally perceived by farmers as a weed.

Advantage for health

Oat flour saturation minerals, vitamins and nutrients at the low caloric content bears to health of the consumer indisputable advantage which, first of all, is expressed in the following:

  • the bioflavonoids which are present at a product act as the active antioxidants struggling with harmful free radicals encourage an endocrine system, clean an organism from toxic substances;
  • vitamin group B acts as active antidepressant, its presence at porridges from oat flour is capable to increase mood, to refresh memory and to normalize a dream;
  • impact of a product on improvement of a metabolism and also on normal functioning of intestines is notable;
  • high concentration of manganese slows down process of accumulation of fat in a liver and also prevents development of atherosclerosis and normalizes reproductive functions of an organism;
  • porridges and oat flour soups stimulate recovering of an organism from cold and viral infections;
  • tolokonny flour is very useful also in the cosmetic sphere, helping to struggle with wrinkles, pigmentary spots and fat hair.

Important! Reception of only two tea spoons of oat flour in day is capable to lower the content of harmful cholesterol in blood vessels for 10%.

Physicians recorded real advantage of the use of tolokonny dishes at such diseases as:

  • gastric problems in the form of gastritis or an ulcer;
  • diabetes;
  • skin diseases;
  • tuberculosis;
  • the lowered immunity;
  • disbalance of functions of a liver;
  • oncology;
  • problems in work of a secretory system;
  • poor condition of hair and nails;
  • excess weight of a body.

Whether it is possible

So obvious and indisputable useful qualities of a product, apparently, do it demanded literally by all. But whether something that is not really shown to separate categories of people is not in it, we will consider further.

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To pregnant women and the feeding mothers

Oat oat flour for the women nursing as it stimulates process of a lactation is extremely useful. It is recommended and to pregnant women. The abundance in it of vitamins and minerals does well only to both the woman, and the developing fruit. Also the ability of tolokonny dishes to fight against locks and also anemia which can do harm to both the woman, and her future kid is important for future mothers. The folic acid which is available in a product protecting yet not been born child from possible pathologies is very useful to a fruit.

To babies and senior children

As it was already told, tolokonny dishes stimulate development at the feeding woman of milk that does well only to babies. But there is more to come. Somewhere to the middle of the last century toloknyany porridge was the first, main and unique feeding up for babies while gradually it was not forced out by modern inventions.

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Today pediatricians strongly recommend to use, since six-month age, this product for a feeding up of babies. At more senior children toloknyany porridges, soups and kissels have to be present at the menu as often as possible.

As it is correct to choose and store oat flour

At acquisition in shop of oat flour, as well as any other similar product, it is necessary to check integrity of an original packing first of all. And when houses the product will be taken from it, it is necessary to pay attention to its appearance: it has to be light with a cream shade.

It is important! If at oat flour a shade dark, it has to cause suspicion about not freshness of a product.

Besides, pounded oats do not exhale a pungent smell, and in a mouth have to be dissolved immediately and not crunch in the teeth at all. Store a product usually in glass jars or ceramic tanks with densely closed covers. Producers, as a rule, guarantee a biennial period of storage of the products.

Whether it is necessary to cook also what can be prepared?

One of the most valuable qualities of oat flour is its ability to form a basis for preparation of some dishes without additional heat treatment. And it, as we know, it is destructive affects many useful substances and first of all — vitamins. If in pounded oats to add warm milk or even kefir, yogurt, fermented baked milk of room temperature, then in about five minutes it will inflate also after addition in it of sugar, honey, other seasonings tasty porridge will turn out. But also after heating, oat flour keeps rather large amount of the useful substances that allows to cook from it soups, kissels, porridges and the furnace of fritter and cookies. Often for upclassing and increase in useful qualities add to usual flour dough also pounded oats.

Recipe of porridge

It is very simple to make toloknyany porridge. For this purpose it is necessary to pour out a glass of milk or water in a saucepan, to add there two tablespoons of pounded oats, a teaspoon of sugar and salt to taste. All this, constantly stirring slowly, it is necessary to bring to boiling and to cook about three minutes. As well as oil you will not spoil any other, this porridge too. And above we already said that porridge from this product can be made also without heating on fire.

