As it is possible to use medicinal properties of a camomile for hair

As it is possible to use medicinal properties of a camomile for hair

camomile is nearly the herb, most known in our latitudes. Will not be exaggeration to tell that this grass is present practically at each house first-aid kit. Its anti-inflammatory and disinfecting properties are familiar to all, but here that the camomile can be used in the cosmetic purposes, in particular, for hair care, many will hear for the first time.

Than the camomile is useful to hair

In numerous commercials the fluffy-haired beauties tell us that for giving to curls of volume, gloss and silkiness it is necessary to buy shampoo (balm, a mask, paint) of any given famous producer. Similar cosmetics, of course, costs expensive, but beauty, as we know, costs the victims.

Giving in to a subconscious habit to trust TV, we forget that similar means actually comprise huge amount of chemical additives, fragrances and preservatives which at best are not necessary to our hair at all, and in the worst various negative reactions, and an allergy — not the most dangerous of them can cause.

It is obvious that natural products are ideal components for cosmetics production, but they do not give such delicate aroma, gentle uniform texture and, the main thing, very quickly spoil so use of chemistry in cosmetology — business inevitable.

For this reason really wise women well know: for skin, hair and nails care there is nothing better than the simple, cheap and checked for centuries recipes made with use of well familiar ingredients. One of them — a camomile perfectly familiar to all which can be got in any drugstore.

Learn more about curative properties of a pharmaceutical camomile.

This field flower has huge amount truly of curative properties and as our organism represents a uniform biological system, these useful qualities are equally interesting both to skin, and to hair, and to other bodies and fabrics.

Whether you know? There is the known formula of beauty: what we eat, and on the person we smear. Its essence is that it is possible not only to eat the products which are a well of vitamins and useful minerals, but also to use as skin and hair care products, it will enhance useful effect of a product and will broaden the sphere of its action on our organism.

Thus, use of a camomile for curl care is defined by the general useful properties of this herb which it possesses thanks to the contained vitamins, minerals, pitches, essential oils, amino acids and other biologically active agents.

Here only some reasons for which it is worth using a camomile for hair care:

  1. The plant has antifungal activity thanks to the caprylic acid which is its part (as is well-known, dandruff, or seborrhea often arise because of activization of a certain fungus so this property of a camomile does it very valuable to prevention of dandruff).
  2. Besides mushrooms, the field flower is capable to destroy and other pathogenic microorganisms, its bactericidal properties are well-known.
  3. The favorable effect which had by broths of an officinal grass on intracellular blood circulation provides saturation with oxygen of skin cells of the head, thus, use of a camomile replaces the fashionable cosmetology procedure called an ozonoterapiya of hair (subcutaneous injections).
  4. The softening action — one more property of a plant, it does hair more obedient and silky.
  5. Protective functions of a camomile allow to minimize aggressive impact which is made on our curls by various external factors (ultra-violet radiation, wind, emissions in the atmosphere of hazardous substances, temperature drops and so forth).
  6. The useful amino acids which are a part of a plant provide regeneration of cells of head skin and prevent a hair loss.
  7. Anti-inflammatory properties of a flower are useful to all bodies and fabrics, including to head skin and hair.
  8. Biologically active agents of a camomile provide strengthening of a hair bulb and accelerate growth of vegetation on the head.
  9. The general improving effect which the flower has on an organism is shown, in particular, in improvement of structure of curls, prevention of their stratification and damage of tips.
  10. The carotene which is a part of a camomile, connecting to natural acids, has properties of clarification that is also very often used by fashionistas.

It is no wonder that the camomile is an irreplaceable component for preparation of various care products for hair — balms, masks, shampoos, conditioners.

Clarification of hair camomile

It is necessary to tell about property of a flower to clarify hair a little in more detail. Let's make a reservation at once: you should not expect miracles.

Important! The camomile cannot turn the burning brunette into the thoughtless blonde if, of course, like the known analogy about porridge from the axe, not to add hydrogen peroxide to broth!

The herb, really, changes hair color a little, does it to more saturated and gives a honey golden shade. But the effect directly depends on your initial color.

To blondes (natural or colored) it will be easy to achieve beautiful shine of curls by means of broth of a curative grass that will create effect of easy clarification. The same gloss and a honey outflow will appear also at dark hair, but as it is possible to guess, they will become actually lighter not.

There are various recipes of clarification of dark hair without the aid of chemistry, but, first, besides a camomile also the set of other components enters them (a turmeric, honey, ginger, cinnamon, a lemon and so forth), secondly, even in this case it is only about visual illusion: hair gain healthy gloss why seem is a little lighter.

There is one more reservation: unlike professional paints and clarifiers, natural components work disposable, before the following washing of the head so to set effect even if it will satisfy you, it will not turn out. Means needs to be used constantly.

Whether you know? Blondes were a subject of envy of many fashionistas for a long time. Throughout ages of the woman tried to make the curls is lighter, using for this purpose any make-shifts and procedures. However all this had only insignificant (coloring) effect. Since in 1867 through joint efforts of the English chemist and French hairdresser carried out successful procedures of etching of curls by means of hydrogen peroxide, women at last could breathe a sigh of relief. This method of transformation of brunettes into blondes is used to this day unless modern means became softer and safe.

