Why it is impossible to fill up by the light of?

Why it is impossible to fill up by the light of?

lighting very badly affects the person. It was proved by the American scientists. According to them artificially lighting first of all badly influences the main brain of the person. But, meanwhile researchers made this experiment only on hamsters. They studied their behavior and mood.

Within the first week the scientists held hamsters in the dark. Further added them the muffled blue light a little. And so on accruing. That is, to them allowed to get used to light a little. Therefore right after accustoming before blue lighting, scientists replaced it with white light. And then even on red.

Hamsters underwent all these tortures. But consequences for them were bad. Because of blue and white lighting the hamsters felt too badly. At them the mood sharply worsened. While dark and red color yielded a few other results. As it appeared red and dark – least of all influences mood.

The chief head of this research Traci Bedrozian offers an explanation to this phenomenon. According to him the thing is that lighting is capable to force down so-called inner clock in an organism. Besides, not only at animals, but also in people.

Therefore, physicians insist on that people did not fall asleep under light. And not only under lamp, but separately behind the computer monitor and the TV. Besides, these screens radiate white-blue color which is too undesirable to an organism of each person.

Thus, if you do not want to have bad mood, then sleep only in the dark. Besides, scientists only confirm that artificial lighting provokes a depression.

Also, other researches were conducted earlier. It was also proved that people who work during night shifts are inclined to severe depressions. Therefore, physicians advise to work only in the afternoon. As, not only a dream when lighting, but also work at artificial light too badly affects an organism of each person.

Scientists explain such state with ease. They are sure that it is all about hormone melatonin. Our organism is capable to develop it only in the dark. Therefore, scientists so insist that it is necessary to sleep at night, also at darkness.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team