How to reduce stress?"

How to reduce stress?"

smells treat an organism. Aromaterapevta are sure of it. It is necessary to think of what aromas most of all suit you only.

Fragrant oils divide on: natural, synthetic. Synthetic in independence of quality are not suitable for treatment of a stress at all. But or pleasant pro-driving time in a bathtub – will be ideal for massage.

How to distinguish natural essential oils from synthetic?

For this purpose, to be convinced for all 100% of naturalness of a product it is necessary to pass a chromatographic research. But it is possible to determine also by other criteria. For an example: cheap oil cannot be natural because natural costs much. It is possible to determine also by a smell. The smell of synthetic oil when drawing on a wrist weakens over time. And natural because of the different components will change. Also, it is possible to learn from an oil drop on paper. If there is a spot – synthetics means. And if oil to evaporate at once – it means natural. Also, it is possible to learn about naturalness and on appearance of packing. Natural oils are on sale with specially packing only in the darkened glass Torahs. Pay special attention also to packing. If it is written that oil means only to external application it synthetic.

Types of essential oils and their usefulness:

Grapefruit: brings excess liquid out of an organism, stimulates lymphatic system. At external application it is possible to go to sunbathe.

Bergamot: struggles with viral diseases, apply outwardly at herpes, remarkably calms, lightens the mood, eliminates alarm and concern from an organism. And in the room fights well against bad smells.

Tangerine: struggles with a depression, gives happiness, lightens the mood, removes fear, irritation, there is a joy and tranquility. Besides, to them fungal diseases, extensions on skin, digestive tract diseases treat.

Orange: bleaches skin, perfectly works against insomnia, has a set of vitamins and stimulates lymphatic system.

Lemon: helps to concentrate attention, tones up perfectly even the most inveterate idlers, strengthens nails. To them process wounds, delete warts. Helps cores.

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