Goat fat: from what helps that treats how to use

Goat fat: from what helps that treats how to use

Goat fat is the natural all-strengthening means by means of which it is possible to struggle with success with various diseases.

Use fat and as prophylactic, for increase in immunity.

In order that means rendered the expected effect, it is necessary to know how it is correct to apply it.

Chemical composition of goat fat

As a part of a goat product many useful substances, vitamins, minerals, fatty acids contain. Treat the last:

  • capric;
  • kapron;
  • caprylic acid.

Whether you know? Goats have not cancer. The preventive regular use of goat (internal) fat reduces risk of developing of oncological diseases.

Vitamins (in 100 g of a product):

  • A — 0.1 mg;
  • B2 — 0.14 mg;
  • B12 — 0.035 mg;
  • With — 2 mg;
  • D — 0.05 mg;
  • E — 0.2 mg;
  • B13 — 0.04 mg;
  • K — 0.006 mg;
  • it is well-cared — 17 mg;
  • β-carotene — 0.01 mg;
  • folic acid — 0.002 mg;
  • pantothenic acid — 0.47 mg.

Minerals (in 100 g of a product):

  • calcium — 140 mg;
  • sodium — 57 mg;
  • phosphorus — 90 mg;
  • magnesium — 15 mg;
  • iron — 0.2 mg;
  • copper — 20 mg;
  • selenium — 0.018 mg.

Caloric content — 898 kcal.

Learn, than bear, badger and cod-liver oil is useful.

Useful and medicinal properties

Receive a product two in different ways: in the first case kindle internal fat, in the second — do oil.

In both options the final product is equally useful and has the following properties:

  1. The polyunsaturated acids which are in a product have anti-inflammatory and anti-rheumatic properties.
  2. The product is rich practically with all known vitamins, there is even little-known, because of a rarity, B13. This vitamin is necessary for formation of amino acids, interferes with cell aging.
  3. From minerals it is possible to emit the magnesium, phosphorus, calcium, copper and manganese necessary for normal work of heart, vessels, processes of blood formation, formation of a bone tissue.
  4. Antioxidants and coenzymes interfere with development of oncological processes.

Treatment by goat fat of various diseases practices in traditional medicine long ago. And use a product for treatment of absolutely different diseases, accepting it as inside, and as ointments.

Important! Goat fat is light natural depletive, its use promotes removal from an organism of toxins and slags.

Here only some examples of use of means in traditional medicine:

  1. Apply to decrease in body temperature and as antifebrile means.
  2. Use for treatment of tuberculosis.
  3. The product is well perceived by an organism, quickly digested and acquired, well affecting digestion.
  4. As ointments it is known as means from a calcaneal spur, various manifestations of gout, well influences a condition of joints.
  5. It is effective when processing burns and frost-bitten places, possesses antimicrobial action, accelerates regeneration of fabrics.
  6. Well influences a condition of skin and hair covers, rendering the rejuvenating effect.
  7. For a long time our ancestors knew that by means of goat fat it is possible to treat successfully any catarrhal diseases: for cough to pneumonia. And means is applicable even for the most small children.

Besides, it is necessary to tell that even adherents of traditional approach in medicine are inclined to consider that the regular use of a small amount of this means promotes strengthening of an organism in general and central nervous system in particular.

Whether it is possible to apply at pregnancy and breastfeeding

Pregnant women, in the absence of contraindications, can accept goat fat bravely. Means is used also for treatment of cold at chest babies. With caution only those future mummies who have problems with a GIT should take means.

Whether you know? 1 teaspoon of goat fat contains 44.9 kcal.

Contraindications and harm

At reasonable application the product is absolutely harmless, and from all contraindications it is necessary to pay attention only to such:

  • individual intolerance of a product, allergy;
  • GIT diseases;
  • with discretion the people inclined to completeness should use.

If to adhere to the recommended therapeutic doses, most likely, you do not feel any negative manifestations. In case you had problems with skin (various rashes, irritations), diarrhea developed — it is available signs of overdose. In this situation it is necessary to reduce consumption of a product.

Application in traditional medicine: recipes

In traditional medicine goat fat is applied not only to treatment of catarrhal diseases, but also in many other cases. However we will dwell upon anti-cold properties of a product.

At cough

There is a mass of recipes of traditional medicine of use of fat for cough. Universal remedy, and depends only on you as to accept it: in or as compresses (to pound a breast and a back). A basis for curative drink is milk with goat fat, it is suitable for treatment both to adults, and children.

Add to 1 glass warm (+45–50 °C) some milk on 1 teaspoon of honey and goat fat, mix. Accept means within 5–7 days, 2–3 times a day. Surely 1 reception has to be before going to bed.

