We use properties of castor oil

We use properties of castor oil

The word castor oil when which pronouncing the wooden boy miraculously bent the long nose is for certain familiar to those who in the childhood loved a cartoon about Buratino. Let's remind, he was offered to drink this means as medicine. Mentions of doctoring by this oily liquid in fiction of the H_H-XX centuries are frequent: for example, at A. Chekhov, V. Pikul. Today castor oil is used as medicine not so often unless with the medical purposes in cosmetology. About what is castor oil what properties it has and in what cases it is applied, we will tell in this article.

Whether you know? Castor oil is also called ritsinovy.

Useful properties and structure of a product

To deal with useful properties of this substance, for a start we will consider what do castor oil of.

Oleum Ricini is extracted from seeds of a plant which is called a castor-bean tree (Latin of Ricinus). It belongs to family of a spurge family. Is decorative, Pancake week and medicinal. It is grown up generally for the sake of seeds which kernel contains about 17% of protein, 40-60% of oil. Plant sunflower seeds by the form and color remind the sucking insect of a tick – therefore it and received such name.

Important! In seeds of a castor-bean tree there are toxic agents ricin and alkaloid. At the use inside the person has life-threatening gastrointestinal frustration in the form of bleedings and vomiting. Death comes for five-seven days. Health of those who survive after poisoning is not restored.

Pharmaceutical ritsinovy liquid undergoes special processing as a result of which dangerous ricin decays. Thus, castor oil is suitable also for safe intake.

Medicine in small glass small bottles on 30, 50 and 100 ml and also in capsules on 0.5 and 1 g is produced. Represents the viscous transparent liquid of yellowish color having a specific smell.

Medical castor oil has such structure:

  • 85% - triglyceride of ricinoleic acid;
  • 9% - oleic acid;
  • 3% - linoleic acid;
  • 3% are other acids.

Castor oil has laxative property – ricinoleic acid irritates mucous intestines, strengthens its vermicular movement. Therefore it is shown for application inside at locks, for clarification of intestines, at poisonings.

Antimicrobic action also belongs to the main properties of means – it is registered for treatment of fungal and bacterial infections, including at a fungus on nails and fingers, herpes, an acne.

Anti-inflammatory action is shown at use of castor oil in gynecology. In ancient times it in combination with other means was used for stimulation of childbirth.

Today this medicine is more widespread in cosmetology. It is advised to apply at regular hair, eyelashes, skin care.

Oleum Ricini use as a part of ointments (in particular, Vishnevsky's ointments), balms, masks – as it has antiseptic effect and also is capable to accelerate process of regeneration of fabrics. Means on the basis of castor oil can be applied to soften skin, for example, on lips and heels, to get rid of callosities, to strengthen hair, to eliminate seborrhea. There is a set of recipes with castor oil in structure which in the course in traditional medicine. Folk healers consider that castor oil can help from a set of illnesses for what recommend it at a gemorroidalny disease, liver diseases, problems with a gall bladder, at a liquid delay in an organism, to asthmatics and the suffering arthrosis.

It is considered that it is effective for people who have problems with the increased lymph nodes. Outwardly apply at a muscle strain, extensions on a stomach, formation of grease cysts. Also oil from seeds of a castor-bean tree process a navel at the newborn for his fastest healing.

Masks for hair from castor oil

With the cosmetic and medical purposes the oil pressing from a castor-bean tree was used in Ancient Greece. Local Aesculapians of its domeshivala in ointments and balms which were applied to disposal of various skin problems, including with head skin. The simplest method of application of castor oil in cosmetology – drawing it on hair, eyelashes, skin in pure form. However there is also a number of cosmetics in which for the strongest effect domeshivat also other ingredients. Let's provide several descriptions of masks for hair.

The most plain mask is a rubbing in of warm castor oil in head skin which should be wrapped up then in food wrap and a warm towel. To keep a mask from 40 minutes to an hour, and then to wash up the head by means of shampoo, having rinsed several times.

Castor oil is very effective for stimulation of growth of hair. The difficult mask from a large amount of ingredients is especially good. It is necessary to mix: 2 tablespoons of cognac, on 1 tablespoon of castor oil, honey, lemon juice, juice of 1 bulb, 1 yolk, 5-10 drops of essential oil. Before drawing the mask needs to be warmed up in the microwave. To apply mix under a polyethylene film for one hour. To apply four times a month at an interval of a week.

Castor oil is good for strengthening of hair at its application in a complex with coconut, olive, burdock. Such means perfectly feeds hair bulbs.

It is possible to strengthen hair by means of an oil mask in combination with warm kefir. Kefir 200 ml, and castor oils – 8 drops are required. Means to rub in skin and roots, to pomassazhirovat. To cover with polyethylene and a warm towel. It is necessary to wash away a mask 30 minutes later. Castor oil is used also for recovery of the dropped-out hair and also for disposal of dandruff. At several o'clock apply the mix Oleum Ricini with vodka (1:1) or 10 of of castor oil to head skin and 100 ml of ethyl alcohol (96%). Cover with a polyethylene film and a warm towel. Then hair well wash out. Course duration – one-two masks in seven days for two-three months.

