As it is better to equip the room

As it is better to equip the room

Housing problems arise at many families and when the appears, let and small, the apartment is happiness! At once there is desire to equip it with the maximum advantage and comfort. Before buying furniture, the equipment and home decoration, draw the plan of the room and try to plan arrangement of all necessary things.

It is required to you

  • - convenient multipurpose furniture.


1. You should separate the area of the room into housing areas optimum to use each square centimeter. Evaluate the opportunities whether you will be able to make re-planning. Unite the living room and kitchen to receive the spacious room.

2. To separate space into housing areas, do not use continuous walls and partitions. It is possible to take sliding panels, screens or vertical blinds which develop. The area of your room thus is not split up and remains big.

3. If you cannot unite kitchen and the room, increase the area at the expense of loggia. Warm external wall. Attach mineral wool and sew up it with gypsum cardboard. The ceiling of loggia can just be whitewashed or made false, and floor – to lay out ceramic tile or laminate.

4. For division of housing areas use furniture: racks, angular sofas, dressers, chair-beds. All your furniture has to be functional or multipurpose. Choose strict models with minimum of decorative parts which only take away precious centimeters of space.

5. The bar counter will separate kitchen from the living room and can serve as table for breakfasts. If the place is not enough, do not buy chair, there will be quite enough angular sofa. At night it will serve you as bed, and in the afternoon the vacation spot in front of the TV.

6. For reception of guests use folding table which can serve also as receptacle of various objects in the put state. Openwork racks on wheels will allow you to change room space any minute.

7. If in one room you need to place also the nursery, use double-sided rack with dividing wall in the middle. On one party there will be the child's things, and on another – the books and souvenirs decorating the living room. "Children's" half of shelves to vykrasta in light juicy tone, lay bright rug before bed.

8. Curtains on windows choose lungs light, it is possible to use blinds. If the house brick, use wide windowsill as the additional shelf or, having slightly extended it as desk.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team