Salt lamp: advantage or harm?

Salt lamp: advantage or harm?

For the last ten years such concept as a salt or salt lamp strongly entered modern life. This device with use of natural monoliths of salt is considered so curative and useful to human health that as if it is capable to replace with itself sea tour. Advertizing reports that by means of a salt lamp it is possible to increase immunity of an organism. Let's consider as far as these statements of sellers and producers are true, and harm or benefit are brought to people by use of a salt lamp.

That it and as works

Our contemporary (irrespective of gender and age) daily uses a set of the devices working at electricity are TVs, computers, electric ovens, teapots, microwaves, conditioners and heaters. This list can be continued for a long time, we use electric devices in life and at work.

Practically all areas of human life are connected with consumption of electricity, and long-term use of electric devices sates the atmosphere surrounding people with positively charged ions.

A large number of charges with a plus in the atmosphere not really well affects human health:

  • significantly the working capacity and immunity decreases;
  • there is an absent-mindedness and carelessness;
  • migraines become more frequent.

Whether you know? In the twenties the 19th century salt was appreciated much more expensively, than in the twentieth century. The cost of one kilogram of salt was four times higher, than the cost of kilogram of beef. The prime cost of salt strongly fell only after the mechanized extraction of chloride of sodium was entered.

To neutralize influence of positively charged ions on the atmosphere, the procedure of ionization of air is carried out. Saturation of the atmosphere ions with a negative charge will be result of this procedure. The microclimate indoors returns to normal.

Let's understand what is a salt lamp. It is the electric table lamp with the lamp shade executed from an integral piece of salt. Such lamp originally looks and not bad supplements an apartment interior. Producers and sellers of salt lamps claim that this device is medical as with its help it is possible to improve the state of health of all family. According to statements of the same sellers of the home iatrotechnics — this device, when heating by an electric bulb of the crystal lamp shade, fills air with negatively charged ions.

About useful properties

Advertizing promises the consumer a set of advantages which will be provided to him by a lamp with the lamp shade from salt (sodium chloride). After installation and inclusion this device will help to improve the atmosphere of the room in which it was installed, will provide with human health, often being in this room, and other. If closer to consider each of points designating productive operation of this device, then there is a mass of questions on which there are no answers.

Important! Availability of salt in a human body is of great importance for activity of the person. Total loss of salt by the person can happen in case too much water is drunk (1-20 liters and more). Together with water from an organism salts are washed away that can lead to a sharp giponatriyemiya with a lethal outcome.

What is told by producers

Producers claim that salt lamps:

  • positively influence a physical, mental and emotional condition of the person;
  • promote increase in power of the person;
  • remove stresses and improve a dream;
  • give resistant immunity to catarrhal and viral diseases;
  • clean the atmosphere in the apartment or in a workplace from negative power;
  • development and reproduction of pathogenic microorganisms oppress;
  • remove unpleasant smells the apartment;
  • do not allow to develop to fungi and a mold in excessively damp rooms;
  • cure children of fear of darkness and improve the atmosphere of the bedroom;
  • are an unusual and beautiful decorative element.

The lowered immunity leads to a set of diseases and feeling sick. Learn as it is possible to strengthen immunity by means of vitamins, cod-liver oil, training, joy, sex, a healthy image and physical education.

Also electric devices with use of integral salt pieces can help with treatment of many diseases. This curative influence is shown at turning on of the electric device: from heat of an electric bulb salt heats up to the necessary temperature and begins to fill air with ions.

Diseases at which producers recommend to use a salt lamp:

  • bronchitis, asthma and other inflammations of airways;
  • tonsillitis and ORZ, laryngitis and SARS, rhinitis and pharyngitis, antritis and other diseases of ears, throat and nose;
  • allergic reactions: sinusitis and allergic cough, skin rash and cold;
  • cough at smoking people (chronic);
  • violation of functions of work of the central nervous system;
  • nervous breakdowns, disturbing states, stresses;
  • excessive excitability and hyperactivity at children;
  • insomnia, short-term or faltering dream;
  • hypertension and poisoning;
  • angiospasms in a brain of the person;
  • headaches and migraines.

Whether you know? In pieces of the used salts there can be impurity in the form of seaweed, other minerals and other. It gives to salt blocks various shades and coloring. The salt lamp shade illuminated from within by an electric bulb will have a shade of that color what color of additive prevail in salt. Salt lamps can have a yellow, white, orange, brown, pink and red luminescence.

