Healthy sleep

Healthy sleep

dream is the finest that was presented to us by the creator of the person and wildlife. Of course, the science does not trust in it, but all this is figurative. In a dream we kind of restore functions of the organism after the whole day, we put the state of mind, and especially nervous system in order.

The normal dream has to last about 9-10 hours after which we feel like holidaymakers and are full of strength to continue the normal activity. You should be awoken, be irritated with extraneous noise, just observe correctness of the mode. And the mode is to lay down and wake up at the same time, hours so in 20.00-21.00 and to wake up at 6.00-7.00, depending on at what work you are suited. If you really get enough sleep, then is gallant! You are a little subject to various nervous breakdowns, a depression, hormonal violations in an organism, to stresses, insomnia which is very bad sign.

Usually doctors advise to take a set of a pill which works with the sedative or somnolent effect. Now in drugstore it is possible to buy a set of means, but you try to neglect them. Look for a problem in yourself, in the mode. At most, what it is possible to drink is settings from various herbs, for example – the hermit or a valerian medicinal. Also remember, any nourishing dinners, smoking, acceptance of alcoholic beverages and even physical exercises before going to bed! Just it is desirable to take a hot bath, to walk in the fresh air and just to listen to pleasant music.

In modern time – a good dream a problem for those people whose activity is connected with intellectual tension. It can be workers of any sphere with night watches and also very widespread profession – the programmer. It, of course, too demotic name which includes modern freelancers who for days on end look for and perform the found work. Designers, content fillers, programmers, flesher and other, really there is a lot of them. And, apparently, they here do not sleep much, work the whole day and feel normally. Yes, it is. The reason that representatives of these directions are still young an organism can maintain a long impact of such mode. But gradually it passes, and barriers begin to fall. There are stresses, irritability and sometimes even a brain ceases to work for former hundred percent.

Therefore it is recommended to reconsider the mode. At least to make some amendments after which it will be really better for you. If you often sit at the computer, then do not sit all the time, take a break with the minimum charging. It is very good prevention for obesity and osteochondrosis. You sit correctly, do exercises for eyes, a neck and other. Your health – in your hands!

And the last that it would be desirable to add – much to sleep too harmfully. And if at you somnolence then and here something not that is eternal. Even the low content of iodine in an organism can cause such state. Be checked, do not postpone the observation for the last plan.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team