As it is correct to choose material for external covering of the house

As it is correct to choose material for external covering of the house

The external covering of walls is carried out for the purpose of protection of the most vulnerable parts of buildings and constructions against negative impact of the natural phenomena, microorganisms and mold. Besides, exterior finish helps to give to the building desirable look and design.

External finishing of walls is for what purpose carried out

Installation of sheathing material is carried out on purpose: - isolation of walls and roof;

- installations of fire protection system; - organizations of sheathing material on cement, brick, tree;

- fast mounting and implementation of new technologies.

Overview of modern sheathing materials

For external warming of walls various materials can be used: plastic, metal, stone, tree. The most weak spots are the roof, windows, doors. Wood which is applied to external covering before installation is exposed to special processing.

The natural stone used for isolation of walls is suitable for the solution of major architectural problems. But the most practical option the covering of walls is considered plastic panels. Advantage of such method is that plastic has resistance to moisture, ultraviolet and fungi. On the surface of plastic panels dust, dirt does not accumulate. Besides it is easier to look after this material. One more method of covering is wall decoration fibrotsementny materials. The strong turns out the surface sheathed by concrete and brick. Lining, siding, block house there is a lot of arguments in favor of house covering. First, ease of materials. Secondly, design ventiliruyemost. It allows all house to breathe and not to save excess moisture. The people who do not have special knowledge and skills can carry out by siding external finishing. But the vinyl option of siding has one shortcoming: bad resistance to fire. Both materials provide reliable protection of walls. For exterior finish it is possible to choose economic option: surface covering water deluting varnishes. For creation in rooms of optimum microclimate there are many ways of interior and external finish. One of such ways mounting of PVC of panels. Range of temperature which can maintain products from-50 to +500 Pages. Panels can be installed both vertically, and it is horizontal. At the same time it is necessary to consider number of nuances. For ensuring good ventilation and removal of condensate make openings in the lower part of the panel. Using as panel PVC heat insulator, it is possible to lower costs of heating of the house considerably. The block house is made from strong breeds of coniferous tree. It is eco-friendly material at the affordable price. Perhaps, the block house is the best choice. But for commercial and state buildings the brick tile or artificial stone is most often used. If it is necessary to finish big country house, then natural stone – eternal, beautiful and unsurpassed material. The first impression about the house develops on external finishing. Therefore it is necessary to approach questions of registration of exterior extremely responsibly. The construction market offers various materials and ways of finishing. It is necessary to choose the most suitable option.

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