Mumiyo: from what helps also that treats how to use in the medical and cosmetic purposes

Mumiyo: from what helps also that treats how to use in the medical and cosmetic purposes

Today we will talk to you about mysterious medicine which was recognized as traditional medicine only recently and, after long study, began not only to be on sale in drugstores, but also to be used in cosmetology. We will tell you about mumiyo, we will talk about its useful properties, application and treatment of many diseases of medicines, a basis for which it forms. You learn how to improve appearance by means of this substance and also — how to cure a large number of diseases.

What is mumiyo

For a start it is worth learning that it mumiyo and where it can be found then we will pass to consideration of what it is useful.

Mumiyo is a smolopodobny substance which part organic and mineral compounds are. Substance is painted in black or brown colors with various shades.

Mumiyo is natural substance which is formed in mountains. Hitherto it is unknown under the influence of what forces it arises and that is raw materials on the basis of which the product is formed. Finally a certain similarity of pitch which has strange taste and aroma turns out, and by the form reminds coal pieces (it is about the raw mumiyo).

Whether you know? One of theories of origin says that it mumiyo is waste of bats. The bats living in caves eat insects who eat curative herbs from meadows. Oils and various minerals partially concentrate in excrements and for years are affected by external factors and also contact to soil and various rocks. As a result the special smolopodobny product turns out.

There are three types of this product. They were allocated not only because of geography of places of production, but also because of structure which strongly differs. Koprolitovoye mumiyo. Represents the hardened fossils in mix with pieces of rocky breeds and also soil formations.

Mumiyonosny brekchiya. Represents rather raw materials, than a product, ready to the use. These are breeds (more often calcareous) which are connected by mumiyonosny weight. That is, to receive a suitable product, it is necessary to process a large amount of breed.

Evaporitovoye mumiyo. The product is formed in the form of drips, icicles, films on walls of caves. This option of raw materials is not subject to processing as profitability rather low.

Than it is useful for an organism

Further we will talk about what it is applied mumiyo to. Let's tell about what this rare product is useful to men, women and children.


If to consider advantage for a female body, then it is worth allocating positive influence on an organism in general which consists in aging delay. It is no secret that many women have problems with nails, hair and also skin which arise as because of improper feeding and external factors, and because of use of various cosmetics. And so, mumiyo improves a condition of keratin surfaces and skin and also improves their restoration.

The woman who wishes to look good has to know what vitamins are necessary for her health how to slow down aging process what useful habits will help to be beautiful.

The most important for the woman is an opportunity to give birth to children therefore mumiyo is irreplaceable in case infertility was diagnosed. This product also improves immune protection, normalizes a menstrual cycle, positively influences a condition of bones.


Men after 45 years often suffer from problems with an erection therefore mumiyo is an important product which increases production of testosterone (the hormone which is responsible for sexual activity, development of spermatozoa and also influencing muscle bulk). Also this product helps to calm nervous system, to improve quality of sex and to increase fertility (opportunity to continue a sort).

It should be noted that it is even useful for young men to accept mumiyo as, owing to increase in production of testosterone, development of a muscular system improves and also prevention of premature loss of interest in an opposite sex is made.

Learn what all men are afraid of and whether there is at them a climax.

Important! The product is rather often forged. For replacement mix of various oils and also propolis, clay and excrement of rodents is used. The counterfeit option does not bear any advantage to an organism.


At once It is necessary to tell that sexual character separation is not made. People who did not reach puberty — therefore are considered as children, mumiyo will not influence production of any given hormones therefore you should not worry about any side effects and also about failures of a hormonal background.

Depending on age, mumiyo it can be used for the solution of various problems.

The product is useful to small children for the reason that it improves immunity — respectively, your kid will be ill less often. It is very important as small children badly transfer the medicines causing side effects and allergic reactions.

Learn how to strengthen immunity to the child.

The product helps the children suffering from any gastrointestinal diseases therefore the use mumiyo is obligatory for those children who often use harmful or not absolutely healthy food.

The senior children often have nervous breakdowns as their central nervous system is not in time behind development of an organism because of what it does not cope with loadings. Mumiyo helps to calm the child without any side effects (block, decrease in concentration of attention, etc.).

Separately It is necessary to tell that wonderful pitch helps to solve problems with gums (periodontosis), without having caused at the same time negative reaction from a GIT.

Important! The child is younger — the less he needs to give pitches. The exact dosage is defined by the doctor.

Application in the cosmetic purposes: recipes

Most of people who drink mumiyo from various illnesses even do not guess that this pitch is used in cosmetics, and it is added not for improvement of appeal of products. Mumiyo has visible positive effect on skin and hair therefore further we will tell how to apply it.

