3 myths about dangerous sexual diseases

3 myths about dangerous sexual diseases

introduction in sex life promises several rules which should being supported always and everywhere as we are pursued by so-called dangerous diseases which it is worth being warned. There are several myths which should be discredited.

  • Eternally we hear that in public pools there are a lot of microorganisms which can take root into us and cause dangerous diseases and the fact that on handles in public transport there are crowds of bacteria which simply and are eager to begin on us hunting. This is true, increase in the danger – the first myth is simple. Just it is always worth washing hands after arrival home and everything, infections are liquidated. It is also possible to use antibacterial liquid gel which always rushes at itself(himself). And about pools – just do not visit them in the presence of any diseases or the periods period. Also try not to use someone else's towel – catch others diseases.
  • It is impossible to recover for 100 percent! Yes, it is right, but such diseases are not enough, it is just necessary to see a doctor who, having made the diagnosis, will appoint treatment in time. So strongly do not worry, from time to time receive treatment and do not weaken immunity. To take, for example, the same herpes, everyone has it almost, but is shown during weakening of protective forces. So just lead a healthy lifestyle.
  • Treatment of such diseases very much to the road! Actually it not so, just check of such dangerous diseases consists of a number of analyses which is really cost by considerable money. And here, how many your doctor for treatment will pull together - it is already your choice of the expert. Yes, it is valid, swindlers are enough. Just trust in the one who is familiar to you. Or just obey council of the friend.

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Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team