How to appear in weightlessness state or What is floating

How to appear in weightlessness state or What is floating

All of us once were in weightlessness state. For example, when the car at a high speed goes on the curved road, in an inflection point the car as though comes off the earth, and people in salon feel the improbable feelings accompanied with run of goosebumps on all body. This moment also is free fall and weightlessness state. But what you would tell if you learned that it is possible to be in a similar euphoric state not second, how in a case with car, and several minutes or even hours? In this article we will talk to you about a stunning procedure of floating. For certain many of you did not even guess similar. Let's understand together what is it — floating.

Procedure essence

The procedure of floating is that the patient plunges into special solution on the basis of water with high concentration of salts which supports a body in weightlessness state. When performing therapy in the float-camera there are no tactile feelings. Besides, in the camera there is no light, there are no sounds, there is no physical contact with objects. Absolute dismissal from the world and immersion in a condition of a touch deprivation.

In the float-camera you spend one hour during which your body has a set of unique and special feelings from relaxation and a full relaxation (as all muscles are disconnected) to a condition of euphoria and reset of consciousness.

In other words you will go out of the deprivational camera the person updated, had a rest and adjusted on a positive wave.

It is important! If you suffer from claustrophobia attacks, then it is better for you to refrain from experiments in the closed camera space.

And now let's understand more in details features of holding this stunning procedure.

For prevention of discomfort from stay in the closed space the sizes of the camera were specially adapted so that, being inside, you felt freely.

The camera is manufactured of heavy-duty plastic which has unique properties and does not pass light and a sound that nothing distracted you from meditation and a relaxation.

Though water level in the capsule reaches only 25 centimeters, thanks to high concentration of Epsom salt which several times higher, than in the Dead Sea, you will be completely in horizontal position.

As relaxation you can also choose a massage rug, the correct pose for a dream, meditation, yoga: Atma Kriya, Kriyya-yoga, anulom of a vilom, Mule Bandh, Jalandhar, massage, swimming, SPA, Fly to the yogi.

For maximizing comfortable feelings the water temperature is constantly maintained at the level of temperature of skin of the person which is 34.8 degrees. When holding a session the best conditions for the fastest relaxation of the client are created.

So, in the beginning procedures for you turn on the pleasant music that you turned off the mode of the outside world quicker and plunged into a condition of meditation. And though duration of a session takes 45-60 minutes, you will not even notice how this time will quickly fly by.

If the client for the first time tries this therapy, then can allow to leave him a door slightly opened, you see, to plunge into complete vacuum where there is no light, a sound and the person is in weightlessness state — it is quite unusual and is even frightening.

Floating history

originates in the second half of the 20th century when researches of a brain of the person placed in conditions of limitation of external irritants began. A starting point in this subject the research of the neuropsychologist John Gilly in 1954 is considered.

Then Lilly made an experiment during which experimental shipped in a condition of a touch deprivation (lack of external irritants and contact with physical objects).

By results of this research it was found out that the similar procedure favorably influences multiple indicators of both a physical, and spiritual condition of the person. Writing by John of Lilly of several scientific works, and a bit later, in 1972, development and designing together with Glenn Perry the first compact floating of the capsule which received the name Samadhi became the next stage of development of floating.

After successful tests of this invention the process of production of similar cameras for private and commercial purposes was started.

Approximately in the same time the scientists from the University of British Columbia Peter Syyudfeld and Roderick Borja created scientific interpretation of usefulness and favorable impact of the float-camera on human health.

Whether you know? The athlete Phillips Idowu, twice silver prize-winner of the Olympic Games in 2004 and 2008 was one of the first public persons who was influenced by all charm of the float-camera and its impact on a human body. It turned out that before competitions he saw off on an hour in the environment of a touch deprivation to lower load of a back. And the necessary effect was reached, its sports indicators significantly increased.

They also formulated the method of application of this invention which received the name Therapy of Limited Environmental Stimulation.


By this moment the floating surprised you, the truth already much? But it not everyone. It appears, there are two types of this procedure. Distinguish damp and dry floating.

Let's understand that from themselves cameras of touch deprivations present in these forms of floating and in what specifics of each look.


In this option of floating the client does not adjoin directly to water.

The person is placed in a peculiar bag from transparent oil-cloth matters which are filled then with water and tear off a body from the rigid surface of the capsule thanks to what the effect of zero gravity is reached.

But in this case tactile feelings are present therefore this type of floating cannot be characterized as a method of a touch deprivation.


This type of floating is characterized by the fact that the person is immersed in water-salt solution, that is in liquid which supports his body in horizontal position.

Water surrounds a body from three parties, and after completion of the procedure it is necessary to go to a shower to wash away from itself the solution saturated with salts.

For what it is necessary: effect of the procedure

If what is floating therapy, we dealt with a question, then unsolved is a medical effect rendered by this procedure.

Relax and recuperation

Every day people anyway come up against various stressful situations leaving adverse effect on nervous system and the general health, being a threshold of developing of more serious illnesses.

During floating the effect of zero gravity is reached, and therefore all departments of a backbone, a neck and more than 90% of muscles relax.

Therefore this procedure will become a required opportunity to relax and feel a full pacification and a relax, positive influence of the procedure of a touch deprivation is confirmed a set of researches and in hundreds of positive reviews of happy clients.

Improvement and rejuvenation

Any in a different way to you not to reach complete relaxation, any groups of muscles will be anyway involved, and it means that completely it will not be possible to turn off physical activities. Thanks to floating not only the relaxation, but also improvement is reached. It is scientifically proved that the procedure favorably influences a cardiovascular system, normalizes blood pressure and the organism oxygenates.

