As most to dig up giving

As most to dig up giving

Redigging of kitchen garden – the most important and labor-consuming part of country works. Preparation of the soil for landings by means of redigging has to be made twice a year – in the fall and in the spring. How to make this process less labor-intensive, having saved forces and time?

It is required to you

  • – site;
  • – shovel;
  • – mattock;
  • – rake;
  • – pitchfork;
  • – footwear with thick sole;
  • – gloves.


1. Completely at the dacha it is the best of all to dig over all earth in the fall after harvesting and cleaning from the site of all vegetable remains and garbage. The harvest goes to processing or to storage. Waste, suitable for composting, – lashes, leaves, stalks and branches of plants – develop in compost pit. The garbage – pegs, strings, temporary fences – is burned aside (better to do it not on beds, and in the old iron barrel put on bricks, and ashes can be used then for fertilizer).

2. After the site is prepared, start redigging. Surely put on gloves to avoid emergence of callosities on hands, and footwear on thick sole. The shovel and other tools which you will use have to be with convenient shanks, not rusty and ground.

3. The formed earth lumps at autumn redigging do not need to be broken. First, thus, you damage fertile layer less. And secondly, seeds and roots of weeds and also the soil wreckers taken in earth layers outside will freeze and will not begin you to annoy in the spring. At spring redigging and loosening those lumps which will not break up can be broken mattock.

4. Before break all earth into small sites. It is not obligatory to dig over at all all available hundred parts in one day. If at your dacha there are zadernenny places which need to be dug over, begin with them. Previously walk on such site mattock and chop top layer of the turf. Then collect by rake weeds and grass and send to compost.

5. Now it is possible to cultivate the land. It is necessary to dig over the site equal furrows. The sharp shovel is stuck perpendicularly to the soil, goes deep leg to shank. During autumn redigging it is recommended to overturn the earth on depth of 25 centimeters (shovel bayonet), during spring – no more than 15. Then press shank hands as on the lever and pull it down to the earth. Earth layer which you have taken on shovel bayonet will move. It needs to be raised and dumped in the next furrow.

6. Under autumn redigging on kitchen garden and in garden it is good to introduce organic fertilizers – humus or compost. Scatter fertilizer pitchfork after redigging directly on the surface of the soil in number of 1-2 buckets on 1 m².

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team