"Sea-buckthorn oil: from what helps also that treats how to do and to use correctly

"Sea-buckthorn oil: from what helps also that treats how to do and to use correctly

People not only eat many vegetable oils, but also successfully use in medicine and cosmetology. Now in drugstores the set of the exotic oils earlier inaccessible and little-known to our people appeared. Among them on counters the sea-buckthorn oil well familiar and used from Soviet period still takes the worthy place.

Sea-buckthorn krushevidny (Hippophae rhamnoides L.) — a dvudomny prickly bush or a tree from family lokhovy, growing across the whole Europe and a moderate zone of Asia. Meets both in the wild nature, and at dachas and kitchen gardens where it is grown up as a decorative or fruit crop.

Oil is received from stones (12.5% of fats) and fruits (8% of fats). It turns out oranzhevato-red color, specific to taste and a smell, can be rather turbid. Contains many vitamins, minerals, an omega fats and irreplaceable amino acids.

It is possible to study day norm of all vitamins necessary for an organism and the list of the products containing them by means of the table for those who want to be healthy and beautiful (minerals).

It is saturated vitamin E (youth vitamin), is in the lead on the content of carotene and carotinoids (vitamin A components), and by amount of vitamin C concedes only to shipovnikovy oil. Also the group of vitamins B (B1-B9) and vitamin K was its part. Among 27 minerals found in this oil: magnesium, iron, calcium and also manganese, silicon, titanium, phosphorus, zinc and other.

Among fats — well-known the omega-3 (4-6%), an omega-6 (15-16%), an omega-9 (10-13%) which protect the person from many diseases keep youth and promote longevity. Also contains nonsaturated fatty acids in the form of palmitoleinovy acid (23-31%) and saturated fatty acids: palmitic acid (29-40%), stearin acid (1.5%), miristinovy acid (1.5%).

Whether you know? The sea-buckthorn has branched roots and often lands on slopes for strengthening of the soil. In it eighteen amino acids are revealed - it is irreplaceable valine, a histidine, an isoleucine, a leucine, a lysine, threonine, phenylalanine and also arginine, asparaginic acid, glycine, glutamic acid and other.

Contains phospholipids, flavonoids, tannins, phytosterols, triterpenovy acids and organic acids (apple, wine, salicylic, oxalic, amber).

The rich chemical structure of this means gives it the mass of the most useful qualities: regenerating, antibacterial, nutritious, anti-inflammatory, bile-expelling, sosudoukreplyayushchy, rejuvenating, toning and other. Its use increases immunity, regulates fat exchange, interferes with development of atherosclerosis and is prevention of cancer. Intake of sea-buckthorn oil is recommended to people who were in places of radioactive pollution as it removes radionuclides. It is one of the first means applied to treatment of victims of the Chernobyl accident in 1986.

Ancient Aesculapians knew about medical nature of sea-buckthorn berries, mentions of it occur in medical treatises of Ancient Greece and Tibet.

Whether you know? The famous Ancient Greek doctor Hippocrates treated a stomach disease sea-buckthorn.

As domestic medicine oil of a sea-buckthorn became known in the seventies the last century and began to be applied in medical practicians and in cosmetology.

Successful intake of oil from a sea-buckthorn for doctoring of gastroenterological diseases is well-known. Its enveloping and healing action well proved to be in treatment of the ezofagit, gastroduodenit, gastritises with different acidity, stomach ulcers and intestines, colitis. Helps with treatment of hemorrhoids and cracks of back pass. It is written out for prevention of such illnesses as cholelithiasis and violation of fat exchange in a liver. Does more active a pancreas, incorporates the minerals promoting production of insulin and improving lipidic exchange. Thereof it is recommended as supportive application to the people suffering from diabetes and excess weight.

It is successfully applied to faster healing of various wounds, burns, frostbites and other damages of skin, it is recommended to use for the best healing of seams after operations. Sea-buckthorn oil is taken for treatment of skin problems: acne rash, furuncles, abscesses, dermatitis and other. It is shown for the people with low immunity of skin who are often suffering from skin illnesses.

It will be for certain interesting to women to read as: it is correct to clean a face, to make skin fresh, to eliminate irritation, to get rid of a greasy luster or to fight against skin aging.

Continuous consumption of such medicine strengthens vessels, reduces "bad" cholesterol and slows down development of inflammations in vessels. It is registered in quality of preventive or auxiliary treatment of such diseases as a hypertension, atherosclerosis, ischemia, thrombophlebitis, at inflammations of a cardiac muscle or vessels.

