As most to make cliche for walls painting

As most to make cliche for walls painting

The technology of coloring of walls by means of cliche is known since Ancient Egypt. This method of dressing does not lose the relevance to this day. What is unsurprising – drawing the drawing by means of cliche allows to change interior.

To receive exclusive interior in the apartment, it is not obligatory to be the true artist. It is possible to receive wall panel, surprising on beauty, by means of cliches. Decoration of walls of rooms with their help will turn out even at those who have no outstanding art abilities.

Cliches apply to create the repeating ornament or series of identical drawings. The sizes of pattern and complexity are defined according to taste of owners. It is possible to experiment, show in plenty imagination, to draw and if for this purpose there are not enough skills, it is simple to copy any pleasant drawing.

The cliche represents plate with cuts at which contours will depict form of the image selected for drawing on surface. The cliche can be made independently. At first it is necessary to choose the drawing. It is possible to think up and draw it independently or to transfer to leaf from the magazine or the book by means of transfer paper. If and to leave the drawing on normal paper, then when using as cliche it will quickly become limp. It it is necessary to transfer to something more moisture-proof. For this purpose it is possible to buy special material for cliches. But also plain wax paper, that is tracing-paper, happens quite enough. For cliche which is supposed to be reused, better to choose such material as paper for lamination or thin plastic.

The chosen drawing is transferred to material. It becomes by means of transfer paper or just by imposing of the drawing and preparation for cliche on something bright, like the lit window. After that it is time to use knife, scissors. It is more convenient to cut thin parts of cliche knife with narrow edge. If it is by mistake cut off superfluous, it is very simple to correct it, having pasted adhesive tape on the cut site. By means of adhesive tape it is very good to strengthen sharp angles that the cliche could use longer. One end of cliche should be imposed on another, to cut through special marks. When drawing the drawing it very much is useful – marks will be prompted as in process of conversion of the drawing to connect cliche. This operation is called designation of places of joints. Before applying on wall the drawing by means of cliche, it is necessary to draw on wall line that the drawing was at one distance from ceiling or floor. It is the most convenient to draw line by means of the rope rubbed with chalk, and from wall swept then it will be easy to remove.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team