As it is correct to look after sheflery

As it is correct to look after sheflery

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Shefflera – the favourite of flower growers and interior designers, decoration of houses and offices. The plant is grown up for the sake of beautiful effective leaves and widely used when gardening rooms. There is set of grades with color of leaves from small bright specks, dark green with scattering, to light green or olive-yellow.


The homeland sheffler – tropics. But in room conditions the plant will perfectly feel on windowsills of windows with east and western orientation and with the indoor temperature of +20...22 °C. Drafts sheffler are contraindicated. It is necessary to maintain temperature +16...18 °C in the winter, without forgetting that the sheffler cannot place about heating appliances.


Shefflera needs bright, but scattered lighting. The plant follows pritenyat from the direct sun, but during the spring or autumn period the pestrookrashenny types will not be prevented by sunlight as such types at the shortage of light can lose pestrolistnost. And in the winter they in general are recommended to be dosvechivat. If your room has the low level of illumination, choose zelenolistny grades.


As the tropical plant, sheffler is preferred by soft and humid air. Therefore the plant needs constant spraying twice a day, especially in the winter and in the summer. Indoors, where grows sheffler, it is the best of all to establish humidifier. Watering is necessary regular, but moderate. It is also bad to pour to sheffler, as well as not to add. Redrying of earth lump will entail subsidence of leaves. Souring of the soil – rotting of roots. It is ideal to place pot from shefflery in pallet with damp haydite.


During active growth, from spring to fall, sheffler give fertilizing twice a month, using universal fertilizers. In the winter, during dormant period, to sheffler do not feed up.


The most widespread way – reproduction sheffler shanks. Implant them in peat and sand mix. For reproduction use well developed, semi-lignified shanks, previously having kept them 6-8 hours in solution of heteroauxin or before the landing having dipped cut into powder of kornevin. They are landed in pochvosmes for seedling in transparent plastic cups with openings. The best decision for installation of glasses – mini-small greenery which can be arranged on the battery that temperature of the soil was not below +22 °C. Moderate lighting. Periodically the film on small greenery is lifted, shanks air and spray. After backs braid all earth lump (it will be visible through glass wall) them replace in pots with a diameter of 9-12 cm. The sheffler can make multiple copies also seeds. Sow them in February in container of 15 cm in depth in substrate as for shanks and too place under film. After emergence of shoots the care for seedlings consists in temperature maintenance, regular airing and spraying. After emergence of the second couple of leaflets hold sword-play to the capacity, big by the size, saplings at distance not less than 7 cm from each other dive. In 3-4 months the grown-up plants are replaced in pots as shanks.

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