As it is necessary to water cactus

As it is necessary to water cactus

The family of cactaceous unites about three thousand species of long-term succulents which homeland North and South America is considered. Thanks to the decorative effect and variety of forms these plants are rather popular in room floriculture. Cacti are well adapted for droughty climate that should be considered at their room cultivation. In particular, the correct watering is important for these plants.

It is required to you

  • - water;
  • - peat;
  • - drainage;
  • - wood charcoal.


1. For watering of cacti the softened water of room is used or is slightly higher than room temperature. During the winter period of plant water with warmer water. For softening of tap water add to it small amount of peat and let stand within a day.

2. The mode of watering of cacti depends on air temperature, illumination, season and the sizes of plant. In the summer, in sunny warm weather, plants water daily. It is the best of all to do it in the morning, then soil in containers will manage to dry before evening fall of temperature. The medium-sized cacti growing in small pots during active growth are recommended to be sprayed in addition.

3. In cloudy weather the cacti can be not watered. The plants which are taken out in the summer on open air should be covered from rain with polyethylene film.

4. The mode of watering depends also on material of which the flowerpot is made. The soil in clay containers dries up quicker and the plants planted in such pots need bigger amount of water, than to the cacti growing in plastic tanks.

5. In process of lowering of average daily temperature the watering should be reduced. In the winter, during dormant period, to cacti the excess humidity can damage, and therefore large plants water two-three times for all winter. No more than two times a month will be required to humidify the soil in which small copies grow. As the quite good hint the calendar with the days of watering of cacti celebrated on it can serve at this time.

6. The excessive soil dampness and water which has stood in the lower part of flowerpot can become the reason of rotting of plant. That it did not happen, before landing of cactus in soil mix fill part of container drenazhy. In this quality haydite, crushed brick or small crushed stone is used. It is possible to add a little crushed wood charcoal to drainage. The sand or small crushed stone scattered on the surface of soil will help to prevent stalk podgnivaniye.

7. The plant damaged by decay can be saved, having cut off it to healthy fabrics. Dry cactus on air within several days and place for rooting in the container put in the lit place. As substrate put on container bottom the tissues crumpled in lumps without fragrance.

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