Also dandruff is eliminated by a mask in which about two tablespoons of castor oil and oils of a calendula are mixed. To put a mask for 30 minutes.

Guarantee of beautiful appearance is a healthy nutrition, avoiding of harmful factors and regular leaving.

Castor oil: recipes of face packs

Means favorably influences integuments: softens them, clarifies, removes inflammations, saves from pigmentary spots, eliminates peelings. Its regular application gives to the face beautiful healthy view and color, equal tone, rejuvenates it and eliminates microwrinkles. As remedy it will be suitable for those at whom infectious processes on a face are observed.

Nutritious mask. It is required to mix 2 teaspoons of castor oil, 1 teaspoon of the crude potato ground in puree, 1 tablespoon of milk and 1 yolk. Before drawing mix needs to be warmed up slightly. To wash away in 15-20 minutes.

Try a mask on the basis of castor oil and compare a condition of face skin before and after. You will already see effect later an insignificant interval of time after the beginning of application.

Important! Before application of masks with castor oil it is necessary to exclude presence of an allergy at you. For this purpose at first means is applied on the small site of the person. If within 12-24 hours of undesirable reactions did not occur, so there are no contraindications to application of means for you.

Mask for dry skin. To connect 1 tablespoon of Oleum Ricini and 3 tablespoons of fruit (an apricot, banana, a peach, etc.). To wash away a mask from a face warm water 15-20 minutes later. To mix 9-11 drops of oil with one yolk. To grease with mix face skin. In 15 minutes to wash warm water. The clarifying mask. To connect 1 tablespoon of oil liquid and 3 tablespoons of vegetables or berries (cucumbers, currant, strawberry). It is also possible to add kefir or juice of a lemon. To wash away a mask 15-20 minutes later. To use warm water.

Lip balm. To make mix of structure: castor oil – 4 parts, vaseline – 3 parts. To place for easy heating on a water bath and to apply on lips.

To those ladies who has no time for procedures, it is possible to drip two-three drops of oil in face cream. Pigmentary spots and freckles just wipe with the cotton tampons moistened in oil liquid. It is necessary to do it to five times a day.

Advise owners of supersensitive skin to mix ritsinovy and other vegetable oils, for example, olive, almond, wheat germs.

To women it will be for certain interesting how it is correct to clean a face, to make skin fresh, to eliminate irritation, to get rid of a greasy luster or to fight against skin aging.

Application for eyelashes and eyebrows

Those ladies who regularly applied this means tell about really magic effect of castor oil for eyelashes. For the night, after removal of a make-up, it is applied on eyelashes and eyebrows. It is convenient to do it by means of an old brush from the ink moistened in liquid. Claim that eyelashes and eyebrows become not only dense, but also more dark. Even more effective means is mix of oil and vitamin A which needs also to cover before going to bed eyelashes and eyebrows.

Whether you know? Density of castor oil is 0.96-0.97 on 1 cubic cm and is the greatest among botanical oils. In the sun, ritsinovy oil liquid does not dry, and gets thick. It stiffens at a temperature of-18-22 °C.

Clarification of skin from an acne, warts and papillomas

Oil of a castor-bean tree allows to win against such skin problems as acne rash, warts, ulcers, papillomas, grazes, cuts.

Mask at an acne. Oil liquid should be applied on a piece of natural fabric and to put on well steamed out face. To wipe slightly with circular motions. After one-two hours the mask should be washed away at first the towel moistened in warm water, and then having rinsed a face with cool water.

At warts and papillomas they need to be greased with the cotton tampon impregnated with oil liquid, twice a day before improvement of a state.

Precautionary measures and contraindications

As well as any medicine, Oleum Ricini at the use it inside in high doses (more than 7 g on 1 kg of weight) causes negative consequences which treat:

  • spasms in a stomach;
  • diarrhea;
  • dysfunction of kidneys;
  • hallucinatory state;
  • loss of sense of equilibrium;
  • consciousness loss.

Important! At overdose by castor oil and observation of above-mentioned symptoms it is necessary to call the ambulance.

If medicine to drink a long time, then there can be one more negative consequence – an intestines atoniya. Before using castor oil, it is also necessary to get acquainted with contraindications to its application.

It is forbidden to use Oleum Ricini at:

  • pregnancies;
  • lactations;
  • individual intolerance;
  • sharp diseases of the internals which are in an abdominal cavity, especially if they proceed with bleedings;
  • chronic locks;
  • impassability of bodies of the food highway;
  • children's age up to 12 years.

So, now you have a clear idea of castor oil: what is it and to what it is applied. A set of positive reviews from people who applied it on themselves allow to draw a conclusion on high efficiency of this means, especially in fight against such problems as a thinning and grease hair, rare and faded eyelashes, rashes on a face, the horny skin on stupnyakh and many others. Also it is necessary to rank as pluses of this useful medicine that there is it real kopeks.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team