It is used outwardly in stomatology for treatment of problems of a mouth and gums (periodontosis, stomatitis, the gingivit, a periodontal disease, a pulpitis, periodontitis). In otolaryngology — at treatment of otitises, pharyngitises, laryngitis, sinusitis, tonsillitis, nazofaringit.

Its constant use will help to avoid many problems with sight. Besides, it is used outwardly at conjunctivitis, various injuries of eyes, keratita, trachoma.

It is recommended to use sea-buckthorn oil for recovering from a serious illness, operations and injuries, after radiation therapy. It well raises immunity, serves as prevention of oncological diseases and it is desirable for the people living in conditions of the raised radiation.

Sea-buckthorn oil and in gynecology is applicable. Best of all its external application in treatment of an erosion of a neck of the uterus and damages mucous vaginas and also other diseases of mucous women's bodies proved to be. Thanks to the polyvitaminic structure the avitaminosis successfully treats, improves quality of breast milk. The feeding mothers can use it and outwardly, greasing cracks on nipples.

Whether you know? In medicine not only berries of a sea-buckthorn, but also its leaves are applied. From them receive giporamin, used in antiviral medicines.

Usually from female diseases sea-buckthorn oil is applied in the form of the tampon moistened with this means which is entered for the night into a vagina.

This oil is remarkable nutritious means for skin and hair, well struggles with dryness, peeling and appearance of wrinkles, heals wounds and cracks, removes inflammations, accelerates regeneration, interferes with its aging and does it elastic. It is also known of its bleaching properties, it is successfully applied to fight against freckles and hepatic spots. This means strengthens bulbs and hair, adds them gloss, improves growth.

Often is a part of different means of cosmetology including house cosmetics.

Read also about useful properties and cosmetology application: oils of rosemary, oil of a lemon, oil of avocado, llyany oil, oil of a dogrose, castor, peach and coconut oil.

In industrial production of cosmetics it is entered most often into means for massage, by balms and lip ointments, masks, serums and creams for the dry and withering, oily and problem skin, the bleaching medicines, masks and hair balms. Because of high bioactivity, pure sea-buckthorn oil is not included into cosmetology medicines. However its drawing undiluted is admissible at wounds, burns, eels and on problem sites of skin.

Oil of a sea-buckthorn appears in recipes of traditional medicine when doctoring various illnesses.

At gastritises, gastroduodenita, ulcers in digestive tract use three times a day on a tea spoon in 20-30 minutes prior to meal, no more than a month and not less than three weeks.

Important! Any treatment of illnesses of digestive tract will be inefficient without observance of a diet. At such diseases it is recommended to exclude smoked, fried and greasy food from food, to limit consumption of sweet. Consumption of the food which is well crushed boiled parenoy and mucous porridges is desirable.

At atrophic gastritis the teaspoon of this means is recommended to be parted in 200 ml of warm milk.

For treatment of hemorrhoids the traditional medicine recommends to do with this means of a microenema (50 ml of means inject into a rectum by means of the syringe for half an hour), to enter for 2-3 hours into an anus the tampons impregnated with it. At external gemorroidalny knots compresses are made of it. At treatment of hemorrhoids also internal intake of this medicine is recommended once a day.

Use of sea-buckthorn oil well proved at stomatitis including at babies. For this purpose in it moisten a tampon and at least four times a day wipe with it affected areas of an oral cavity. In the presence of pronounced single ulcers more adult children can make five-minute appliques of the gauze piece moistened with it. After the procedure it is impossible to drink and eat half an hour.

For treatment of cold sea-buckthorn oil is applied to inhalations and added to solutions for rinsings. Dig in on several drops in each nostril three times a day the whole week at cold and the first symptoms of cold. At inflammation of a throat mix oil of a sea-buckthorn and honey, and then slowly suck it in a mouth.

It is important! Before applying the first time sea-buckthorn oil to the child, it is necessary to be convinced of lack of allergic reactions (especially at its use as drops in a nose). For this purpose a small amount of means it is necessary to apply wrists to sensitive skin and to wait for 15 minutes. If there is no itch, reddenings, then oil can be applied. Otherwise it is necessary to refuse use of this means.

Also its intake on one teaspoon three times a day will be useful.

For elimination of cold 2-3 drops of oil of a sea-buckthorn are dug in in a nose several times in day, 15-minute inhalations also become. For inhalations of 25 ml of means it is added in half of liter of hot water. If in a week the cold did not pass, then it is necessary to see a doctor.

Pink salt and mushroom of a chag help with fight against cold.

At nasmorka, antritises the small tamponchik twisted from cotton wool, previously moistened in sea-buckthorn oil are inserted into a nose.

Before the procedure of use of this medicine at cold and antritis it is the best of all to wash a nose with hydrochloric solution and to clean a nose from slime as it envelops mucous and moistens nose eyelashes that disturbs a phlegm otkhozhdeniye.

