Whether it is possible to eat nuts at weight loss

Whether it is possible to eat nuts at weight loss

Nuts are very valuable source of nutrients. But, despite this, nutritionists recognize that they perfectly supplement low-calorie diets and help to fight against excess weight. On condition of competent consumption the useful substances which are contained in a product accelerate metabolic processes and remove puffiness. We will understand our article whether numerous types of nuts are suitable for a diet of the growing thin person.

The table of caloric content of nuts (on 100 g)



















Black fox


Whether you know? The science considers characteristic signs of nut dryness of the fruit having a firm cover to which the kernel did not grow. Therefore from all nut variety surrounding us to the called criteria there corresponds only the filbert called still forest or a filbert. And all other is stones and sunflower seeds, including the walnuts loved by us, pine nuts, cashew, cocoes, almonds, etc. And still qualities of nut — a unique uniform complex of protein and fat and almost total absence of carbohydrates are characteristic of all of them.

One hundred calories can be received from such quantity of fruits:

  • peanut — 17 pieces;
  • black fox — 10 pieces;
  • pistachios — 30 pieces;
  • cedar — 77 pieces;
  • cashew — 10 pieces;
  • almonds — 14 pieces;
  • macadamia — 5 pieces.

What nuts the most useful to weight loss

Nuts in huge degree are vitaminized with the nature (In, E, C, F, etc.), supplied with minerals (magnesium and copper prevail), the cellulose and biologically active agents (polyphenols) bringing toxins out of a human body.

Therefore, nuts, sating our organism necessary for it macro - and minerals, effectively stimulate immunity and act as excellent prophylactic. Separately it is worth emphasizing property of these fruits to successfully control appetite that it is so important when using a dietary diet.

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Almonds, besides gastronomic properties, are widely applied in the medical and improving purposes: for example, to people with sore heart or to hypertensive persons nutlets help to prevent a heart attack. Also the fruit is useful at various pathologies of digestive tract and visual impairments. Due to ability to effectively burn fats, nut is applied also in the field of weight loss (at the reasonable daily use). Almonds in a complex with other dietary products for quite short time will allow to lose the necessary number of excess weight.

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All necessary for health during weight loss is comprised by walnut kernels:

  • antioxidant connections prevent fast cell aging;
  • protein feeds muscle tissues, increasing their durability;
  • due to increase in blood circulation the fruits stimulate brain activity, increase endurance;
  • about 20 amino acids provide employment to each cage of an organism;
  • nutrients from kernels promotes tightening of integuments which during the periods of weight reduction become flabby and drooped.

Walnuts by all means should be included in the low-carbohydrate and fat-free diet. The powerful vitamin and mineral structure and nutritious components will help to lose excess weight without harm for health.

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High caloric content and power value of a filbert can force to doubt that fruits can be combined with a diet. But the filbert (other name of a filbert) actually is very effective product in fight against extra kilos. A secret is in the low content of carbohydrates and also in moderate daily consumption which will help to adjust process of digestion and quickly to be acquired to any products. Nutritionists recommend to include necessary quantity of a filbert in the menu or to use it as one product during certain time (monodiet).

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As well as other nuts, peanut possesses the extensive list of useful properties for an organism, however its inclusion in the menu of the growing thin girl can cause braking of desirable results. It does not mean that it is necessary to refuse flatly tasty fried fruits, just their quantity should not exceed 6–8 pieces a day.

Important! The men keeping to proteinaceous dietssafely eat peanut. Proteins which contain in fruits actively participate in formation of muscle tissue, improve work of muscles and promote its growth.


Nutlets of cashew are unambiguously useful at weight loss — they contain not such large number of calories as other products, and the systems of digestion contribute to normalization that helps an organism to acquire quickly any food without excess fat deposits. How grow thin with cashew:

  • organize a monodiet on the basis of some fruits (it is allowed to add a celery to a diet);
  • add nut to salads, sauces and porridges as an additional source of vitamins at weight loss;
  • organize fasting days — in day a cashew handful + the fat-free kefir.

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Pine nuts interfere with adjournment of harmful cholesterol in an organism therefore each person will be able quickly to lose extra kilos and to strengthen health. Besides, the product quickly causes feeling of saturation and significantly limits quantity of food in a plate — it is necessary to use a handful of nutlets for half an hour before meal. At extreme weight loss the fruits should be used according to such scheme: To wash down 1 handful since morning with a glass of low-fat kefir or fermented baked milk. As result, the person at the beginning of day will saturate an organism with necessary nutrients and will receive a charge of cheerfulness and energy.

