As most to make garden swing

As most to make garden swing

Swing – symbol of carelessness and the childhood. Remember the popular song about winged swing how many in it ease and joy. And provide how many pleasures will bring the garden swing for giving made with own hands!

Garden swing from tree

At production of garden swing it is necessary correctly for them to establish the bearing support. Certainly, the support from iron will be more reliable and stronger, than from bars and logs. However it is possible to make it only by means of the welding machine. For those who have no such opportunity it is possible to stop the choice on strong wooden bearing support, capable to sustain weight from 120 to 150 kg.

For production of garden swing it is required to you: - 9 pieces of well prostruganny bar of 5х10 cm or 10х10 cm (for bigger reliability);

- metal corners for connection of bars among themselves; - screw driver; - self-tapping screws; - 2 cloths of plywood or rail; - metal corners for fixture; - bars for frame under seat, back and for production of armrests; - rope (metal, from synthetic material or in the form of chains with big links); - suspended hooks for fastening to crossbeam or 2 metal wide brackets of 4-hugolny section with eyes on the ends; - fixers clips for rope.

The rope can be metal, made of synthetic material or in the form of chains with big links. Chains are not subject to atmospheric actions, are safer, very decorative.

Begin production of garden swing with the bearing support. Collect the lower frame to which vertical bars will begin to fasten. As for the size of bars for frame, it directly depends on the size of desirable seat of swing. The most optimal variant is depth of seat of 50-60 cm and length about 160-180 cm. The frame has to be wider than seat of swing approximately on 40-50 cm for ensuring their stability. Reliably fasten bars with metal corners. If swing is located not on the tiled / asphalted / concrete surfacing, and on the open ground, then for exception or delay of process of rotting of wood bars of the lower frame need to be processed bitumen. Besides, all wooden parts for garden swing should be processed special antiseptics. When the frame is ready, to it by means of self-tapping screws and corners vertical bars which will perform function of columns fasten. As a result at you 2 big triangles will turn out. It is necessary to attach horizontal crossbeam to their top. Now it is possible to start production of bench. It is necessary to work in the same sequence, since performance of framework from bars. Framework two pieces — one for seat, another for back have to turn out. After that either fasten plywood to framework, or beat rails. Connect back corners to seat. The corner between seat and back has to make about 120 ° for achievement of bigger comfort by the vacationer. Further, it is possible to fasten armrests - 2 bars connected among themselves at an angle 90 °. However it is not obligatory as it is possible to do also without armrests. Record brackets or hooks on the top crossbeam, pass chain or rope through openings. Measure its length so that when sitting on swing it was possible to reach socks the earth. After that fix seat. On it the main part of works on production of garden swing is executed. However you can not stop on it and, for example, add ready swing with tent. For this purpose on frame from bars pull any fabric and fix the turned-out tent to upper part of swing. The following nuance - rigidity of bench seat. It is possible to put 2 sofa or made especially for swing pillows on seat. For bigger durability for semi-shek it is desirable to make cover of oilcloth or polyethylene. Garden swing can be placed in garden, on lawn at the dacha, in shadow of branches about lodge in the village.

Rope garden swing

Also you can make the hands children's rope swing. It is better to place them on branch of large tree. If you have young garden and such tree is not available on the site, it is possible to make the supporting framework or to use branch from wooden bar. In the second option it is necessary to take log with length of 3 m and with a diameter of 12.5 cm and to tie him by means of ropes to tree, having arranged between two strong branches. The departure of log has to have length about 1 m. And it is necessary to arrange such "branch" at the height of 2.6 m above the ground.

It is worth to remember that the main thing in design - its safety, especially if you make swing for children. After completion of work do not forget to check finished product for durability.

To make rope "качелю", you will need sizalsky rope with diameter of 1.3 cm. The ends of this rope tie with twine that its fibers were not dismissed. Tie ropes to branch or beam, having made loop and 3 knots. The distance between ropes has to make from 50 cm. By means of the same loops and knots of rope then become attached to seat. For rope swing the seat can be made of 2 small logs 70 cm long, with a diameter about 8.5 cm and distance between ropes of 50 cm. Get ropes between logs and wind around each of them, having tied on 3 knots. Against the background of garden looks such garden swing attractively and organically, but they are not always convenient. However, you can sew for them soft covers. The seat can be taken flexible and to fix it on carbine. Subsequently this seat can be removed to replace it with another.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team