For the person

Let's begin with what effect the mountain product has on skin:

  • Pulls together skin because of what there is a smoothing of wrinkles. Also production of collagen which it is responsible for an integument tone increases.
  • Skin is quicker updated that helps to get rid of various damages and spots. Visually it is shown in noticeable rejuvenation and also in improvement of structure.
  • Mumiyo possesses antibacterial action because of what substance perfectly copes with pimples and also with various skin diseases.
  • Regulates work of sweat glands that has positive effect on dry and oily skin.

The special gymnastics will help to cope with wrinkles on the face. Lifting of effect it is also possible to achieve by means of ordinary cubes of ice.

Before doing a face pack, it is necessary to get the correct (real) product. Most often mountain pitch is on sale in the form of tablets, however for us is ideal option mumiyo in the liquid state therefore get tablets only if there is no other alternative.

The liquid option suits us more for the reason that it at once can be applied to creation of a mask, and here tablets should be crushed to a condition of dust that substance was well dissolved.

Important! The present mumiyo has to be dissolved in warm water without the rest. If after cultivation on a bottom of capacity the deposit drops out — means, before you a fake.

Now as for reception. It is impossible to put one mask and to sharply feel improvement. The course consists of 10 procedures, each of which is carried out time in 10 days. That is, you will see noticeable improvement only in 3 months.

Further we will consider three simple recipes of a mask which will not devastate your purse.

Mountain pitch, lemon juice and egg white. We knead 2 tablets mumiyo to a powdery state then we add white of one egg and 1 tablespoon of lemon juice (freshly squeezed). Carefully we mix then we apply on all area of the person. Such mask will help to remove any irritation.

Mountain pitch with milk and egg white. We knead 2 tablets then we add white of 1 egg and also 1 tablespoon of warm milk. We mix and put on a face. The mask is used for oily skin of the person.

Classical option. It is used for local treatment of inflammation (acne rash, wounds, bruises). We mix two crushed tablets with warm water then we apply on affected areas of skin.

Important! The majority of tablets is issued in packing on 200 mg — respectively if you use liquid option, it is necessary to take 0.4 g for preparation of a mask.

For hair

Positive influence of a mountain product on hair:

  1. Accelerates blood circulation in head skin, food of hair bulbs thereby improves. Hair drop out less, and their appearance improves.
  2. Hair begin to grow a little quicker.
  3. Hair become more dense as the substances which are a part of pitch awaken the sleeping bulbs.
  4. Warns and saves from dandruff and also helps to cope with other diseases of head skin.
  5. Normalizes work of sebaceous glands therefore hair receive the necessary amount of secretion. Thereby they zhirnet more slowly and do not dry up.
  6. Prevents section of hair and also their premature loss.
  7. Accelerates regeneration of head skin.
  8. Protects hair from a frost, wind and ultraviolet.

We pass to how to use mumiyo for hair.

Mountain pitch can be added to shampoos and also to create masks on its basis in house conditions. Oral administration of tablets mumiyo which will help to accelerate process of improvement and rejuvenescence of hair is not superfluous.

If you do not want to do a mask, it is possible to knead 200 mg in powder of 25-50 tablets of pitch then to add to shampoo. It is necessary to use means as before, however it is a little longer better to hold shampoo on hair that mountain pitch managed to have beneficial influence. As for a mask — at once It is necessary to tell that it is put only once a week, and the course makes 2-2.5 months.

For preparation of a mask it is necessary to take 5 tablets mumiyo and to knead to a powdery state then to fill in 50 ml of warm water. Further it is necessary to mix carefully that pitch was dissolved then to pour structure in a bottle with the spray. Then to put means on all length of hair. After that it is necessary to massage head skin and to cover hair with a polyethylene hat. We wash away a mask in an hour after drawing.

Important! The mask keeps within only on clean hair.

From extensions

Now we will discuss how to apply mumiyo from extensions.

At once it is worth specifying that cream on a basis mumiyo which you have to make is applied to fight against extensions. The purchased option does not differ in usefulness, and even on the contrary, can cause allergic reactions. The real cream is stored very not for long — respectively, its price will be exorbitant therefore more simply and the cheapest way to prepare it in house conditions.

