As early it is possible to plant seedling

As early it is possible to plant seedling

At some plants long vegetative period. From cultivation of seeds before receiving harvest there passes a lot of time. Such cultures grow up at first houses, and at approach of steady heat land on the country site. When providing necessary conditions it is possible to begin crops in the apartment in the middle of the winter.

Light will help early crops

Since December 23 the daylight hours, but so far it short gradually begins to increase therefore sowing works on windowsill do not carry out to this period yet. The most impatient gardeners begin to plant seeds in the middle of January. The important condition allowing to do favorite thing already at this time – availability of lamps of dosvechivaniye. Without them seedling will be extended, will be pale green color and, most likely, will die.

Lamps should not heat strongly as it can cause burns on leaves. High above-zero temperature is one more factor promoting pulling of seedling. Therefore normal "Ilyich's bulbs" will not approach. Buy the luminescent or LED equipment. Long lamps attach to window frame, having placed them at the height of 40 cm from the top leaves of seedlings. It is possible to buy flower rack with the built-in lamps.

The earliest sowing time of seeds on seedling

After you get luminous sources, in the middle of January can plant celery seeds. Fill the plastic container or package from under juice lying horizontally, nutritious soil. Spill it warm water, stamp a little. Distribute seeds on the surface of the soil, powder with soil only on 2 mm that small sunflower seeds have sprouted freely. Cover container with cover, and package – cellophane. Place tanks in the room where temperature +27+30os. Sprouts celery long. Shoots will appear for 7-10 day. Provide them 12-14-hour daylight hours. Include lamp not only in the morning and in the evening, but also in cloudy weather. That seedlings were not extended, water them only when the soil by means of spray dries up. In 30-40 days replace shoots less often, and in month – in small separate tanks. Pepper, tomatoes, eggplants put on seedling in early terms too. It is possible to begin soaking of seeds of these cultures already on January 25. At the same time too it is important to observe light conditions, watering that seedling was not extended, and has grown strong, healthy. In the same days it is possible to plant seeds of strawberry and wild strawberry.

Planting of plants to kitchen garden

To the open ground seedling is planted only after there takes place the threat of night frosts. If on the site there are shelters, then it is possible to plant seedling early. The most reliable hotbed from polycarbonate. In the middle of April dig up in it the earth, let it slightly will sink and will get warm by May 1. This day plant seedling of cucumber, pepper, tomato and eggplant. In glass, polyethylene hotbed seedling is planted not earlier than May 12-15, depending on weather.

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