Pancakes with oat flour

This dish, similar to cake, is cooked so. Traditional thin pancakes which hot are coated everyone with melted butter are baked, fall down an oat flour layer, keep within a pile heat-resistant ware and go to an oven. There at a temperature of 200 ° the dish is about 20 minutes. It is recommended to use it with jam or honey.

Dietary properties: how to correct weight the person interested to lose weight

Only one low caloric content already allows to use toloknyany dishes in dietary food. However it — is far on all their advantages in the opinion of persons interested to lose excess weight. We already said about ability of pounded oats not to allow to be played excessively to appetite that helps the person to struggle with temptation constantly is. To make so remarkable means of oat flour, it is necessary to add couple of spoons of oat flour to slightly warm water and, having carefully stirred, to drink solution for half an hour to food. After that at dinner or a dinner of people will consume not such number of calories, obviously superfluous for it, any more. Weight loss is promoted also by property of oatmeal to improve metabolism of an organism, to accelerate removal from it of toxins, slags and excess liquid that, in turn, interferes with adjournment of excess fat.

Recipes of masks

Useful qualities of pounded oats perfectly influence a human body not only inside, but also outside, than cosmetologists were not slow to use. It is developed many means improving a condition of face skin and a hair by means of, for example, effective cosmetic masks.

For dry skin

Face skin with the increased dryness well responds to salutary influence of a nutritious toloknyany mask. For its production the tablespoon of pounded oats should be mixed with any vegetable oil or, at choice, with mayonnaise, fat sour cream, the same cream, an egg yolk or cottage cheese. Also persimmon, banana and a melon are suitable for this purpose. The main thing that mix came out not too dense. The mask is imposed for 20 minutes, and then is removed slightly warmed up water.

For oily skin

At such type of skin the production of a cosmetic mask on the basis of a tablespoon of oat flour will require at choice a tablespoon of yogurt, low-fat sour cream, a crumb of rye bread or egg white. It is also possible to use half of spoons of special multi-colored clay for cosmetics.

That the received weight left not too dense, it can be diluted with any dairy product a little. Addition of couple of drops of juice of a lemon in it will become useful. After a quarter of hour the put mask should be washed away cold water.


The nutritious cosmetic mask for which receiving couple of tablespoons of oat flour is enough to be parted with warm milk or water of room temperature approaches any face skin. Milk is suitable for dry skin better, and water — for fatter. Average density mix needs to be put in the form of a mask on a face, to stand minutes twenty, and then to remove by means of water. Will not damage simultaneous light massage of the person.

Possible harm and contraindications

There are no harmful components in oat oat flour in principle.

Important! As the only contraindication interfering its inclusion in food serves the individual intolerance of the majority of cereals called a tseliakiya. There are no contraindications any more.

However, there are some restrictions for excessively active consumption of this product. Phytin acid in its structure has feature to collect and by that to promote washing away of calcium from an organism. It is especially undesirable for the people having problems with functioning of a bone and muscular system.

Not less useful flour

In the market flour tries to make some competition to oat flour of fruits of such plants as corn, a flax and an amaranth. To it full replacement they, perhaps, not to become able, but at the same time possess a number peculiar only it useful qualities which are necessary for the modern person.

Prepare a tasty mannik.


There are enough recipes from it tasty products. Do bread which long does not harden and also the various pastries which is turning out easy and friable of it. Cornmeal loses on the saturation vitamins and minerals even wheat, not to mention oat, however brings undoubted benefit to digestive tract, a blood system and skin.


Flax seeds flour almost so ancient, as well as a cloth from this plant. Apply it today less than cornmeal though nobody denies its valuable qualities for human health. This flour possesses a unique bouquet of vitamins and minerals, and from it quite quite good porridges, kissels and pancakes turn out.


This flour, exotic for us, is an object of serious disputes of nutritionists on its advantage and harm for dietary and not only food today. It has rather high caloric content, contains a good set of vitamins and minerals. One of her main merits is the total absence of gluten which is a real scourge for the people having an allergy to gluten. Oat flour, so popular in the ancient time at Slavs, nowadays tries to win the lost positions in a diet of the person. Also has to that all reasons because dishes from it are nutritious, tasty, useful and curative. It finds the niche and among cosmetics.

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