Besides the highest degree of slackness and improvement, you also gain effect of rejuvenation as at the procedure of a skin cell are sated with useful minerals, and the magnesium coming to an organism will help to cope with a stress and to normalize activity of nervous system.

Disposal of addictions

Cases when the patients who sat down on the procedure refused addictions are noted, without feeling more need for alcohol and smoking.

Whether you know? During researches on influence floating of therapy on character of the person it was established that in 50% of cases the patients left off smoking, and 45% — to drink alcohol. It is caused by the fact that the procedure influences neutralization of stresses and the general health recovery, and, as we know, stresses cause thirst for cigarettes and alcohol in the person. Having got rid of tension, people got rid also of addictions.

Though salt solution in itself does not affect your preferences at all, but the effect of new unique feelings becomes that wedge which can save from addictions.

Improvement of activity of a brain

Thanks to slackness of cervical department of a backbone and the general improvement of the oxygenated blood circulation the normalization of brain activity is reached.

Besides, during the session you abstract from stresses and problems of the outside world, plunging into a condition of meditation. It is some kind of reinsertion as if you reinstalled Windows or Android.

And in a human body there is an updating and recuperation after which you feel easier, more freely and more great.

Whether additional preparation is necessary

It seems that this procedure does not demand any preparation, but it not so. Several councils are given below that follows or it is not necessary to do before visit of day spa.

  • In day of the procedure it is undesirable to have a shave or do an epilation as fresh wounds at contact with salt will cause unpleasant feelings which can prevent you to relax and gain due effect.
  • In thirty minutes prior to the procedure it is possible to have a bite a little. It is not recommended to overeat or pass a session on an empty stomach.
  • It is impossible to smoke or take alcohol in day of a session as alcohol is contraindicated when floating, and smoking will not allow you to relax properly.

Important! Girls cannot carry out the procedure in critical days. And also surely you descend in a toilet before the procedure.

As there takes place float-therapy

By this moment you already created certain notion that it is floating and the float-camera, but let's sort more in details all moments connected with a session of a touch deprivation.

  • It is one session better to come slightly earlier, for about 10-15 minutes that your consciousness was adjusted on a privacy and relaxation.
  • During these minutes it is necessary to visit the bathroom then to switch-off phone that anything and nobody prevented a relaxation.
  • The next stage — visit of a shower where you have to wash up carefully skin and hair, to wash away all cosmetics, and at the end of the bathing procedures properly to be wiped by a towel (means of hygiene and a towel will give out to you in salon).
  • Except hygienic means you will be given earplugs for ears which you will be able to soundproof yourself. It is important not to thrust earplugs to a limit that they could be taken easily then.
  • Further you are brought to the float-camera where you will spend the next one or two hours. It is better to begin from 30-40 minutes because unusual feelings, the darkness and noiselessness can frighten a little you. Having come into the camera, at first sit down in water, and after slowly you lay down in it the person up. Straighten legs, hands let freely lie along a trunk or in an open state (the first minutes of stay in the float-camera you will understand in what provisions to you are the most comfortable). The session can be begun with an open door, and having got used to a situation, it is covered.
  • For the first time people instinctively strain cervical muscles as are afraid that their head can drown. But this fear is far-fetched and is not reasonable, density of solution is much higher than density of a human body and the head, and therefore safely relax muscles and relax. If relaxation of a neck in the first session does not turn out, then can use a special pillow which will be in shower. The main thing during all session is to disconnect all muscles and thoughts, and at the same time you take a lot of pleasure from unique feelings.
  • You should not create splashes or to move actively in water. You can accept a convenient pose in the beginning and later it is better to limit movements. Then the effect of a session will be much higher.
  • When time to get out of salt solution comes, in the camera the light will be turned on. You do not hurry to leave. Do everything smoothly and gradually because after so long shutdown of muscles the sharp movements are not recommended. Sit down in solution, sit a little, and later rise to the feet also minute to a postoyta that solution as much as possible descended from your body. You pass in shower further and wash away from yourself residues of substance.
  • You do not hurry to go outside. It is better to sit and drink to tea finally to recover. And having only convinced that you are ready to the movement, leave salon.

Important! Under no circumstances do not climb hands in eyes because it is a right way to the termination of a session. If salt after all got into eyes, return to shower better and wash them with flowing water.

Contraindications and side effects

After transfer of so many positive sides of the procedure of floating it is difficult to present that it can have negative sides. But, as well as at many physiotherapeutic procedures, floating has some contraindications, namely existence too:

  • conditions of alcoholic or drug intoxication;
  • skin diseases;
  • hypertensions;
  • epilepsies, stenocardia and other heart troubles;
  • infectious diseases;
  • otitis or rupture of eardrums;
  • diseases of airways and lungs.

As for side effects, they are absent. The only thing — for beginners can be unusual the similar environment, and as a result, can feel sick a little.

But it is the good sign confirming clarification of an organism from stresses and toxins. As a rule, the unpleasant feeling does not come back at the subsequent sessions any more.

Whether all will suit the procedure?

Only one word will serve as the answer to this question: yes. If you have no contraindications about which we spoke above, then you can safely enter the float-camera after portion of special feelings. There are no restrictions aged, neither in build, nor in any other aspects. Even pregnant women can take a salina without fears for the kid. On the contrary, this procedure will help to unload an intense back and a backbone and will lighten your mood.

In conclusion it is possible to tell safely that floating is a unique procedure which will help you to forget completely problems and stresses of the big world, having retired to your own small and cozy world where you will be able to relax and have a rest well.

All clients of the day spa which at least once visited the float-camera are united by one — unforgettable, tremendous and pleasant feelings and also great mood. And they seek to be influenced by delights of a touch deprivation and zero gravity again.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team