"Black mountain ash: from what helps also that treats that can be made and how to accept

"Black mountain ash: from what helps also that treats that can be made and how to accept

The mountain ash can often be seen on city streets and in rural areas. Its black-fruited version, or an aroniya, meets less often. Many know about advantage of this tree and specially sit down it on seasonal dachas. Others find places of its natural growth to collect and prepare useful fruits, leaves and roots.

Chemical composition

The black-fruited mountain ash is a treasury of vitamins. They are presented in very wide range. It is beta carotene and vitamins practically of all famous groups. The special attention is deserved by vitamin P. Its quantity in berry reaches nearly five percent and half more, than in currant. In it still there are groups of flavonoids, namely routines, quercetin and hesperidin.

Organic acids and biologically active components contain in a chernoplodka in a large number. At it there are tannins, glycosides, pectin.

On iodine content the aroniya does not concede a feijoa. And this exotic fruit is considered a well of this microcell. More than sufficient the mountain ash contains iron, fluorine, manganese and other elements of a chemical system in quantities.

Also the plant contains a set of highly active substances and connections among which: sodium, magnesium, calcium, potassium, vitamins C and RR, zinc, molybdenum, chrome, selenium, nickel

Advantage of a black mountain ash for a human body

It is difficult to estimate advantage of a chernoplodka for health. Bioflavonoids (R-vitamins) strengthen an organism at the cellular level, increase its resistance to adverse factors of the external environment and slow down aging. They do blood vessels elastic and strong, strengthen the immune system, stabilize pressure.

The hypertension, atherosclerosis, blood diseases, allergy are only a small list of diseases with which treatment and prevention this curative berry will help. The pectins which are contained in a chernoplodka have salutary effect and normalize a GIT. In a complex with other medicines it is applied to treatment of rheumatism, measles, a typhus. The use of a chernoplodka very much increases every day resistance of an organism to infectious diseases.

Whether you know? Botanists consider mountain ash berries apples.


It is possible to make mousse, broth, jam, vinegar, wine, juice of wonderful berry. Certainly, it is possible to freeze it it or to dry. Mountain ash berries and also leaves and a root, are good as means of disposal of illnesses, are used in cookery and house cosmetology.

In cookery

The black-fruited mountain ash perfectly will be suitable for preparation of drinks, jams, jam, seasonings, pastries. So, for example, it is tasty and compote, kissel, tea, fruit drink will be useful. It is possible to make them only of one chernoplodka, and it is possible to use in combination with other berries and fruit.

Enjoy wide popularity at hostesses jam or jams from a chernoplodka. They have pleasant, slightly tart taste. With success replace with them a habitual sea-buckthorn for counteraction to infections in the winter and in the spring. Black-fruited jam is added to pies and other pastries. The unique taste it will give them a highlight.

Learn also what medicinal properties such plants as have: tansy, cornflower, thyme, hyssop, calendula, sea-buckthorn, wormwood bitter, ekhinatseya, ginseng, chicory, girasol

For preparation of pastries use crude and dried berries. It is put or I kiss, or crush a little. From it cook pies, apple pie, add instead of raisin to cheesecakes.

From a chernoplodka magnificent sauce which can be served to meat, fish is cooked or to use in the course of their preparation. Experts say that it concedes nothing to well-known tkemat. For preparation garlic, spices, spices is added to the crushed berries, and all this mix is welded.

If to fill in a black-fruited mountain ash with vodka or other alcohol-containing liquid, then there will be a great tincture. From it still cook great liqueur.

Especially there is a wish to mark out sweets which can be made using a chernoplodka. Fruit jelly, candied fruits and a fruit candy from this berry it is possible to notice successfully habitual sweet and to strengthen health.

In traditional medicine

Folk healers know about advantage of an aroniya and use it from time immemorial. And curative medicines are cooked both from berries, and from leaves and roots of a chernoplodka. The last generally use in broths and infusions. Fruits will bring benefit in any kind. Wonderful berry perfectly strengthens health, will help from many diseases and will keep an organism in a tone.

It is also revealed that the systematic use of fruits promotes reduction of cholesterol in blood and fat substances in a liver. The mountain ash is shown for vessels and also promotes strengthening of the general condition of heart.