As well as in a case with face skin, mountain pitch pulls together a cover, thereby increasing tension force. Skin is smoothed and becomes elastic, and extensions completely disappear. Let's consider cream preparation. It is very simple to make useful cream: it is enough to buy mountain pitch in tablets, or in the liquid state. Further it is necessary to measure 4 g (20 standard tablets) then to dissolve a product in 10 ml of warm boiled water. Pitch has to be dissolved completely that it was possible to pass to the next stage. We take usual children's cream as it best of all is perceived by our skin as a basis and does not cause irritation. We mix contents of one tube with water solution mumiyo and we place in available capacity (do not try to thrust cream with mumiyo back into a tube, take a jar better from under cream which has a wide neck).

It is important! If you are irritated by a smell mumiyo, add to cream of a little essential oil.

We pass to rules of drawing. First, you should take a shower before cream use. Secondly, cream does not need to be kept, it is suitable right after mixing. Thirdly, cream does not need to be washed away within 3 hours. We apply means only on those places where there are extensions. We do everything slowly and smoothly, it is not necessary to rub before skin reddening. One procedure a day suffices.

The course is considered complete when extensions completely disappeared.

Application in the medical purposes: recipes

We pass to how to accept mumiyo inside at various diseases and aberrations. Let's consider simple recipes which do not demand big expenses of money or time.

For strengthening of immunity

Above we said that the mountain product helps to strengthen children's immunity, however the immune system suffers not only at small, but also at adults. Therefore further we will consider several recipes which will help to prevent deterioration in immune protection and to help an organism to be restored after a serious disease.

Prevention. For prevention of deterioration in a condition of immunity one 200 mg should take daily on an empty stomach a pitch medicine. After reception it is necessary to abstain one hour from consumption of food. It is better to dissolve a tablet in warm boiled water, however it is possible to accept it and without dissolution. The course makes 1.5 weeks then it is necessary to take a break for 5 days. Further it is possible to resume reception if you are sure that your organism needs additional protection. The scheme of repeated reception slightly differs. Now, besides morning reception, there is also evening. In the evening we take 1 pill together with a honey tablespoon (any honey approaches). Repeated reception lasts 10 days then the five-day break follows.

At insignificant decrease in immunity. The deterioration in protection caused by negative impact of external factors, the shortage of vitamins and also action of bacteria or viruses means.

We take 25 tablets on 200 mg, we knead them to a powdery state then we mix from 500 ml of honey. It is necessary to mix carefully evenly to distribute pitch.

Before food three times a day it is necessary to eat 1 tablespoon of the received mix. A course of treatment — month.

Important! Children should give a half or a quarter of a tablespoon not to cause allergic reaction. It is necessary to store mix in the fridge.

At strong decrease in immunity and also during rehabilitation after serious diseases. We will need honey, garnet juice, mumiyo in tablets, domestic wine. We take 1 tablespoon of honey and garnet juice (it is better to take the concentrated option), we add the tablet kneaded in powder mumiyo then we dilute mix of 150 ml of warm boiled water. Further in the received mix we pour in 100 ml of warm wine, we stir and we drink. The glass needs to be drunk in a day, having divided it into two receptions (in the morning and in the evening). For obvious reasons it is not recommended to use this means for treatment of children.

At changes

Mumiyo not only accelerates regeneration of a bone tissue, but also delivers to an organism necessary phosphorus and calcium that promotes fast restoration.

At once it is worth specifying that the mountain product helps to recover quicker not only a bone, but also the damaged leather and also muscle tissue if a change open, but not closed therefore use mumiyo is not limited to small cracks and breaks of a bone.

Treatment means only oral administration. From drawing means directly on the damaged site there will be no advantage as mountain pitch has to be digested to give to an organism phosphorus and calcium. At the same time you will hardly be able to smear cream on a basis mumiyo after to you impose plaster or the fixing bandage. For treatment it is necessary to get tablets on 200 mg in drugstore. Before the use it is necessary to knead them to a powdery state then to mix with warm water. Such aggregate state improves and accelerates assimilation by an organism. It is possible to add honey or olive oil to water solution to enhance effect.

As for a dosage, 1-2 times a day are enough to drink 1-2 tablets. It is necessary to accept pitch only on an empty stomach. The injury of a bone, the more dose is stronger. If damages are minimum, then it is enough to take 1 medicine once a day. The course of treatment, on average, makes 4 weeks. After the termination it is necessary to take a break for 2 weeks then to resume reception. It is necessary to repeat a course 2-3 times that the bone tissue was completely recovered.

At hemorrhoids

For treatment of this unpleasant illness it is possible to use water solution which is intended for oral administration, ointment which is applied outwardly and also rectal candles which help to cope with nodes in a rectum.