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Pistachios please with the fact that their numerous vegetable fats (almost all) have the nonsaturated nature. From here their broad application in various diets during which nuts do not cause the strengthened production of insulin (they have a low glycemic index which is considered as one of their main advantages) and create natural obstacles for increase in weight due to transformation in it excess calories. Excellent flavoring properties are combined in pistachios with richness of complex carbohydrates without which it is impossible to fill power expenses of an organism at extreme weight loss.

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Nutmeg is a popular spice which is added to various dishes for creation of juicy smack, strengthening of immunity, and the main thing — decrease in excess weight. The ground fruit in very small quantities is added, as a result spicy spice will not be able to do much harm to a figure, but will bring to an organism enormous benefit:

  • eliminates a lock and diarrhea;
  • fights against an unpleasant smell from a mouth;
  • removes hypostases, removes excess bile;
  • strengthens a cardiac muscle and vascular walls;
  • eliminates a meteorizm;
  • increases sexual excitement;
  • normalizes a menstrual cycle;
  • kills a headache and weak migraine.

Important! It is possible to combine spice with many products, but weight loss is possible only at competently made dietary diet and, respectively, the correct combination of ingredients. Best of all spice is in harmony with meat and the baked vegetables. It is possible to add a nut pinch to tea or coffee.

Black fox

Exotic pecan should be added surely to a diet to the people dreaming of a slim figure and ideal health. As well as in a case with other types of nuts, it vysokokaloriyen is also nutritious, however at the correct use positively influences processes of digestion and metabolism, as a result — helps to lose weight without harm for the immune system. Pluses of inclusion of fruits of black fox in a diet:

  • there is a cleaning of a blood-groove of toxic substances;
  • the risk of atherosclerosis, prostate cancer, mammary glands, duodenum decreases;
  • skin, nails and hair get a beautiful healthy shade and gloss.

The only restriction for consumption of black fox — the last degree of obesity. At such diagnosis it is necessary to refuse a tasty product at least for a while.

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Rules of the use

For the brightest dietary effect the listed nutlets should be eaten taking into account some rules:

  • adhering to a nut monodiet, it is during the day important to observe the drinking mode — not less than 2 pure liters a day, apart from additional drinks;
  • having added fruits to a diet, it is desirable to include in a daily day regimen at least easy physical activities;
  • almonds should be used only ripe as immature fruits contain hydrocianic acid that is dangerous to an organism. The daily dose (2 tablespoons) is recommended to be divided into 2–3 receptions, previously having shelled nuts;
  • in a complex with nuts the dietary menu has to include only low-calorie food processed by cooking or steaming.

Example of the nut diet calculated for 5 days and on 4-times meal:

  1. Admissible food — low-fat meat and fish, vegetables, unsweetened fruit, dried fruits, mix from nutlets.
  2. Drinks — tea and coffee without sugar, grass infusions, the fat-free kefir, clear water (2-2.5 liters a day).
  3. The purpose of a diet is to lose weight on 3–5 kg in only 5 days.

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Approximate sample of the menu:

  • breakfast — 30 g of halves of walnut, tea;
  • the second breakfast — 200 g of beef meat on couple, 3 features of peanut, a glass of mineral water;
  • lunch — a filbert of 30 g, a glass of fruit juice;
  • dinner (the last meal at 19-20 o'clock) — 20 g of cashew, a glass of low-fat kefir.

When it is better to eat

All types of nutlets need to be added to food since morning. The received calories complete with energy and cheerfulness evenly will be spent during the day, without being late in an organism in the form of fat.

Besides, useful delicacy differs in the small size that considerably facilitates transfer and transportation of a product which can be taken on having a snack in any place (work, a picnic, walk, gym).

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How many it is possible

Optimum amount of nuts in day on one adult:

  • almonds — 12 pieces;
  • pistachios — 8 pieces;
  • halves of a walnut nutlet — 6–8 pieces;
  • cashew — 9 pieces;
  • black fox — no more than 8 pieces;
  • cedar — 8–9 pieces.

Contraindications to application of nut diets:

  • period of pregnancy and lactation;
  • old age (more than 70 years);
  • presence of heavy pathologies of a liver and GIT;
  • psoriasis, ekzematozny skin rashes;
  • heavy allergic manifestations (Quincke's edema, urticaria).

Whether you know? At cost the macadamia is recognized as the most expensive nut in the world. The Australian natives used it as one of the main food, and over time nut turned into a delicacy. Contains in these fruits, very original to taste, (per 100 g of weight) 700 kcal, small amount of carbohydrates at high content of fats, potassium, copper, group B vitamins, besides, they have ability to removal from a cholesterol organism.

Contrary to a widespread stereotype, any kind of nutlets can be used safely in the course of formation of a slender body. The handful of nuts dulls feeling of hunger and saturates an organism with irreplaceable useful substances.

The main guarantee of successful weight loss at the same time — a small amount of fruits in combination with low-calorie quality products and moderate physical activities.

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