Grape seeds oil: advantage and harm"

Grape seeds oil: advantage and harm"

Grape seeds oil has a wide range of application thanks to the useful components. But not everyone knows about all its miracle properties. In our article we will tell how it is necessary to use this product that its impact on an organism was salutary and the most useful.

Composition of oil of grape seeds

In this extract the high content of the substances bringing benefit to an organism, among which:

  • vitamins A, In, With, E;
  • minerals — potassium, sodium, iron, calcium, copper, zinc both others macro - and minerals;
  • fatty acids — an omega-6, an omega-12, linoleic, olein, arakhinovy and others;
  • phenols, enzymes, phytoncides, flavonoids and tannins.

Than oil of grape seeds is useful

The use of this oil extract brings benefit to vessels and in the best way influences fat exchange.

Whether you know? 600 grapes are necessary on average to make one bottle of wine.

This product positively influences work of heart. Its use considerably reduces the probability of atherosclerosis and thrombosis.

Its influence is invaluable to the people having diseases of the digestive system. Abilities of this product to reduction of inflammations and healing of wounds will help to struggle with ulcers and erosion. Also its useful qualities are necessary at diseases of a gall bladder and liver.

At women the cycle is normalized and pain at periods decreases. During a lactation it is noticed improvements of quality and taste of milk. When using this oil extract the skin, nails and hair become healthier.

At its use at men the potency and sexual inclination increases. This means is used for prevention of prostatitis. This grape extract helps to restore and heal injuries of skin and mucous membranes. It will help at grazes and cuts, will save from eels, psoriasis, eczema. And the positive impact brings both external, and internal application.

Important! The surplus of vitamin E bears harm to an organism therefore it is necessary not to allow overdoses of grape extract. Optimum quantity for intake – 1 tablespoon.

The antioxidant property of this product promotes fight against cell aging and prevention of oncology and inflammations.

Application in cosmetology: recipes

Influence of this extract is invaluable to cosmetology. It completely organic is also ready to give odds to many store cosmetics.

Care for skin of face and body

Grape seed oil can be applied not only to the person, but also to all body.

It comes to the rescue of owners of problem skin as reduces release of skin fat. Means is recommended cosmetologists for face care.

This extract promotes synthesis of collagen and updating of epidermis.

For a solution of the problem of the angry skin and eels grape seed oil needs to be mixed with avocado oil (a ratio 1:1). Further it is necessary to apply mix to skin and to leave for 15-20 minutes. Surplus deletes with a napkin. For removal of cosmetics it is necessary to heat a little grape extract, to moisten in it cotton wool and to wipe skin. This procedure will eliminate pollution and will well moisten a face.

It is possible to do a mask from extensions of this miracle product. It is necessary to mix 40 ml of grape oil, 8 drops rosemary and 2 drops of rose attar. To apply on a waist, hips and a breast after acceptance of a shower or the bathroom.

Grape seed oil gives good effect for lips: it heals cracks and remarkably humidifies.

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For hair

This product promotes growth of hair and restores their structure after harmful chemical dyes. To strengthen hair and to make them brilliant and silky, it is necessary in 15 minutes prior to washing of hair to rub grape seed oil in head skin. After washing it is necessary to apply extract on tips of hair.

To give force to a fine and lifeless hair, it is necessary to take on a tablespoon of grape extract, vitamins A and E, to add 10 drops of rosemary oil. To apply structure on the clean dried-up hair, to wrap up in a film and to wait 10 minutes. After to wash hair with warm water with shampoo. For achievement of the maximum effect it is necessary to do this procedure twice a week.

For nails

The light structure of grape seed oil allows to use it for care for nails and skin of hands. Every evening it is necessary to rub a small amount of oil extract in a cuticle on nails. It promotes strengthening of nails and softening of a cuticle.

For massage

Not bad grape seed oil proved for massage. It is good as in itself, and together with other oils and creams. Performing massage for the purpose of disposal of cellulitis requires 35 ml of oil from grape seeds and on 5 ml of oil of a lemon, fennel and a geranium. To rub to problem sites of 5-7 minutes.

Sun-protection means

Antioxidant properties of this product help with process of self-recovery of cages therefore it is often applied as sun-protection means, it is also recommended to use it after suntan. Drawing on skin before an exit to direct sunshine will protect it from harmful solar radiation and emergence of pigmentary spots.

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Aromatherapy and improving bathtubs

To relax and reduce stress, it is also possible to use this oil extract. It is necessary to add 1 tablespoon of grape extract and 3 tablespoons of sea salt to a bathtub. It is necessary to take a bath no more than 20 minutes then to blot skin with a towel.

Application in cookery

This product is often applied to giving to food of refined taste. Fill with it salads, do mayonnaise and sauces of it. Grape extract will help with pastries and pickling — can be used instead of vegetable oils. It well maintains high temperatures therefore it is used for cooking in hot fan or subfrying.

Whether you know? Grape extract is added to edible vegetable oils to increase the term of their storage.

As it is correct to choose upon purchase

For receiving oil extract there are two ways:

  1. Hot extraction. It is made with use of chemicals thanks to which the oil percent at the exit is more, than when using a cold method.
  2. Cold extraction (pressing). More natural way. In this case in a product all valuable connections and components remain at the expense of what the price of it higher.

Preference should be given to a product of a cold extraction in glass bottles. We accept a deposit at the bottom of a bottle.

Color of a product has to be yellow or dark green, aroma — spicy, flavourless grapes.

Important! After discovery of oil and its contact with air the expiration date of a product decreases therefore it is better to buy it in small bottles.

It is necessary to pay attention to the structure specified on the label or in the instruction. The quality product contains 92-95% of proantotsianid (PCO) which are neutralized by the free radicals who appeared from rancid fats and oils in an organism.

How to store in house conditions

It is necessary to store the acquired product in capacity from dark glass. Storing it in the fridge and preserving against influence of beams of the sun, it is possible to keep its usefulness for the whole year. Over time oil can turn rancid therefore it is necessary to pay attention to its smell and taste.

Contraindications, harm and side effects

Contraindications to the use of this product is the allergy or individual intolerance. It is necessary to apply previously several drops of oil extract to skin of a wrist and to wait 15 minutes. In the absence of an itch and reddening it is possible to use it safely. Extract of grape seeds is safe at the moderate use. The overdose can lead to belly-aches, nausea and vomiting, dizziness. Accepting any medicines, it is obligatory to consult with the doctor regarding their parallel reception with grape extract.

Grape seeds oil is famous for both medical, and preventive effect. And knowing all subtleties of its choice, application and storage, it is possible to derive the maximum benefit for the organism.