Producers claim that the color radiation of a salt lamp differs on the had effect too:

  • the yellow salt lamp shade — will enhance intelligence and will urge on cogitative activity, will help to be restored to incorrectly working pancreases, a gall bladder or a liver;
  • the white crystal lamp shade — disinfects and helps to bring toxic agents out of an organism;
  • the orange crystal lamp shade — causes feeling of a cosiness, rest, security, reduces stress;
  • the brown salt lamp shade — well influences all organism;
  • the pink lamp shade from salt — is the amplifier and the resonator of a positive emotional background of the person;
  • the red crystal lamp shade — is useful for improvement of work of heart, increase in vitality.

The stress does strong harm to human health. It is possible to remove it in different ways, for example, by means of an aromatherapy.

Real advantage

Let's learn that experts about it think.

Opinion of physicians

The famous pediatrician doctor Komarovsky is often asked by the parents concerned by health of juvenile children: whether it is possible to restore health of the child by means of a salt (salt) lamp whether the immunity of the child will amplify, whether he will be ill less. On what the pediatrician expresses accurately formulated opinion — this device cannot render any prevention of diseases. And its main advantage is that the device cannot anybody and nothing to do much harm.

Whether you know? The Bolivian salt lake Salar de Ouuni dried up for a long time, but when on its salt crust the thin blanket of water is formed, the lake becomes mirror and gains good reflective ability. This property is used by astronauts when there is a need to calibrate devices from space. From Salar de Ouuni a half of lithium in the world is got.

Best of all the salt lamp influences nervous system of mummy concerned by health of the child as the mother is sure that she it dityu is helped. And for prevention of developing of viral diseases and strengthening of immunity of the child there is nothing better than walks in the fresh air.

When the child is ill, it is pain for all family. Read why children are ill.

Opinion of physicists on a salt lamp

Physicists sneer: probably, producers of this device made the greatest discovery in the most strict privacy, or forgot to inform on it Academy of Sciences and Wikipedia. And here what arguments they give:

  1. That there was a thermal ionization of air (gaseous substance), it is necessary to heat it to temperature of 4727 °C — 5727 °C or above. Only at the same time the velocity of the molecules of gas will increase to such an extent that they will begin to face among themselves and as a result to change the sign of a charge for opposite. The ionized gas which turned out as a result of this procedure will have conductivity. And the electric bulb cannot heat either air, or a piece of salt to the necessary temperature in any way. She is not capable to affect a salt block in any way in that plan that it began to ionize air or to emit ultra-violet radiation (and also beta, gamma radiation or x-ray).
  2. Salt is chloride of sodium which, as far as we know, has no properties of cleaner (sorbentiruyushchy properties) and cannot purify from anything air (neither from useful substances, nor from harmful). And it is not important at all, there will be this salt ice or heated.
  3. Salt does not reduce influence of electromagnetic fields, and the salt saturated with water on the contrary, is an excellent conductor of electricity.
  4. Also the lamp with a plafond from chloride of sodium cannot destroy the bacteria living in air, air in rooms will be sterilized by means of ultraviolet. Chloride of sodium is not able to purify air physically, in chemical.
  5. Only strong hydrochloric solutions can destroy bacteria and that bacterial spores remain viable.

Whether you know? In the world the huge amount of chloride of sodium, that is salt is got. And only 6% of the general production are used for the culinary purposes, another 17% of percent of salt development use for elimination of consequences of frosting of roads and streets in the winter.

Professional knowledge of physicians who recommend a salt lamp as they a panacea from various infections, raise quite reasonable doubts, any scientific research on this subject was never conducted. And to what they, the age of alchemy remained far behind and properties of chloride of sodium (salt) are known to all long ago.

And now let's understand that is the general between a salt lamp and a speleoterapiya. At natural salt caves there is constant pressure, a certain humidity, air is saturated with salt dust, plus still a set of factors. These conditions cannot be recreated in salt rooms, and especially by means of only one piece of salt heated by a bulb. From it will not fly away microscopic particles of salt and it will not be able to change indoors atmospheric pressure.

Anyway any disease reflects in work of a brain, thinking, mentality, behavior. Learn how to cure any disease.

As about harm and contraindications

There are no contraindications on use of salt lamps too. They can be held included within a day, and even during the whole week — ionization of air cannot happen to their help. These are physical properties of chloride of sodium, and the producer of this device will be able to do nothing with it, at all desire.

Important! About treatment of an allergy by means of salt: in one drugstore it is impossible to see salt tablets or hydrochloric solutions from allergic reactions. And they are absent for one simple reason — they do not render any effect on this disease.

The health can do much harm by means of a salt lamp the only way — to eat the crystal lamp shade of this device at one go.

Everyone can choose, use to it or not this device. Though it is worth listening to opinion of experts and not to lay special hopes on a salt lamp. Better than once a year to go to the sea and to breathe salty and curative sea air. Kind to you health!

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Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team