Whether it is possible a sea-buckthorn at pregnancy

Whether it is possible a sea-buckthorn at pregnancy

During incubation of the child any woman tries to include only the most useful and natural products in the food allowance, avoiding food which can negatively affect health of future kid. The leading place in the list of products for pregnant women by right is taken by a sea-buckthorn — the invaluable medicinal berry which is filling a vitamin and mineral reserve in mother's organism and effectively preventing practically any disease.

Whether it is possible to eat sea-buckthorn berries at pregnancy

Useful properties of popular berries are known for many years. In the absence of contraindications the moderate use of fruits in all trimesters of pregnancy will well affect health of future mother and promptly growing fruit.

Chemical composition of sea-buckthorn fruits:


And (1.6 mg), B1 (0.03 mg), B2 (0.05 mg), B6 (0.8 mg), B9 (0.01 mg), K, PP, E (10.3 mg), With (200 mg)

Saturated and nonsaturated fatty acids

Olein, palmitoleinovy

Organic acids

Apple, wine, folic (9 mkg), nicotinic


Iron, silicon, selenium, pine forest, manganese


Potassium, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, sodium

Flavonoids, niatsin (0.35 mg), biotin (2 mkg)


Despite rich vitamin and mineral structure, the sea-buckthorn can do much harm to the pregnant woman's organism in the presence of any of the listed states:

  • gastritis, stomach ulcer of a GIT;
  • chronic cholecystitis, MKB of kidneys;
  • various diseases of a liver;
  • pancreas pathologies;
  • predisposition to diarrhea;
  • cystitis, chronic cystitis.

Whether you know? The sea-buckthorn was highly appreciated as a herb in Ancient Greece — its fruits treated wounded soldiers. Also it was called "a brilliant horse" as the exhausted animals, eating her foliage, pretty fast recovered and acquired subcutaneous fat, and their skin and a mane became silk and brilliant.

On early terms

The first trimester of pregnancy is almost always followed by unusual feelings which, unfortunately, more often are unpleasant. Because of powerful hormonal reorganization at the woman the immunity significantly decreases, toxicosis (nausea, vomiting), weakness and quite often catarrhal diseases is shown. At this stage sea-buckthorn berries will help to eliminate quickly and effectively arisen illnesses and to start important biological processes in an organism of future mother:

  • to normalize hemoglobin level, to warn anemia;
  • at the expense of magnesium and B6 vitamin to reduce stress;
  • to stabilize a dream, to eliminate depressive manifestations;
  • thanks to a large amount of folic acid to provide the correct development of an embryo;
  • to strengthen immunity and to prevent viral, infectious diseases.

Important! Tasty sourish and sweet fruits perfectly struggle with nausea, and at total absence of appetite and refusal of food — compensate for the deficiency of necessary nutrients in the woman's organism.

In the second trimester

The second trimester of pregnancy proceeds, as a rule, easily and imperceptibly for future mother. However at this stage the woman and her future kid also need the good balanced reinforcement which can be received, regularly using sea-buckthorn berries. In the middle of term the amber product helps to strengthen the weakened hair and nails, to correct a set of weight, to save from hypostases and also to promote the correct development and strengthening of a bone tissue of the growing fruit.

We recommend to learn, than leaves, juice and sea-buckthorn jam are useful.

On late terms

Most often in the last trimester the woman begins to feel waist pains which are caused by serious loading. Sea-buckthorn berries decoction which is rubbed to the intense area of a waist 2 times a day can quickly cope with a pain syndrome. Also fruits of a medical plant on late terms and up to childbirth still remain a relevant and irreplaceable source of receiving vitamins and minerals which, besides the listed salutary influence, prevent the locks which are becoming more frequent at this stage and at the expense of the healing and moistening components prepare a neck of the uterus for fast patrimonial activity.

Women in situation should know how to control a set of weight during pregnancy.

Whether it is possible to use during pregnancy

Not only fruits of a sea-buckthorn, but also various medicines on its basis are of great value. At pregnant women the oil and suppositories having a number of advantages and insignificant contraindications enjoy special popularity.

Sea-buckthorn oil

Supporters of official medicine speak of medicinal properties of sea-buckthorn oil with admiration even. Thanks to an extensive range of application, the product is capable to make the most positive impact on an organism of future mother and her child:

  • improves blood circulation;
  • increases durability and elasticity of large and small vessels;
  • eliminates hypotonia and its manifestations;
  • accelerates regeneration of skin cages at various injuries — burns, an intertrigo, frostbites.

Important! After the child's birth the healing components of sea-buckthorn oil prevent emergence of painful cracks on the nipples which enough are often arising during the laktatsionny period.

During pregnancy the valuable product finds application at such widespread illnesses:

  • helps from cold of different complexity. Bactericidal components of sea-buckthorn oil quickly facilitate breath in a nose. For the maximum effect it is necessary to dig 2 drops of oil in each nostril or to place the cotton turunda impregnated with means in the nasal courses;
  • eliminates a sore throat by means of rinsings with special solution — 1 teaspoon of oil on a glass of pure, warm water;
  • reduces painful manifestations at stomach ulcer, regenerates the inflamed cicatricial fabrics. For achievement of effect it is necessary to drink 1 teaspoon of oil for half an hour to food;
  • saves from the insignificant cosmetology defects provoked by hormonal reorganization (skin pigmentation, peeling, rash). The checked recipe: To connect a honey spoon, 1 egg yolk, 1 h a spoon of sea-buckthorn oil in the enameled capacity 1 h, and then to apply to clean face skin for 15 minutes. Unpleasant manifestations will disappear already through 5–7 sessions;
  • will help from toxicosis and heartburn. For this purpose in equal shares it is necessary to mix oil, baking soda and a small amount of water and to drink small drinks;
  • prevents emergence of extensions on a body. However it is necessary to grease the most subject to extension skin areas daily throughout the entire period of incubation.

Candles with a sea-buckthorn

Suppositories (vaginal tablets) on the basis of sea-buckthorn extract are often appointed to future mothers at various gynecologic inflammations and also at exacerbation of hemorrhoids. The main advantage of means is its safety and lack of strict contraindications. As a rule, sea-buckthorn candles apply strictly on the instruction attached to packing:

  1. For fast healing of erosion of a neck of the uterus, a colpitis and a cervicitis — 1 suppository is located in a vagina 1 or 2 times a day. Duration of a course is from 7 to 15 days.
  2. From various manifestations of hemorrhoids and small anal cracks rectal candles on the basis of sea-buckthorn oil help. Means without problems can be used in all trimesters of pregnancy and during the laktatsionny period (1 candle for the night).

Whether you know? The sea-buckthorn contains about two hundred useful nutrients therefore in many countries of its berry call "Saints". Vitamin C in fruits in 10 times more, than in a citrus, and bark of a curative plant is saturated with happiness hormone (serotonin) which in one thousand times more, than in chocolate products.

Daily using on several pieces of tasty orange berries, future mother will provide herself and the child with a necessary complex of vitamins and minerals, and by means of means on the basis of a sea-buckthorn will prevent all possible "pregnant" troubles. Fruits of a prickly bush can be eaten in the fresh, tinned and frozen look, regardless of storage conditions, they keep the medicinal properties for one year.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team