As it is correct to look after cucumbers in the greenhouse

As it is correct to look after cucumbers in the greenhouse

Cucumbers are very thermophilic vegetable culture. Therefore it is more reasonable to grow up them in the closed soil, especially in midland of Russia. For this purpose any greenhouse is ideal. How it is correct to look after cucumbers in the greenhouse?

After cucumbers have been successfully planted to the greenhouse, they demand thorough and correct personal care. This process includes several main stages: watering, garter, observance of temperature condition and correct forming of bush.

Watering of cucumbers in the greenhouse

Cucumbers belong to hygrophilous cultures. But to water them every day there is no need. Prior to fructification the cucumbers water once in 3-4 days. Then the frequency rate of watering is increased twice. On sandy and dry soils the cucumbers water much more often. At the same time watering is carried out by warm water in the morning.

In hot days the leaves of plants can dry up. Then in the evening bushes spray with in addition warm water.

 In the greenhouse it is necessary to watch that the soil around the main stalk was dry. Otherwise there is probability of developing of various bacterial diseases, for example phytophthora.

After watering the earth under cucumbers surely is loosened. Them it is impossible to hill or pour sawdust or wood ashes under plants.

Garter of cucumbers in the greenhouse

In week after emergence of shoots, cucumbers tie up to greenhouse ceiling by means of twine. Why it is impossible to use any other rope? Under weight of bush it can tear, and the plant will break. In process of growth of cucumbers, they are gradually wrapped around twine that they clung and grew up.

Forming of cucumbers in the greenhouse

Pay to this process the greatest attention at cultivation of cucumbers in the greenhouse. It consists in shortening of side escapes on plants. In the lower part of bush completely delete points of growth of side escapes. At the same time leaves do not touch at all. At the height from 50 cm to 1 m on side escapes leave on 1 cucumber and 2 leaves, and at the height from 1 m to 1.5 m – 2 cucumbers and 3 leaves. In the topmost zone on plants there have to be about 3 cucumbers and 3 leaves. All other side escapes prishchipyvat.

At the same time it is necessary to delete regularly lower dried leaves which suffer from the shortage of light and to cut off excess mustache. Also delete all otplodonosivshy escapes.

Observance of temperature condition in the greenhouse

In the greenhouse it is necessary to create rather warm conditions. It will allow cucumbers to develop correctly. Temperature condition during all growth of plants considerably differs. During landing time and emergence of shoots in the greenhouse the air temperature has to be about +25 degrees. And here at fructification this indicator increases to +27-+30 degrees. At the same time more high temperature can do much harm to cucumbers. Therefore in hot days the greenhouse is aired, but only on the one hand. Cucumbers do not transfer drafts.

To plants also lower temperature can do much harm. And at +15 degrees they in general stop the growth. At the time of approach of cold snap, they need to be covered in addition in the greenhouse with any material, for example agrily.

Attraction of bees to the greenhouse

Now more and more gardeners choose for landing to the greenhouse partenokarpichesky grades of cucumbers. They do not demand pollination by bees for formation of ovaries and normal development of cucumbers. But if to the greenhouse nevertheless it is necessary to attract these insects, then cucumbers spray with solution of honey or sugar. For this purpose in 1 l of water dissolve 1 tsp of sweet substance and process plants. The greenhouse needs to be opened early enough as bees begin to fly to 7 o'clock in the morning in the summer. Also for attraction of bees on path between beds put bouquets with the blossoming plants.

Observance of all main stages on care for cucumbers in the greenhouse will allow to receive good and timely harvest of this vegetable culture independently.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team