Important! Oil of a sea-buckthorn is inadmissible to drip in a nose to children is younger than two years.

Thanks to the remarkable medicinal properties, sea-buckthorn oil perfectly regenerates scratches and wounds, burns of a different etiology, helps at trophic ulcers and various diseases of skin. It is applicable for treatment of dermatitis, eczemas, decubituses, psoriasis, herpeses, acne rash and furuncles. The struck area is greased with this means and the whole day is not washed away (or for the night). Depending on extent of damage of skin the application antiseptics and bandages is possible.

Stomach pains usually develop at exacerbations of gastritises and stomach ulcers, most often against the background of the increased acidity. Sea-buckthorn oil can regulate acidity, heal and calm mucous, stop pain therefore it is recommended to reception at diseases of digestive bodies, both in a condition of remission, and during their aggravations. At such illnesses it is accepted on a teaspoon in 20-30 minutes prior to each meal. At sharp states this dose is carried to a tablespoon three times a day. If at gastric pain there is severe heartburn, then mix from two-percent soda solution and one tablespoon of medicine will help. But you should not be fond of use of soda for reduction of gastric pains. Application sea-buckthorn stomach oil in alkaline mineral water will be much more correct ("Kvasov's Glade", Borjomi and other). Before it from mineral water it is necessary to produce gases.

At severe pains at atrophic gastritis in a glass of warm milk part up to three teaspoons of this oil.

Important! Severe pains in a stomach happen signs of dangerous states for life: probodny ulcer and internal bleedings. If at belly-aches (or against the background of their attenuation) a part of the following signs is found at least: the increased temperature, weakness and low pressure, heartbeat, pallor and cold sticky sweat, cold brushes and a foot, thirst and dryness in a mouth, blue discoloration of lips, nausea and vomiting with blood, a black liquid chair — it is necessary to cause emergency aid immediately.

This means is used as auxiliary even at initial stages of cancer of stomach. Then, together with the main treatment, three times a day in 20-30 minutes prior to meal accept one tablespoon.

Often sea-buckthorn oil is bought for production in a house situation of means for appearance of the person, bodies, hands and legs, lips, hair and nails. At cracks, wounds on lips it is put for the night. Its use helps also at the weather-beaten coarsened skin of hands and perfectly heals skin a foot at the cracked heels. Grease with it eyelashes for the night a special brush or a Q-tip, it feeds them and strengthens.

A small amount of oil means is advised to mix with a dose of the used face cream, it perfectly feeds and deals with many skin problems. Praise such emulsion of the owner of dry and weather-beaten or oily and problem skin. In the presence of acne rash and against pimples it is useful to pound sea-buckthorn oil with a drop of air of a tea tree. Shortly before a dream evenly to distribute it on face skin, avoiding area of eyes. To hold about twenty minutes, to wash away warm water, but it is the best of all — camomile infusion.

Guarantee of beautiful appearance is a healthy nutrition, avoiding of harmful factors and regular leaving.

With addition of sea-buckthorn oil various masks for face skin become:

  • toning and moistening. To pound the warmed-up teaspoon of this oil with a yolk (for dry face skin) or the beaten egg white (oily skin). To distribute evenly on skin and to hold fifteen minutes, then to wash away warm water, and it is even better — grass broth;
  • for dry and mature skin. It is a mask will perfectly feed up and will moisten both face skin, and skin of a neck and a decollete. To pound one teaspoon of sea-buckthorn oil, juice of a lemon, honey and a chicken yolk. To hold 15-20 minutes;
  • tightening. Mixes with cosmetic clays well will be suitable for house masks with effect of pulling up. Recommend to choose the pharmaceutical clay suitable your type of skin and to pound with sea-buckthorn oil in the ratio 1:2. Here it is possible to add a little broth of herbs, sour cream or kefir, a yolk, juice — depends on preferences of your skin. At dry face skin the mask from a teaspoon of yellow clay and two spoons of oil with addition of a yolk will approach. At oily pimpled skin black clay with additive of a small amount of lemon juice or kefir perfectly will approach. About fifteen minutes are used;
  • bleaching and against pigmentary spots. We pound one teaspoon of sea-buckthorn oil, 100 ml of sour cream (for dry skin) or kefir (for fat) with a tablespoon of carefully cut parsley greens. Evenly we apply to skin and we hold within twenty minutes;
  • universal. To pound oil with honey and juice of an aloe in the ratio 2:1:1. Juice of an aloe can be bought or used from a houseplant. And it is better to take leaves of an aloe on cold of 7 days. We hold on a face during twenty I will pass"

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