Bee subpestilence: from what helps also that treats how to use in the medical purposes

Bee subpestilence: from what helps also that treats how to use in the medical purposes

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Bee subpestilence (chitosan, a talus of bees, pchelozan) — unique and surprising remedy about which, unfortunately, the few people know. Several decades ago chitosan was considered such magical or znakharsky medicine which medical effect was fully not proved. But in our millennium the scientists conducted a number of researches where they showed all force of a pchelozan in medical practice. In official medicine this means still is not applied, but some people are inclined to it to address, and it is not strange that they recover from the most serious illness including oncology. In this article we will tell about at what diseases it is used a bee subpestilence and what benefit it can bring to a human body.

What is a bee subpestilence

Bee subpestilence call corpses of insects toilers who died a natural death or forcibly. The average bee lives about 40-45 days, then there occurs process of the natural termination of life cycle. Some insects can live more than two months. In summertime in bee families there are special bees workers who take out corpses far away from beehives.

Great number of insects in warm season die in process of a medosbor. And here in the winter of a bee finish life cycle directly in beehives, and their remains remain there till spring. Collected corpses of insects — are also that bee subpestilence on the basis of which it is possible to make some types of irreplaceable medicines.

Medicinal properties

Pchelozan is a well of irreplaceable useful substances. Are a part of a talus:

Each of bees is covered with a chitinous cover which favorably influences work of a cardiovascular system. In addition, chitin promotes removal from an organism of radionuclides and salts of heavy metals which can provoke development of oncological pathologies over time. Scientists also proved useful impact of chitin on endocrine gland of the person.

Important! Means on the basis of a pchelozan are forbidden to be used at an open form of tuberculosis.

Chitosan together with melanin promotes the accelerated decomposition of fat deposits. It, in turn, leads to weight loss and prevention of such diseases: atherosclerosis, hypertension and other pathologies of a cardiovascular system. Food fibers help to bring various toxins, remains of antibiotics and surplus of cholesterol out of an organism.

A full range of the substances which are present at a bee podmor shows such medicinal properties:

Pchelozan — universal remedy which will come to the rescue both of men, and women.

Advantage for men

Application of a bee subpestilence for men will be expedient at treatment of impotence, prostatitis, adenoma of a prostate, cystitis, infertility. For each of the listed diseases there are unique recipes on the basis of a pchelozan which in certain cases show higher efficiency at treatment, than medicines of official medicine. Among other things, the bee subpestilence adjusts problems with production of hormones in a male body. And because of hormonal dysfunction the men can have various pathologies including infertility.

Advantage for women

Not absolutely consolatory fact, but in the modern world very many women face a problem of good-quality new growths in a muscular layer of a uterus. Treatment of such disease not always takes place without consequences, however if to use recipes on the basis of a bee talus, then it is possible to achieve the effective and sparing treatment. In addition, pchelozan positively influences the reproductive system of the woman, adjusts hormonal failures in an organism, makes favorable impact on a menstrual cycle.

When it is the best of all to collect a bee subpestilence

It is possible to collect a bee subpestilence on an apiary only during spring audit of families. It is necessary to understand that pchelozan has to be dry-through, without visible processes of rotting. For this purpose in beehives it is necessary to provide good ventilation for the winter period. Some people do not wish to use pchelozany with excrements for esthetic reasons. We hurry to note that bee excrements will not do absolutely any harm to human health.

Whether you know? In Ancient Egypt the people paid taxes in honey. And Romans considered beekeeping products symbols of love and beauty.

The Caucasian beekeepers invented a good method of collecting a bee subpestilence with the minimum quantity of excrements. For this purpose under a priletny board the piece of chalk needs to spread a grid. In the spring on this grid there can be from 300 to 500 g of a bee talus.

As well as where to store in house conditions

For long storage of a pchelozan it needs to be cleaned previously from small garbage and to dry. Process of clarification needs to be carried out by means of a small sieve through which all unnecessary garbage will leave. Further the drying stage which has to proceed not less day follows. It is possible to dry a talus in a zharochny case or by means of batteries of water heating. The main thing that temperature of drying was in the range of +40...+45 °C. It is necessary to store a subpestilence in the dry aired room at temperatures above +20 °C.

Recipes of traditional medicine

By means of a bee subpestilence it is possible to carry out treatment of pains in joints, adenomas of a prostate, infertility and many other diseases. For this purpose it is necessary to know recipes of spirit tinctures, ointments and broths which we will consider further.


