As it is the best of all to sow grass

As it is the best of all to sow grass

Have decided to arrange independently on the site lawn? It is not as difficult as can seem. The most important is to observe all stages of preparation and it is correct to seed lawn grass. Well and, certainly, to look after.


Before receiving picturesque green lawn, it is necessary to be prepared properly. To clear away the site from garbage, to dig over and loosen. The earth has to be friable and soft, without stones and garbage and without weeds. It is desirable to destroy weeds on the site under lawn in general herbicides. As even if you carefully mow them, there is danger that then they will sprout through lawn dernina. Especially persistent: wheat grass creeping, sorrel horse, bindweed, dandelion. Weeds need to be destroyed on root.

Then draw the scheme of future lawn. Whether there will be on it trees and bushes, beds or plants-solitery. Where there will pass paths and from what material. All this needs absolutely to be made as later there can be serious problems with lawn hairstyle.

During redigging of the earth it is necessary to introduce in it organic fertilizers and to leave for month under the ferry. Then the site should be dug over again, having arranged if necessary drainage layer from beaten bricks, pebble or crushed stone. Three will be the last stages of preparation following: - thorough alignment of surface that on it there were no hummocks and ruts and surface of lawn it has turned out ideally equal; - consolidation of the soil skating rink (either veneer sheet, or the big barrel filled with water); - loosening of surface small rake. Now the site is ready to landing of grass. It is important to choose grass grades which will be suitable for your site. Without the assistance of the expert it is difficult to make it therefore it is possible to buy ready mix of herbs which different grades enter.

Now boarding

Before the landing to the soil mineral fertilizers are introduced. The surface is once again loosened with rake. Begin to sow lawn grass in May and continue all summer. Weather has to be windless, otherwise easy seeds will scatter. Sow wide strips across, then – down, then – on diagonal. That is try to fill up most uniformly and densely with seeds all site. From above seeds are powdered with polutorasantimetrovy layer of torfosmesa and rolled by skating rink. After that the seeded lawn can be watered, but it is very careful, small rain not to wash away seeds. Further to shoots and in the first week after lawn it is necessary to water daily. If everything is made correctly, in 8-10 days sprouts will appear. In those places where seeds have not ascended, they can be interplanted again.

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