At treatment of hemorrhoids folk remedies also apply a cornel, mango, ginger, a sabelnik marsh, a sage.

Water solution. In the morning and in the evening before meal it is necessary to dissolve one tablet (200 mg) of pitch in warm boiled water. The course of treatment makes 25 days then it is necessary to make 10 days of a break. Ointment. We do powder of several tablets of pitch then we mix it 1 to 1 with peach oil (it is got in drugstore). Further we add 3 parts of honey to mix (honey has to be 3 times more, than powder of mountain pitch). Carefully we mix.

Ointment has to be stored in the fridge. It is necessary to apply means only to clean skin, it is not required to wash away. The course of treatment proceeds until, symptoms will not disappear yet, or the state will not improve.

Candles. We take 1 part powdery mumiyo and 3 parts of honey. We mix then we add flour and starch. It is necessary to add flour and starch gradually to achieve a pasty state. At the end it is necessary to create a candle from the received structure and to enter into an anus.

At headaches

The standard dose — 200 mg of pitch is applied to treatment of the common headaches caused by overfatigue, temperature, alcohol intake or an unknown factor. It is necessary to accept a product daily before going to bed, washing down with enough water. A course of treatment — 10 days. At the severe headaches (migraine) the following structure is used: 200 mg of powder on a glass of warm milk with addition of 1 tablespoon of honey. It is possible to take less milk, however quantities mumiyo and honey have to be invariable. It is necessary to use similar solution in the morning and in the evening on an empty stomach. A course of treatment — 25 days.

To get rid of a headache, at first it is necessary to understand the reasons for which it developed.

If you need to suppress a headache as soon as possible, take 5 tablets on 200 mg, knead them and add 2 tsps of boiled water to powder. The received solution needs to be applied to skin of a forehead and temples. In 10-15 minutes the pain has to pass. Do not accept this structure at all inside as it is too high dose.

At otitis

To create medicine, it is necessary to take 2 tablets of mountain pitch, to knead to a powdery state then to mix from 8 ml of rose attar. That mumiyo it was well dissolved, it is necessary to warm up slightly oil, without exceeding at the same time a mark of 60 °C. Further — to cool structure then to use for burying directly in ear pass. We dig in several drops in the morning and in the evening until until otitis passes.

Important! It is impossible to use this means when the integrity of an eardrum is broken. At a rupture of a membrane it is forbidden to dig in something in ear pass.

If the inflamed ear strongly hurts, it is possible to use other option. We dissolve 1 tablet of pitch in 100 ml of warm water then we twist zhgutik from cotton wool, we moisten in the received structure and we place in an ear. It is so possible to remove inflammation and to reduce painful effect.

How to accept mumiyo for weight loss

At regular reception mumiyo normalizes a metabolism that positively influences body weight. Of course thoroughly to lose weight, it is necessary to move in addition. Mountain pitch does not burn fat, and only well influences processes of exchange in your organism. That is, if obesity is caused by any violations, you will lose weight, however if you recovered because of overeating, then tablets are powerless.

To lose weight, it is necessary to accept 2-4 tablets in the morning and in the evening before meal. The course of treatment makes no more than 20 days then it is necessary to abstain month from reception.

It is also possible to put means on the basis of pitch outwardly where you have a cellulitis. We take 1 tablet and we dissolve it in 1 tablespoon of warm boiled water. Further we add solution to a small amount of children's cream. The received structure needs to be distributed in that place where you have fat deposits. Means needs to be spent for once therefore do not use a lot of cream. For achievement of the expected effect, it is necessary to apply structure to skin of once a day, repeating the procedure until, the result will not be noticeable yet.

Whether you know? Average age of mountain pitch which is extracted in Altai is 130-900 years. This product is renewable, however on formation of one small piece mumiyo not less than 20 years leave.

Contraindications and harm

Let's begin with what mumiyo is the medicine which especially is badly studied therefore it is forbidden to use it in a large number.

As for contraindications, it is necessary to mark out individual intolerance at once. If after the use of pitch you had an allergy, it is better to refuse further reception.

Other contraindications:

  • children's age up to 5 years;
  • tendency to bleedings;
  • presence of benign or malignant tumors;
  • the increased arterial blood pressure.

Separately It is necessary to tell that the oral use of pitch during pregnancy and during feeding by a breast contraindicated. It is connected with negative reaction at a fruit to product components.

Now you know what do mumiyo of what the product is and in what spheres it is applied. However you remember what mumiyo is not a panacea therefore they do not need to try to cure all diseases. If the disease serious, can also cause significant damage to your health, it is better to address traditional medicine.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team