Broth from a pchelozan will help to cope with oppressed immunity, prostate adenoma, cystitis, violation of hormonal function, infertility. It is important to understand that the high efficiency of this method of treatment (about 80-90%) will be only at long-term treatment (0.5-1 year). At the same time it is necessary to follow all rules and recommendations about therapy by a bee talus.

Important! Patients with stenocardia, heart aneurysm, cardiovascular insufficiency and violation of blood circulation of a brain before use of a bee subpestilence need to consult with the doctor.

Step-by-step process of preparation of broth looks as follows:

Ready broth is accepted on 1 tablespoon 1-2 times a day before acceptance of food (best of all early in the morning and before going to bed). The therapeutic course has to proceed not less than one month, and in half a year the treatment needs to be repeated. It is necessary to store broth in the cool place (it is possible in the fridge).

Spirit tincture

Spirit tincture from a bee subpestilence treats cardiovascular diseases, diseases of kidneys, an endocrine system and problem with a metabolism. It should be noted that tincture on vodka will help to cope with a hypertension which occurs in every third citizen of our country. In addition, such medicine is an effective remedy in fight against obesity, sexual violations, a varicosity, the adynamy oppressed by the immune system. For preparation of spirit tincture it is necessary to perform the following stage-by-stage operations:

This recipe of tincture on alcohol from a bee subpestilence is universal. Some add to it leaves of a gold mustache or an eucalyptus. If you also decide to make it, then consider the fact that leaves have to be dried, and their quantity should not exceed 10% of the weight of a pchelozan.

Whether you know? In the territory of Greece, coins with the image of a bee were minted several centuries ago.

The course of treatment spirit tincture has to proceed not less than one month. In certain cases such course should be prolonged for 2-3 months, everything depends on type and degree of a disease. Anyway it is necessary to take tincture 2-3 times a day till 15-20 of drops after a meal.

Oil tincture

Oil tincture from a pchelozan will help at muscular injuries, joint pains, arthritis and arthrosis. Such means also shows high efficiency at various mechanical injuries of integuments and dermatitis. How to make oil tincture of a subpestilence of bees:

Oil tincture in most cases is accepted outwardly. It needs to be pounded in places where obviously expressed pain is felt. Orally it is necessary to take tincture on 2-3 drops 3 times a day for treatment of a GIT and problems with a liver. It is necessary to notice what the best oil for tinctures will become olive as it contains a large amount of useful substances including irreplaceable polyunsaturated fatty acids.


Ointment from a pchelozan is prepared on the basis of various pharmaceutical creams, oils and ointments. Best of all to take vaseline ointment or ointment with salicylic acid (silicate) as a basis. Such remedy will be effective at the treatment of the endarteriit, thrombophlebitis, a sciatica, arthritis, sciatica and other diseases connected with the nervous terminations and joints. It is necessary for preparation of pchelozanovy ointment:

Important! Pchelozanovy ointment cannot be applied to face skin. At hit of this means on mucous membranes it is necessary to wash out them under flowing water.

Before use of such ointment it is necessary to wash up a body with soap, then to rub remedy to the painful area. To continue process of rubbing in 2-3 minutes. Ointment needs to be applied every morning and evening for 1-2 months or before full treatment.

Contraindications and harm

The bee subpestilence, as well as any other remedy, besides useful properties, can do harm to human health. But it is extremely rare, often only in carelessness cases when studying the list of contraindications.

It is known what pchelozan contains heparin which promotes active fluidifying of blood in the structure for this reason the people having sharp or chronic diseases of blood need to accept this means with extra care. Besides, the bee subpestilence, as well as any other product of beekeeping, contains pollen and chitin on which at some people allergic reactions can be shown. Any means on the basis of a pchelozan are also contraindicated to children up to 1.5 years and to women during pregnancy and a lactation. Best of all before beginning treatment with a bee talus, to consult with the experienced expert.

Whether you know? In 1984 the scientists made an interesting experiment during which bees managed to build up a voshchina in the conditions of zero gravity.

Now you know how to make from a bee subpestilence tincture on vodka and oil, it is correct to accept broth and ointment and also as all these medicines. Remember that only reasonable and intelligent treatment will give high efficiency and will not do much harm to your health. Therefore be careful, always consult with the doctor and follow all instructions provided in this article.

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