Thus, owners of dark curls need to be defined: to rinse them a camomile and to enjoy healthy and brilliant curls of the natural shade or if the purpose is clarification, to go to salon or to independently buy modern paint for etching of color by means of chemical reaction.

Blondes, nevertheless, can dye hair broth of a fragrant grass (the nasyshchenny there will be means, the effect is stronger), from it they will get a beautiful shade and will seem is lighter.

How to make

But it is time to pass from the theory to practice. There are several popular recipes which will be useful to all.

Broth for rinsing

We put two tablespoons of dry flowers in ceramic or glasswares and we fill in with a glass of abrupt boiled water. We cover and give to infuse half an hour. The received broth is filtered through a gauze and we part with warm water so that to bring total amount to one liter. We use at once!

That hair were healthy and brilliant, vitamin A and E is necessary for them.

Every time right after washing of the head is the best of all to rinse with such broth hair. You should not use a towel or the hair dryer, let the head will dry naturally, and the curative grass will remain on hair.

Tincture for an oily hair

If you have oily hair, to remove excessive greasiness from head skin and a little camomile flowers will help to dry it too. But here it is required to complicate technology a little.

For a start we will need to prepare broth on the recipe described above (we do not part with water). Now there are two possible options: juice of a lemon or vodka. In the first case we mix ingredients in a proportion 3:1 (on three parts of broth one part of lemon juice), in the second — one to one.

We rub the received means in head skin (it is possible to use capacity with a spray). In case of use of infusion on a lemon in an hour the head should be washed up shampoo, vodka can be not washed away.

Infusion for the best growth

That hair grew better, they can be rinsed with the broth prepared according to the above recipe. However addition of two more officinal herbs — a sage and a nettle will help to enhance effect. We prepare two tablespoons of the collecting prepared from three components taken in equal shares the same as camomile decoction. We use the filtered liquid in the concentrated look (we do not dilute with water). We rub means in head skin after washing and we leave to dry at the room temperature. It is not necessary to wash away infusion.

It is possible to make spirit camomile tincture which provides the best growth to curls too. Dry flowers are filled in with vodka (one part of raw materials on two parts of vodka), then capacity is densely closed and put to the dark place for two weeks. Before the use tincture is a little parted with water (1 part of water on 2 parts of tincture), it is possible to add 1 part of henna. The prepared mix is applied on hair, after that the head should be wrapped up with a towel for 30 minutes, and later time to wash up shampoo. Action of such means will amplify if to combine the procedure with visit of a sweating room or to carry out the expectations put half an hour in a heat bath (under the influence of steam of a time will extend, and remedy will work better).

House shampoo

House shampoo has a number of indisputable advantages before detergents habitual to us. A shortcoming at it only one — a short period of storage. Ideally mix needs to be used at once, at most, that can be afforded — to make it for the future on few times (to apply within a week):

  1. Usual children's soap, without fragrances and other additives (one bar) we rub on a small grater.
  2. In a small saucepan we put 2 tablespoons of dry flowers of a camomile, we fill in with a glass of boiled water and we weary on slow fire of 15 minutes at constant stirring.
  3. We filter broth, again we put on fire, we add a tablespoon of glycerin and a soap crumb.
  4. Intensively we disturb before receiving homogeneous mass, we remove from fire. House shampoo for care for any type of hair is ready!

If to potter with such means there is no time or desire, it is possible to enrich with a camomile ordinary shampoo with which you usually wash the head. We prepare very saturated broth: one and a half tablespoons of flowers on a quarter of a glass of boiled water. When means infuses, it is enough to mix of it with a single portion of shampoo and to use immediately.

The moisturizing dry hair balm

On sale it is possible to meet such means (for example, it is in a line of Clean Line cosmetics), however it is much better to make it with own hands. One problem: very peculiar component — lanolin is required.

Important! Lanolin is a specific wax which is received as a result of washing of hair of sheep. It is very widely used in professional cosmetics thanks to the unique feeding, moistening and protective properties.

Unlike a camomile, lanolin hardly is in each house first-aid kit and to find it in usual drugstore not simply (do not confuse lanolin with the creams made on its basis and containing this word in the name). As the option, means can be got, having looked in online stores, it costs not much. One more exit — to try to find replacement.

In this quality sometimes recommend to use beeswax or cosmetic paraffin, but … Such ingredients quite will be suitable at preparation of means for hands or a face, however you will not like to wash away paraffin from hair definitely! Therefore our council: if did not get lanolin, you should not experiment, use other recipe.

So, we prepare usual camomile broth (first recipe):

  1. We add 125 g of lanolin to a glass of broth, we put on fire, slowly we warm up when stirring, without bringing to boiling.
  2. When mixture becomes homogenous, we remove from fire and we allow to cool down.
  3. The last ingredient — a vodka tablespoon.
  4. Ready balm is shifted in plastic or glass capacity. We store in the fridge.
  5. Method of application: the means which is previously kindled on a water bath is applied on hair on all length and also on head skin. Influence time — 60 minutes. Then we wash the head with shampoo.

