Why there is an autumn depression

Why there is an autumn depression

depression – the next seasonal psychological problem at which change of mood towards negativism and apathy to many things is observed. Why it occurs? It turned out that more women, than men are subject to most of all such changes, and all persons are especially susceptible to such changes. These are emotional people and also those who could suffer spiritual wounds, stressful situations, have something serious and other.

Symptoms of an autumn depression it is not difficult to find – apathy to many factors, a sad state, night insomnias, frequent pastime of time in a bed or in a dream, an irritable condition, tension, decrease in a libido, loss of appetite and other negative the phenomenon, not peculiar to normal optimistic character. However you should not confuse symptoms of an autumn depression with possible appearance or manifestation of any disease.

In fact, very few people are informed from where this state appears. Many say that it because of reduction of receipt of sunlight, someone claims that it is seasonal hormonal changes. Actually all this is interconnected, because of a lack of sunlight the amount of special hormones increases that leads to change of mood, emergence of drowsiness and apathy to many factors of social life.

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How to fight?

  1. Of course, to move there where there is more sun and to conduct the vital image with continuous flights. A joke, of course, about which millionaires and oligarchs will be skeptical. And here if there are no funds, then it is necessary to use ordinary means which always helped us.
  2. Observance of the correct mode – the main factor of elimination of an autumn depression. You sleep more, give to a dream about 6-9 hours a day. Do not abuse hard liquors, exclude alcohol and smoking of cigarettes. Drink more broths on various herbs, a dogrose or, for example, dried apples. Generally, as you understood – vitaminize the diet. Use more fresh vegetables, fruit, berries and greens.
  3. Physical activity – necessary action for prevention of an autumn depression. Increase evening walks in the fresh air, try to run about a little in the mornings, you go on investigation to gym and fitness club then surely register if conditions satisfy your requirements.
  4. Friends – obligatory social factor for communication, without it in any way. Many prefer to be closed from people, to worry and repress alone – it is silly. Friends will help to leave to you from this state if it is present.
  5. Indulge yourself with the fact that did not allow earlier. You go to matches with favorite team, play a paintball, attend evening sessions of movie theater, generally, do what can bring you more pleasure.
  6. Also do not forget to eat chocolate – inflow of hormones of happiness is provided to you. Only be not fond of flour and sweet products. One of interesting factors of an autumn depression in that, at many develops voracious appetite, eating of sweet products – cakes, cakes, cookies, pies and other begins. Stop! It is not necessary to do it. And if you the sweet tooth, then replace products. Eat dark chocolate, oat baking or just replace flour products with fresh sweet fruit. By the way, the autumn time abounds with the autumn fruit. So you hurry to use gifts of this season. You can prepare for yourself and the tasty useful chocolate and nut bars rich in a protein.
  7. But if nothing helps and the state worsens every day, then hurry to use services of the psychologist or psychotherapist.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team