As it is correct to install the mixer in kitchen

As it is correct to install the mixer in kitchen

The mixer in kitchen – thing important, its operation has to be trouble-free. Its installation is not difficult process, but will demand accuracy. Having correctly completed all stages of installation, you will be able to use the device long and with hardly any trouble at all.

The set of models and types of mixers is presented at the modern market, and problems with the choice will not be. When choosing the mixer for use it is possible to advise to give preference in kitchen to high models – it will be so more convenient both to wash the dishes and to gather water in big pans. It is possible to install the mixer both on fixed, and on the removed sink. Operations on installation will be almost identical, only in performance not all from them are equally convenient.

How to be prepared for work

Prepare materials and tools for installation in advance that during operating time you had not to be distracted by search. Except the mixer, set of wrenches and extension wrench will be required. Unpack the mixer and check complete set. If complete with the mixer there were no rubber gaskets, buy them or make independently. Complete hoses for supply of water can be too short for your conditions – in advance stock up with suitable. Choose length of hoses so that they had not to be pulled, but also not with very big length. The water eyeliner by means of flexible hose – the weakest point in water supply system, it can leak. The accident risk increases depending on hose length. Before work do not forget to block water.

How to install the mixer

Insert into mixer groove from water supply basic laying. Install the body of the mixer in the corresponding opening on sink. If on sink such opening is absent, it is possible to drill it and to process edges file. That the tightening nut has lain down to surface better, from the inside of it it is necessary to insert sealing gasket. From reverse side of washing fasten fastening nut on the mixer body. Tighten it more strong. Before tightening correctly arrange the mixer – so that designations of cold and hot water would correspond to connection of hoses, and at turn of handles there were no problems. Connect to the mixer body hose for cold water and tighten by means of key. Make also with hose for hot water. Try not to mix water supplies. Put washing into place if still it has been removed. Check availability of sealing gaskets in fastening nuts. Tighten nuts – it should be done accurately, without making excessive efforts. Connect water and check operability of the mixer. In places of connections there should not be leakages – in need of nut it is required to tighten a little more.

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