Recipes of house masks

The camomile is very frequent component in various masks for hair. Before providing several recipes, we will tell the basic rules of work with this type of raw materials.

  1. In masks for hair the camomile broth prepared in the above way without dilution is used (water should be added only in case we just are going to rinse a camomile hair).
  2. If, in addition, we expect from a mask of coloring effect, we do broth in the increased concentration.
  3. You should not use masks on the basis of a camomile too often: at most every other day, and it is better few times in a week. At the same time periodically hair need to allow to have a rest from this grass (it is possible to replace it with a nettle or a calendula), otherwise the effect of it eventually will be lost.
  4. Before the first application of a mask, once you are convinced of lack of allergic reaction to raw materials (to put a little funds for the small site of skin, for example, on a wrist and to wait half an hour: if there is no irritation, it is possible to use a mask).

With essential oil of a camomile

We got used that the camomile as a herb is the dried-up flowers. However as raw materials for various cosmetics camomile oil which is wrung out from svezhesrezanny inflorescences is not less useful. It is liquid with saturated tart aroma, at first bluish, but, in process of insisting green, and then brown. In any degree of freshness such oil is equally useful.

There are different recipes of masks with such oil, the choice needs to be made depending on type of hair.

For normal and fat curls it is necessary to mix two tablespoons of olive or castor oil with seven drops of oil of a camomile and also 15 drops of fragrant radio mix from essential oils (in equal quantities):

  • jojoba;
  • almonds;
  • cypress;
  • lemon;
  • lavenders;
  • cedar;
  • pink tree;
  • thyme.

The received mask should be rubbed in head skin and roots of hair. Influence time — half an hour. It is better to use before washing of the head.

The mask for dry curls is preparing so:

  1. The same quantity of a basis (olive or burdock oil) mixes up with five drops of oil of a camomile and ten drops of lavender oil.
  2. Ready mix needs to be enriched with vitamin E solution (five drops).
  3. The method of application similar to the previous option, but time of influence it is worth doubling, having added effect of a steam bath (to wrap up the head with a towel).

With a yolk

Mask with an egg yolk and vegetable oil — the classical recipe for strengthening of hair and acceleration of their growth. Important condition: the product has to be absolutely fresh!

Whether you know? Salmonellas the known activators of intestinal frustration with the name of the same name are in large numbers outside of egg. In them it is much less, and initially the bacterium is present at protein. In search of food the microbe eventually gets into a yolk, and already there begins to breed actively. For this reason it is much more difficult to catch salmonellosis if to use fresh eggs. Through head skin the bacterium cannot get into intestines, but can get through the preparations of a mask of a hand which are badly washed up later there.

The egg yolk should be shaken up a fork with five drops of oil of a camomile and a tablespoon of olive or burdock oil. To apply mix on hair on all length, without forgetting about roots. To cover with a film, to wind from above with a towel, to leave for 30 minutes, then to wash away a large amount of warm water.

With honey

This means very well feeds hair, does them soft and silky, and also helps to get rid of dandruff. To add one and a half spoons of liquid honey to a half of a glass of broth of a camomile, to stir, apply on hair, to wrap up and leave for half an hour. Then to wash up the head shampoo.

Read also about types of honey: meadow, akatsiyevy, flower, buckwheat, sunflower, chestnut, lime, dyagilevy.

With a lavender and an aloe

For dry hair care it is possible to use such mask: to mix one and a half tablespoons of olive oil and fresh juice of an aloe, to add 10 drops of oil of a lavender and 3 drops of camomile oil. To apply to head skin and hair. Influence time — half an hour.

With other medicative herbs

Salutary impact on hair not only the camomile, of course, possesses. Also other curative herbs — a nettle, a calendula, a sage, a lavender, a St. John's wort, mint are not less useful to our curls. On the basis of these plants it is possible to prepare various combinations, mixing them among themselves for improvement of effect and preparing from the received collecting broth from the recipe given above. It is also possible to use similar herbs serially, canceling one and replacing it another not to allow accustoming.

Medicinal properties have also such plants as: passionflowers, devyasit, a marjoram, a horsetail field, a plantain, a motherwort, a nettle, a St. John's wort, an immortelle sandy, mint, a melissa, a magnolia vine Chinese, a bergenia, a cornflower, a thyme, a dogrose, a sage medicinal, a hyssop, a wormwood bitter, a calendula, a hawthorn, a linden, a bearberry, dyagil, a clover meadow, a thistle, a lyubistok medicinal, solyanka holmovy, ekhinatseya, ivan-tea and a fenugreek.

With castor oil

Castor oil was used for hair care still by ancient Egyptians. In this product there are a lot of carbonic fatty acids necessary for our organism which, enveloping each hair an invisible film, feed it and at the same time protect from external negative impact. Especially a dry and brittle hair suits such oil, besides, to them well to feed up curls in case of their frequent coloring. Castor oil is also useful to head skin: sticking together the dead scales, it helps to eliminate peeling and dry seborrhea.

Thus, mix of a camomile and castor oil is a double advantage. For

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