At cough pay attention to useful properties of a cranberry with honey, a devyasila, pine needles, a hyssop, a fig, a root of an acorus, a marjoram, plantain, thyme.

Grinding by goat fat is an effective remedy for simplification of cough as at children (including at babies), and at adults. For grinding take a small amount of fat (if is, add 1 drop of turpentine), pound a breast and a back and well wrap up the patient. In the morning the disease will pass.

At bronchitis

Use means and for treatment of bronchitis. Application of compresses is the most effective. Put a compress as follows:

  1. Mix 2 tablespoons of soft warm goat fat from 1/2 tsps of mustard powder and the same amount of propolis.
  2. Apply mix with a thin layer on dense fabric or paper.
  3. Put a compress on a breast and a back, densely fix by fabric or elastic bandage, from above wrap up a warm plaid or a down scarf.

The procedure is carried out before going to bed within 5–7 days. As the main substance it is also possible to use mix (1:1) fat and honey.

At cold

In case of the first symptoms of cold, kindle 1 tsp of fat and drink it before going to bed. For treatment of cold at children 1/2 spoons are enough.

National Aesculapians at cold advise treats a melissa, a wormwood bitter, to ginger, raspberry, a guelder-rose, a yarrow, horse-radish more attentively.

At a temperature

At a temperature it is impossible to do grindings, it is necessary to be treated by drinks.

The following recipe is recommended to adults: To weld 1 average bulb and 3 teeth of garlic in 1 l of milk, to allow to cool down a little, then to filter. To add 1 tsp of goat fat and 1/3 tsps of soda to the warm filtered milk. Accept means thus: 1 glass is divided into 4 parts and drunk during the day, last time — before going to bed. Store in the fridge, before the use heat to +40–45 °C.

Application in cosmetology

Use of goat fat in cosmetology is based, first of all, on properties of B13 vitamin and coenzyme Q10. These substances are simply irreplaceable in beauty industry.

Whether you know? After 30–35 years the synthesis of coenzyme in our organism sharply begins to fall, this circumstance turns on the aging mechanism. Partially Q10 which there is a lot of as a part of a goat product is capable to restore deficiency of natural coenzyme of a human body.

For hair

To revitalize hair and to add them gloss and shine, prepare a nutritious mask, having mixed honey and goat fat in equal parts, and rub the received weight in roots of hair. Leave weight on hair for half an hour then wash away warm water with shampoo and the conditioner. Repeat the procedure twice a month.

Face packs

To prepare a face pack, it is necessary to mix goat fat, honey and blue clay in equal proportions. The received substance will be your basis for a mask. Depending on purpose, add 10–15 drops of oil to a mask:

  • olive — it contains the vitamin E having the rejuvenating effect and also the A and B vitamins participating in regeneration of an integument, use of this oil has the tightening and rejuvenating effect;
  • peach — is applied to smoothing of wrinkles;
  • apricot kernel oil — is vitamin-rich A (has the moistening effect), C (strengthens walls of vessels, takes part in regeneration of epidermis), F (it is very useful to oily skin);
  • oil of grape seeds — promotes moistening of an integument, thanks to the high content of antioxidants, smoothes wrinkles.

Use as addition any other oil or extracts of plants on your discretion. It is possible to do also without additional ingredients, using only a basis from three above-stated components. You put a mask on a face weekly, procedure duration — 20 minutes.

Important! Goat fat, besides nutritious action, renders the bleaching effect on skin. Its application promotes removal of pigmentary spots and wrinkles, it also moisturizes the skin.

It is necessary to tell that goat fat is not only remedy, it can be applied also to cooking. It is really useful product having the mass of unique qualities which will never be superfluous in your fridge. It is only necessary to choose in the market a fresh goat product and it is correct to kindle it.

Goat fat: video


It will be noted

Not all accept a smell fat goat if inside.

But for cough and colds it is possible to use as flat cake: 1 tablespoon of fat + is also kneaded by medical 1 tsp with flour dense dough. Then put on a breast or a back, a throat and wrap up. If to the adult, then instead of honey I add mustard powder, the effect astounding works sogrevayushche,



In chelovechesko an organism there are so many riddles which, perhaps, in general will be never solved that to find a logical explanation for any fact of a disease or treatment it is unreal. I quite assume that goat fat contains something, chgo we do not know (or the fact that we know, but in strictly orpedelenny proportion) that it really treats though, perhaps, not always and not all.

Igor S.


I fly, always at cough - goat fat.

ONLY OUTWARDLY - and if there is no temperature

I pound for the night a back and a breast in lungs, to warmth

Then I cover with a blanket, lies minutes 5-10

And nighty-night.)))

Well and of course, nobody cancelled the main treatment (gerbion, etc.)



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