In house cosmetology

If you prefer cosmetology means of own preparation, then they with success can be made of our wonderful berry. It can be masks for a body and a face, infusions for bathtubs, various lotions.

How to use in the medical purposes: recipes

Only wood of an aroniya is not used for strengthening of the immune system and treatment of various illnesses. All other parts of a tree are quite for this purpose suitable. Berries minimum contain sugar and fructose, but have sorbite which is sugar substitute for diabetics in structure. Therefore aroniya fruits — nearly a panacea for such patients.

Recipes of use of a black-fruited mountain ash there is great variety. Let's give only the most popular of them.

Important! Aroniya is medicine. Before its reception it is necessary to consult with the doctor.

The all-strengthening broth

To increase the resilience to infections and to normalize work of an organism in general, recommend to have tea from aroniya leaves. About four tablespoons fill in with a half of liter of water and boil up to ten minutes. The prepared broth has to infuse about one-two hours. It is recommended to drink three times a day on a hungry stomach or in two hours after meal.

Dried or fresh fruits of a chernoplodka will be suitable for infusion preparation. Take a half-glass of berries, place in a thermos, fill in with a half of liter of boiled water and leave to infuse about 12 hours. No more than three times a day in two hours prior to meal are better to have such tea.

Such broths well affect a liver and a gall bladder. They work as diuretic, sudorific and depletive.

At a hypertension

Folk healers say that it is better for patient with a hypertension to eat fresh or dried berries of a black mountain ash. They can be eaten to a glass in day.

Also at a hypertension the benefit will be brought by juice from aroniya berries. The daily dose should not exceed a glass. The juice which in itself is very concentrated therefore it is better to dissolve it with water and to drink for several receptions.

Important! The effect of treatment will not be a chernoplodka instant. You will only notice the first improvements of health several weeks later after the beginning of reception.

At gastrointestinal diseases

Pectins which in a large number are present at chernoplodka berries contribute to normalization of work of a stomach and intestines, remove spasms and remove bile. At problems with a GIT it is recommended to use juice or fresh berries of an aroniya. These products, except medical effect, help to bring toxins, heavy metals, slags out of an organism. It is recommended to eat to a glass of fresh berries in day or a half-glass of juice.

At gastritis three tablespoons of berries fill in 0.5 l of boiled water and insist in a thermos till 12 o'clock. To use infusion to food on a half-glass three times a day.

Pay attention that at a disease of gastritis also use parsley, corn snouts, a bergenia, a St. John's wort, an immortelle sandy

People who suffer from the lowered acidity of a stomach should beginning to take couple of berries of a black-fruited mountain ash before food. It will help to normalize amount of acid in gastric juice and also will promote the correct digestion.

At skin diseases

For the solution of such problems as dermatitis, eczema, an itch, skin peeling, it is possible to use compresses from juice of berries of an aroniya. Reception of a half of a glass of fresh juice in day will help an organism to cope with an allergy. This dose should be parted with water and to accept parts.

Spirit tinctures

From a black-fruited mountain ash it is possible to make fragrant tinctures on alcohol. They can be done with use of any strong alcohol as that alcohol in pure form or vodka, cognac. As a rule, on kilogram of berries it is necessary to take liter of strong liquid. It needs to fill in berries and to insist 15–30 days in the dark. At will it is possible to add sugar or honey. It is necessary to accept no more tablespoon three times a day.

Such tincture will work as the all-strengthening means, will help at a hypertension, gastrointestinal diseases, an allergy, anemia.

At anemia apply a mountain ash red, hematogen, a tea mushroom, a kino, pumpkin, avocado, dried apricots, a cornel, buckwheat, beet, a guelder-rose, a sea cabbage, durian, apples, a fig, watermelon.

As it is possible to use in house cosmetology: recipes

Aroniya with success is used for preparation of various masks and other skin care products of the face and a body. It tones up an integument, promotes disposal of wrinkles. Masks from a black-fruited mountain ash remove allergic reactions on skin and dermatitis. It is very simple to prepare them in house conditions.

Learn how to get rid of wrinkles and as you with it will be helped by ice

Mask for normal face skin

Preparation of a mask for normal skin requires about two tablespoons of fresh berries of a chernoplodka and as much milk. All this mixes up in the blender and then is put on a face. Mix can be put directly on skin or on a gauze form for the person. At will it is possible to add honey to a mask or to replace milk with an egg yolk.

Mask for dry skin

If face skin dry, then for preparation of a face pack except a mountain ash the moistening component is necessary. For example, butter or sour cream can be that. Them in a mask has to be as much how many a mountain ash. As a rule, two tablespoons of berries and as much sour cream or the kindled oil undertake. They need to be crushed in the blender, at desire to add honey, and it is possible to put on a face for 15–20 minutes.

In cosmetology often also use such plants as rosemary, a sea-buckthorn, walnut, unab, hemp, jojoba, a linden, a sage medicinal, a peach, a sandalwood, orange and a lemon.

Mask for oily skin

For preparation of a mask for oily skin of the person together with a chernoplodka it is possible to use fennel, a cucumber or blackcurrant. Any of these ingredients undertakes in equal proportions with an aroniya and is crushed to a condition of gruel. Mix is put on a face for 15–20 minutes then it is washed away by warm water.


The black-fruited mountain ash helps to look after skin of face and a body. From it it is possible to prepare a wonderful srub. For this purpose it is possible to use both fresh, and dried fruits. Everything that is necessary, is to overwind berries on the meat grinder or to crush in the blender. At will it is possible to add sour cream or sour milk to mix. It is possible to apply a srub on a body, and then to wash away, and it is possible to use instead of soap. Berries perfectly work as the peeling means and at the same time tone up skin.

When it is the best of all to collect for the winter

The black-fruited mountain ash begins to ripen at the end of September. From this point it is possible to begin to prepare berry for the winter. At this time it contains a lot of juice and has terpkovaty smack. With the onset of cold weather the last gradually leaves. Therefore it is possible to choose time of collecting depending on for what you will use a chernoplodka. For preparation of medical tinctures, jam making can be collected it at any time. And here for production of juice it is necessary to take berry right after maturing. It is desirable to prepare berries in a dry sunny weather.

When collecting it is better to cut off aroniya clusters as it promotes the best restoration and growth of a tree. Later it is possible to separate berries from a brush. If you are going to do any tinctures, for example, spirit, then it is optional to separate fruits.

Whether you know? The tree of a mountain ash is capable to maintain frosts to fifty degrees and grow in permafrost.

How to store in house conditions

There is a mass of ways of storage of an aroniya of the house. The simplest option is to string clusters on a rope so that they did not adjoin with each other, and to hang out in the convenient location. Over time berry will be dried and it can be used for any purposes.

It is also possible to spread out berries to paper or fabric in the cool dry place. In such look it will keep freshness about one month. If temperature is about zero, then fruits will be fresh throughout all winter.

For economy of the place the black-fruited mountain ash can be dried up. In the sun, most likely, to make it it will not turn out, and here in an oven — quite. Berries need to be spread out on a baking sheet a thin layer and to dry, stirring slowly, at a temperature up to 60 degrees. Periodically the oven needs to be opened. Berries are dried up when they cease to stick to a hand and are poured from it. After the end of process the dried-up fruits need to be stored in the glass densely closed jars, in paper or fabric bags. The place of storage has to be dry.

If to freeze a black-fruited mountain ash, it will not lose the useful properties. Before freezing of berry it is necessary well to wash out and allow to dry. Then to put them in polyethylene tanks and paper bags and to place in the deep freeze.

Good way of storage of an aroniya is its mastication with sugar. For this purpose fruits and sugar take in equal proportions and crush on the meat grinder. Mix is placed in glass jars under polyethylene covers and stored in the fridge throughout all winter.

Contraindications and harm

Despite all advantage of a black-fruited mountain ash, its use in certain cases can do much harm and it is even contraindicated. Categorically people cannot use an aroniya with bad blood clotting. Chernoplodka is contraindicated if you have a gastritis with the increased acidity.

Also, at pregnancy and to allergic persons, it is necessary to apply a mountain ash with care

People who have frequent locks, thrombophlebitis and hypotonia cannot apply berry. And, of course, it is always necessary to remember one simple rule — in everything to observe a measure. Even such useful berry as a black-fruited mountain ash, can do harm if to use it over the recommended doses.

Now becomes more and more popular to strengthen and maintain the health by means of natural available products. The black-fruited mountain ash can be found both in the city, and in rural areas and with success to use for prevention and treatment of many illnesses. It will also be a floor"

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